Carolyn 144 GODCODE ~ January 7, 2022


Setbacks caused by friendships and friends with benefits that betrayed you are healing. Having control over what’s happened to you time and time again was done through pushing down feelings and ignoring the pain. Any suppressed unresolved past experiences are surfacing and releasing. This is for the new opportunities, friendships, and groups that are more aligned with who you are today, and becoming tomorrow.

Your Divine Counterpart is also releasing friendships of the past that created storms and challenges in their life. They are releasing what once was to get their power and stability back. They have chosen Divine Union and are making the changes in their network so their lifestyle aligns with your Union. Your Counterpart is moving on today towards your Union.

333 you both are evolving into Ascended Mastery. You health, family, and home are divinely protected through your anointing. The Capricorn New Moon has given you both the alignment needed for you two to overcome those blocks and trauma wounds. You can take the lessons learned and integrate them now.

Today’s Ascension brings freedom, relief, and the peace to seek balance with the Masculine and Feminine. You’ve overcome third party interferences in friend groups and casual relationships who’s intentions were solely to go against you two being in physical union together. They took your confidence and sabotaged your personality. You are now recovering and restoring the fun, powerful, and charismatic you that used to shine bright. Let go and receive the changes that are aligning the new opportunity of Ascended Union under God’s Authority.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen. God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn Source:


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