Queen Romana Speaks – January 7, 2022

Interesting question…

Q: Queen Romana, how do we maintain our high vibrational frequencies while engaged with interacting with the unconscious beings?

Answer: Remove your emotions any and all expectations as to the outcome.


As your energetic vibrational frequencies rise up higher and higher – people, places, and things you have outgrown will not be able to come with you.


The key to remember is that – you are not alone.

The people, places and things that match your energetic vibrational frequencies will find you…

You are like a magnet to each other.


As your energetic vibrational frequencies rise up higher and higher – peace, calm, and quiet are ever present in life.

The noise and drama disappear ☝🙏👽


And… People also learn to respect and appreciate your personal boundaries


For those of you who cannot sleep at night please listen to the – sleep frequency video that I recommend-

Listen to it for 30 minutes to one hour before you intend to go to sleep.

Do NOT put it on a Loop…You’ll never wake up 😂


Here’s the link to the videos I recommended…They are pinned on top of the page.

Join the link 👇👇



Interesting question…

Q: Queen Romana, do Politicians work for the We The People?

Answer: No. They work for a Foreign Government privately owned corporation that went bankrupt in 2018

In essence they are Foreigners/ Invaders/Occupiers…



Kazakhstan internet shutdown deals blow to global bitcoin mining operation


Why is this relevant today? 😉


Block all those scammers using profiles of others.

Do not SECURE your assets to any wallet.

That is sending them your assets..


Did you know?

Pre – History

Current archeological evidence indicates that Natives/Aboriginal/People of the First Nations first arrived in North America Forty Thousand (40,000) years BCE (Before the Common Era) by crossing a land bridge which had formed between #Asia and #Alaska during the latest Ice Age?


Let’s get to the point…

Look around you and then look at our Natives/Aboriginals People – do they look like I AM Queen Romana @romanadidulo (physical resemblance/features) or they look like the Central Bankers #fake and #installed non ancient Royal bloodlines as Royals? 👽😂☝🙏


👆And with that in mind, guess who is the true and real National Aboriginal/Native/First Peoples Grand Chief of the Kingdom of Canada…😂☝🙏👽

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