James Gilliland (ECETI News): What we have Learned in 2021 ~ January 4, 2021


By James Gilliland

January 3, 2022 | Issue 21

  • Our vote doesn’t count, who owns and controls the voting machines count.
  • Our president, China, Pedo Joe Obama has nicknames for a reason and the mountain of evidence concerning bribes and morally challenged actions, son included are ignored by the press and the justice department.
  • Our politicians, leaders and agencies for the most part are completely compromised, bribed by China or the global elite, most are heavily invested in the vaccine companies and cannot be depended on to act in our highest and best good.
  • Our health agencies we depend on to protect and advise us get their orders from the vaccine companies ignoring statistics concerning crippling and deadly side effects, numbers now that fall into the category of genocide.
  • Dr. double speak Fauci when you factor in the deaths caused in his aids research and stopping safe, inexpensive, effective early treatments for covid makes Joseph Mengele look like a boy scout.
  • Our justice department is not interested in Laptops, “Weiner’s or Hunter’s” with undeniable evidence of child torture, rape, pedophilia, hostile foreign government bribes etc.,nor are they interested in all those who participated in acts thereof with Epstein or Maxwell.
  • Our justice department is interested in Russian hoaxes, going only after and arresting all things right, republican, conservatives, moms and parents attending school board meetings.
  • Our school boards cannot be trusted in care of the children due to massive funds, project Care, being allotted to them to force the mask and vaccine mandates as well as promote critical race theory, pedophilia rebranding it as the young attracted.
  • Politicians, agencies, the corporate owned press play the race, religion, gender, right verses left cards to create division and chaos. Order through chaos being the foundation of the global elite makes one wonder just who they are working for?
  • There has been an all out war against the family unit, basic morals, allegiance to God and country, all things good.
  • Science has become politically and profit driven ignoring facts, statistics and real science. Anything that goes against the political profit driven agendas gets censored. This includes health and environmental science..
  • Fact checkers censor Noble Prize Winning scientists and doctors, lead researchers and scientists, creators of the MRNA gene therapies, the PCR tests, front line doctors, and nurses. They do not rely on facts, only opinions given to them by their CEOs, political profit driven sponsors as stated in the courts.
  • The president has dementia, totally contradicts himself, praises himself for fictitious accomplishments, has failed on every level and repeats Lets go Brandon not knowing he is basically telling himself to go _uck himself supported by his psychologist wife handler which is actually elderly abuse.
  • With Directed Energy weapons you can have forest fires in frozen snow covered forests, explode trees from the inside out, cut cars in half, melt steel, porcelain toilets and create checkerboard fires in residential areas then blame it on kids with matches
  • Massive outbreaks with flu like symptoms are common in conservative gatherings but skip far left political gatherings including riots. Chemtrails have stepped up with a whole new batch of toxic chemicals and biologicals courtesy of actions or nonactions by our airfarce. Has the cabal surrendered??????.
  • The CCP, the global elite, the far left and some compromised right along with the major vaccine companies are lockstep in a population control take down America program. The socially engineered, critically thinking, research impaired morally compromised masses are complying, willingly and in ignorance in their own enslavement and demise.:
  • One obvious lesson is resistance to this agenda is world wide, there are demonstrations in the millions, whole countries are gathering in protest of draconian ineffective lockdowns, mandates and toxic injections. All you hear in the press is crickets. Makes one think is there anything else they are not or have not told us?

James Gilliland



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