Anti-Christ? – January 5, 2022


This is insane.

Further evidence proving Obama is the AntiChrist πŸ’―


Obama’s Birthday πŸ‘‰ August 4 πŸ‘‰ 8/4

8/4 is the 216th day of the year

The 8th day of the 4th month of the Jewish Calendar πŸ‘‰June 21 on Gregorian πŸ‘‰ 6/21

June 21, 1961 (Year of Obama’s birth) πŸ‘‰ Summer Solstice

6/21 or 21/6 πŸ‘‰ 666 (6 x 6 x 6 = 216 )

1961 = 17





Barack Obama was to be the β€œPresident” of the

One World Government of the New World Order.


Good vs Evil

Jesus vs Satan

Christ vs AntiChrist

Trump vs Obama

πŸ”₯It’s going to be Biblical.


2 things that happened in Obama’s last 6 months of Presidency are now so Relevant. He is the Khazarian/Zionists Anti-Christ.


The last 6 months of Obama Presidency. He sold Syria 8 Γ— M28/M388 Davy Crocketts Nuclear Mortars

Syria let one go. It killed 20 Russian Soldiers. US Nukes killing Russians..Not so good.

The other 7 were stolen by General Qassam Soleimani of Iran who was working for the CIA. They were letting him into the US to take Uranium & other weapons back to Iran.

Vlad started moving Russians out of Russia. He was preparing for WW3.

On the Eve of the Election. I decided to go to Church. It was there i started talking to a group of 6 middle aged Women. They were Mothers of Australian Soldiers on deployment in Afghanistan.

Our Australian Army had just been briefed that if Hillary won she was going to surround Russia with Nuclear Rockets imminently & start WW3.


Yes Hillary was going to have Seattle & California wiped off the Map.




And they were going to release all the Chimera’s and all of the other experiments to eat everyone. Especially in Australia.


Storm Rider has posts on Chimera’s that i shared as well. A Chimera is Human Γ— Alien Γ— Animal & also can be robotic. These are Hybrids that can stand 12 feet tall or higher. There is footage out there of US soldiers taking some of these out. Do you understand Children etx have been down in these Tunnels Miles/Kilometres deep for years held in Cages etc.

Rods Of God Earthquakes 10km deep.

DUMBS being destroyed once they have removed whatever needs to be.


Alice’s Floor


Australia Pine Gap – Northern Territory- South Australia – Victoria.

CIA Human-Alien- Animal Experiments – Chimera’s Some Twelve Feet Tall

All the missing children.



I bought this book at Christmas 2016. It is written by a former CIA Agent. (A lot is blacked out lol i know how that Romanian Minister feels.)

The plot to the story is that the CIA wanted to Oust Bashar Al Assad from Syria. So the CIA allegedly came up with 50 different ways to oust him and then presented those ways to then President Obama for him to only disregard every way and go his own way by Arming up the Sunni Rebels and you know them as ISIS.

Moral of the Story.

1- Q has multiple different ways to get things done, it is Military Intelligence. They will find a way or make one.

2 – This confirms the song – KNOW YOUR ENEMY by Green Day written the same year Obama came to Power.

The insurgency will rise

When the blood’s been sacrificed

Don’t be blinded by the lies in your eyes

Insurgency = ISIS

This makes Obama the AntiChrist. You learnt Saudi Billionaire funded Obama’s Schooling at Harvard.

Also educated in Indonesia.

StepFather Soetoro.

But it’s all that hate God. Zion – Saving Israel For Last.


What are the properties of Sarin?

Odorless, Colourless, Deadly Liquid that turns into a even more deadly gas when it hits the target. Dead in minutes.

2 Different Occasions

Syria Supposed Sarin Attack.

How likely? A warzone, a probability rather than a possibility one would think.

See CNN reporter. How is she dressed, She sniffs the bag, Children running around, see how they are wearing or not wearing their hats & glasses, clothes on line. Etc

Facebook Facility California

A possible Sarin package that turned out to be nothing.

See CNN Report.

Fire Brigade, Full Protective Suits, Hazmat, Barricades. The whole kit.

Now go and find both of them.

You all know OH&S.

You all know how Chemicals or anything Hazardous is dealt with.

Dress Code etc.

Syria case was to start WW3 on Russia. This was very early 2017. Trump was never gonna go to war.


Yes CNN walks into a Warzone and sniffs an Odorless, Colourless, Deadly Liquid/Gas like it’s Cocaine to try and start World War 3, then go and show how Sarin is meant to be dealt with at the Facebook Facility in California.








One was the Sell You WW3 vs Russia

The Other To Laugh at You.


As the violence surges

And the teeming masses have been terrorized

Their human predators… all gone mad

Are reaping profits born from their demise

The rabid media plays their role

Stoking the flames of war to no surprise

Only too eager to sell their souls

For the apocalypse must be televised


By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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  1. Now THIS I believe, Obama is something of a satanic origin….Don’t know about the Anti-Christ because I don’t believe in “Christ” but its all the same to me, Obama needs to be captured, tried at the military tribunals and HUNG. Imagine that, we killed one of our own (fake) presidents for treason….Now there’s a reason to celebrate July 4th!!


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