COVID-19 PCR Test Fraud – January 6, 2022

Editor’s Note: As a hospital Laboratory Director, I have seen first-hand how PCR testing equipment has lost both “sensitivity” and “specificity” for the imagined COVID-19 virus.

In reality, PCR equipment is providing false positives (results not probable) for a cold/flu virus in order to prompt the public into taking the COVID-19 vaccine.

This vaccine is NOT as advertised, containing a wealth of pathogenic substances and designed to eliminate your health and/or ability to reproduce. BE aware, maintain your health, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Mary Mullis was the inventor of the PCR test, who said it should never be used to detect a virus and criticized Fauci openly, then died mysteriously right before the Covid pIandemic was announced.

But did you know he also exposed the HIV scam? They absolutely murdered him. No doubt about it.




Medical Industry’s Coordinated Media Warfare Campaign EXPOSED By Dr. Malone





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