CGI’s MAXtheMAGAnificent: Perspective on the Influencers…Juan O. Savin, X22, Mike Adams, Alex Jones, Cliff High and Others on Rumor Mill News ~ January 2, 2022


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It’s time to take stock from the perspective of we beleaguered American patriots of what the influencers who claim to be on our side are saying and writing about the abominable situation in the USA (and around the world). To do this, I first review in this article “what’s going on” presently in our formerly great country. Then I remark on what I believe is the credibility of those most prominent influencers who we see every day in the Rumor Mill Reading Room as they comment on our plight and project how things may or may not work out.

The rest of this article can be found here.


Editor’s Note: The article above comments on the current state of our world environment, and then speaks to the influence of ideas and thoughts made by various comments on our said environment. I am actually honored by his comment… “Judy Byington, Rose Rambles, and whoever puts out RealRawNews”… by being noticed as an “influencer.”

I blog to educate. The global public is not provided with truthful information by any of the public media outlets, so I post. My blogs cover the physical geo-political scene, as well as covering material I consider important to the heart of the matter on the spiritual, emotional, and etheric scene. I post it all, so the reader can choose that information they need to personally move into forward growth. Why? Every individual is at their own stage of development on this Earth.

I also KNOW that I Am a Quantum Self acting as a Quantum Educator by alerting my reading public to consider KNOWing themselves as Quantum Magnificence as well!

Actually, every human IS Quantum, yet we do not recognize our own Quantum state because our heart/mind does not “remember” ourselves as Quantum. We each need to simply recognize our personal and unique Quantum Magnificence (many may call this their “Higher Self”) and ask specific questions relating to our own path on this journey of life on Planet Earth.

So…Please read the full article above, follow with my comments, KNOW YOU ARE Quantum (!), and relax into the KNOWing YOU can BE in…

Quantum Joy!


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