Intel Update from Dr. Sam Mugzzi: Swift Transfer of Power ~ January 2, 2022


Editor’s Note: Who knows the whole and complete truth? NO ONE! In other words, the Truth is an individual process, thus…every ONE will know their own truth!

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Source: Rumor Mill News | By Mr.Ed [Send E-Mail]

Date: Sunday, 2-Jan-2022 00:31:37

INTEL Update (Real Raw News) ‘What’s Really Going On’

Written by Dr. Sam Mugzzi


I have so much information for you. Let’s start from the top. The Star People are deconstructing the pyramid from the top down. They have not spared one energetic move that was not planned out and properly executed. They are God’s army and the best of the best in all the Omniverse.

Pope, Head of snake and Satan. He was the Grey Pope. All popes are now dead. A Pope was executed on December 25. This healed the Satanic timeline. This will remove the fake Ba’al Christmas and move us to the January 7the Orthodox REAL Christmas!

Trump is coming out on the January 6th to speak and he is suppose to be revealing insight as to what is happening. We will never do the old Ba’al Christmas thing again. We are leaving 3d and going into 5 D. All 3d stays on this timeline.

Do you know there are 3 primary spiritual teachings from the original people of this planet. Three, and only 3, the rest came from the invaders. The three are Abraham teachings, Christian Teachings, and the Orthodox Jew teachings. That is it. This is what we are returning to and the others WILL BE destroyed by rods of God. (Can’t wait)

The only ones that celebrate solstice are the invaders. They would mark the time slots when the Reptilians would return from their war shifts. They taught their Reptilian families how to tell when they return. They placed sun markers up and counted the solstices and knew when they were done with their missions and set to return. The Mayans, Incas and other tribes did this and you can see them on Epstein’s Island too. Its part of Pagan and Wicca worship.

Stone Hedge is another misnomer. We assume its good because it has energy and people flock to these tall high rise rocks. Guess again! Stone Hedge was the portal for Nibiru to pass their demons onto the planet. People going to these areas are picking up on entities and not good ones. This area needs to be destroyed too. People are dumb!

Speaking of which, let’s talk RV. I’m so sick of the calls misleading people and say its this week, now this week, now this week….and so on. Total BS and unplugged from TRUTH. They are misleading people on purpose and they really have no clue what is taking place. Here is the real story so you don’t get caught in wasting your time on the “calls” of pretension.

Queen Lizzy owns the Common Wealth and its at London Financial center. The Queen owns the CIA. Owns, not borrowed but set it up to control the world. The CIA did 911. They also interfered with every election around the world. Remember Germany? All the servers, Skittle software and the dominion voting machines belong to who? CIA and who owns the CIA? With this, Trump was able to take all Queen’s assets. She was put to rest 2 years ago. All Reptilians are either at gitmo or dead so don’t worry.

When Trump took seized her assets he also seized all castles. The only thing left was the London Bridge. The financial system of the DS in London. Currenly, we are waiting for them to go broke then the Queen’s death will be announced and White Hats take it all. We now go to GESARA. Who goes first? IRAQ, so don’t get your panties all in a wad. There is a plan in place and you can not follow the steps. We are not number 2 either . We are number 7 to go for RV. You can’t have the RV until we have the new banking system so watch for QFS. Period. Why would you put money in a Rothschild bank when you know they will steal from you. Duhh!

This is why the new banking system QFS will be secure and private!! It has to remain a secret so you can have safety.

Let’s talk about the first arrest. The first arrest will be Bin Laden. He faked his death several times but really is alive and seal team 6 know where he is and they have him. The head Seal team boss just died so you know who turned them into Clinton. Scum, betrayed his own men. Seal team member knew of this and saved his team and faked their death. They have been in the witness protection program and they are witnesses to Bin Laden, who is CIA operative Tim Osmond who is also Barack!!!!

This is going to open up the whole Pandora box and spill all the evidence of what took place and how we were invaded from within. How the Queen was behind it and how she pulled the strings. Its all documented and that is why the White Hats needed the computers in Germany. That is why Gina Haspel was there trying to protecting the servers. Shoot out happened, they loss and military left with all the servers proving all the fraud around the world came from Lizzy. People are going to be in shock!

Another shocker, Joe Biden apparently pulled the trigger killing JFK. That is why junior sent him a letter and let him know he was a traitor. He knows and this is also why he was put front and center for everyone to watch the take down. We of course will not be surprised.

I’m finding the White Hats put the best DS people front and center so we know who they are and what they did, up close and personal like, Mike Flynn is allegedly DS. Sydney Powell, have picture with her 24 gold Ba’al necklace on and she has plagiarized some of Lin Woods information. Both of these people will be dealt with soon and masked.

Queen Romana is a huge scammer. He is a crisis actor and has been indicted.

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are under arrest and awaiting tribunal trial.

Donny Osmond arrested and waiting trial.

The city of Chicago has run out of money!!!!!

Arrest warrant for Cindy-Kay Currier for questioning on fraud, conspiracy and impersonating the Primary Monarch of the Reign of Earth.

Canada is going to fall under the USA Republic so if any other fake rulers show up, you know the truth.

Michael Protzman Indicted and Gitmo Bound, this is the alleged Queen Romana!

I see John F Kennedy Jr. posting these so I think of a JFK Bat that is plucking people over to Gitmo. They have been batted by the best! I wonder how many has he done so far…hmmmmmmmm?

Xi and other leaders know who is who and what side of the fence they are on. I get fooled but they don’t. They know so this is why its best to sit back and wait for the Gitmo Bat! Let’s not forget, these DS players are taking money to do this confusing lie trip and the White Hats have the bank records. All of them including BitCoin so there is no hidden nothing. They are caught so I sit back and wait for the Bat.


It is impossible for a law which violates the Constitution to be valid. This is succinctly state as:

“All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void. Marbury vs. Madison, 5 US (2Cranch) 137, 174, 176, (1803)

Pope before Crash “Financially” (tied to Lizzy and Evergrand)
P = C

C before D = Declass…now it makes sense.

Allegedly, on December 31, 2021 CDC is pulling all PCR test! Its the beginning folks.

Co V Fe Fe

Is Cobalt, Vanadium and Iron. It changed the 5G towers to 432 Tesla healing towers. You got your med bed on a stick! We are climbing out of disease nice and easy like, ok? Lots of apples, and real alkaline water will do the trick. Go green juices too, and keep your meal small. If you get overloaded with die off, try activated charcoal pills.

Way back when, the Cannites, known as Kazarians; were raping and pillaging the travelers along the silk road. They would kill them and eat them then steal their stuff and assume their identity. This became such an issue that Russia got involved do to the numerous complaints and told the Kazarians they had to stop their occult rituals of killing, stealing and pillaging and choose from one of the Orthodox spiritual ways and teach their children. No more sacrifices would be tolerated. They were give the choice of Abraham, Christian, or Jew.

Well, they chose Jew because it was Christ religion and then they perverted it. The Kazarians went under cover as a “Jew” but they are not Jews. They are Satanic killing machines and this is how they started.

5D News!

It would appear that China has created the new sun for the new matrix for 5D. The old one will leave us soon since its on another timeline. This one is build on nuclear fusion and has hot plasma up to 160mn degrees Celsius. I think this is being used from backup after the shift. Just in case stuff.

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