Kazakistan Masonic/Freemason Questions? -January 5, 2022

Imagine that…



,, Astana, Kasachstan,


Check out the Masonic Luciferian symbolism in Astana,Kazakhstan. 👀

And wouldn’t you know. Hunter Biden had financial ties to this place. @DaneanHere2

This Kazakhstan overthrow can’t just be about gas can it?



⚡️CSTO Collective Security Council confirms sending peacekeeping forces to Kazakhstan for “stabilization”

The bloc is made up of Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan.

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Kazachstan,s very dirty secret

This Statement shows who is really in charge of Iran Terror GLOBAL NWO .GOV DEEP STATE DARK SUN The Direct links to the Khazarian Geneva Headquarters in Geneva Switzerland and the Dark Sun Deep connections to Kazakhstan.

confirm this Global Terror Organisation

Semper Fi

World largest Uranium deposits are in Kazakhstan at 34%, Russia doesn’t have a monopoly on Uranium, even Iran can,t manage.


Kazakhstan is being pummelled with Rods Of God.

10km deep Quakes.


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