Consciousness of 22 : Sirius, Lyra, Pleiades Starseeds + Energy of 6/ Flower of Life ~ January 1, 2022


The Consciousness of 22 has been showing up repeatedly in most of my channeling sessions with Lightworkers in the run up to the New year (all the 2s-2022) and 3 gateways have shone up significantly-Sirius, Lyra and Pleiades.

Sirius/ Gateway of The Blue Ray reaches its highest point in the sky right at midnight of Dec 31-1 Jan when Time gets a reset and we let go of the Old and welcome in the New Year.

The Lyrian Portal has also showed up as significant too in the last few channeling sessions for this year – For Lyrian are the Original Founders / Seeders of All New Civilizations and while their Starseeds may have Pleiadian /Andromedan/ Sirius etc traits as well , these White Feline DNA holders carry in their Energy Fields the Sacred Geometry Symbols which hold the Blueprint of the New Age/ Civilization. They are also master weavers of the Time-Space Continuum which further assists them in developing the Blueprint/ Seed of Light for the New Age/ civilization. The Sun aligns with the Lyra Constellation from Jan1-20 each year.

Pleiadian Starseeds have often shown up in my sessions as the Wisdom Keepers and Guardians of the 4 Winds and the 4 Petaled Rose who through their Physical vessels ( many of them also share the Knight Templars timelines) transmute the old , blow the winds of change and bring in the New Seeds Of Light .

Consciousness of 22 is the connecting link between them all.

Consciousness of 22 is the ruling frequency of admission of Earth into The Council of 22 Star nations, which are guiding our ascension process. The 4 petaled rose, Double Infinity Symbol, is the Seed and Flower ie holds the Sum Total of the Entire Ascension Process we are to undergo and is housed in a Venusian Crystal Temple under the Guardianship of the Priestesses of the Rose of Mary Magdalene and The Lemurian Priestesses. Venus acts as the Divine Feminine “Arm” for the Pleaidian Gateway / Ancient Mother/ Womb Frequency who Births All. The 4 petals stand for the 4 Pillars/ Foundation/ Winds/ Directions i.e. Ancient Wisdom that seeded all ancient civilizations- The Mother Code- The Shakti/ Sophia/ Shekhinah .

This 4 Petaled Rose is the “Feminine Divine essence of Cosmic Wisdom” and hence holds within it its masculine Counterpart of Divine Wisdom -The Blue Rose of 22 petals/ consciousness of 22. It is from the Original Blue Rose that all other Rose paths (red/ pink/ white etc) arise for they represent our Soul Path of Service and Purpose to attain Ascension/ Enlightenment to be released from the infinity loop of death and rebirth.

The Blue Rose (of 22) is further associated with the Great White Brotherhood- Ancient Wisdom Keepers and Guardians of the Cosmic Akashic Records which has its headquarters on Sirius. While the Lyrians, Pleaidians, Venusians carry the 4 petaled Rose symbol of New Creation and Initiation in their energy fields , its Masculine counterpart- The Blue Rose Wisdom ( converts the Foundational Wisdom into Reality ie Building blocks of Creation- Manifestation )can be accessed via the cosmic Akashic Records via Sacred geometry again, domain of the White Brotherhood and the Knight Templars.

In a Nutshell the Consciousness of 22 is a frequency of Living Resurrection ( it necessitates Death Before Rebirth ) and is essentially an Emperor & Empress / King+Queen Union Frequency ie The Lyrian DNA (Lyra, Pleiades, Andromeda, Sirius) of the Cosmic Divine Feminine Wisdom of New Creation/ Seed of Light brings in the Blueprint and the Lion DNA of Sirius And Andromeda that executes the Manifestation of this etheric Blueprint into reality.

The SEED of LIGHT was shown to me as the 6 Petaled Seed of LIFE ( at the core of The Flower of Life) – energy of 6 (2022 adds up to 6) As the past many years have been a constant exercise in reaching this “ inner union” of Emperor + Empress (Lion+ Feline DNA) and thus NOW at the turn of 2022 we stand ready at the point of Highest Inner Union (Empress +Emperor) to bring forth the Seed of Light into Fruition!!!

Do remember to call in the Blessings of Sirius and Lyra and also Pleiades and Venus ( Sanat Kumara/ Lord of Venus of the White Brotherhood )has appeared repeated in the past few sessions )as the clock strikes the Magical midNight Hour -For this Is where we begin Manifest at our Highest Potential in Service. This manifestation of the Potential / Seed of Light is to occur from The High Heart ( bridge to the Divine/ Aspect of 13) and Heart i.e. Grace . Can expect Heart and High heart Activations.

Note; All information shared has been gleaned from my client channeling sessions and my own meditations. Please take what resonates and leave the rest. Huge Gratitude to all my Clients/ Lightworkers over the Years who have been bringing in pieces of the puzzle to get a clearer picture of the whole. YOU know WHO you are and I’m Eternally Grateful for our divinely guided association . From my Heart to Yours.




Be The Change You Want To See

Sa Kei Na


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By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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  1. What the hell is all of this about, The Consciousness of 22? How is this relevant to ANYTHING?


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