Circumstances Leading to FREEDOM! – December 30, 2021

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“MAKE WAY!” Queen’s Royal Guard Tramples Kid at Tower of London

A viral TikTok video has caused outrage showing a guard in full gear at the London landmark trampling a small child who accidentally found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“Make way,” one guard yells aggressively before the kid is stomped on and the pair continue.

An army spokesperson told The Sun, “Following the incident, the soldier checked on the child and was reassured that all was well.”

Carry on then.

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Ghislaine Maxwell found GUILTY on ALL Charges but ONE in sex trafficking trial linked to the convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein



December 2021, Ghislaine Maxwell convicted.

12/21, take her away.






Love the sound of Dominoes Falling in the evening… sounds like… VICTORY!!!



The famed Settlement Agreement with Epstein and Prince Andrew and others has now been ordered to be unsealed and docketed on the public record by 1/3/22


Ghislaine’s new prison guard looks familiar…🤔


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