One Essence Of Creation – Laka -Pleiadian Collective ~ December 29, 2021


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Friends of Sacred Light!

In Truth, We Are All One Essence Of Creation.

The Trillions Of Stories Which We Call Waking Dreams Are Unfolding In The Quantum Field.

This Living Field Is Called By Many To Be The Mind Of God.

The Name You Choose In Your Understanding Is A Thought Construct Of Energy.

There Is No Ego In The Force Of Creation.

You Are Told In Sacred Scriptures That ‘We Created Man In Our Image’.

This, Beloved Ones, Is Plural.

Find Your Truth And Understand That The Name Is Not The Absolute Knowing.

Vibrational Frequency And Love Will Be Closer To Truth.

The Holographic Nature Of All Creation Is The Force Behind The Collective Actions.

When One Shouts And Screams On One Tiny Part Of The Planet, The Energy Moves And Affects Life That Is Close And Then Moves And Dissipates.

But The Energy Does Not Die.

It Moves To Others In A Frequency.

Every Word You Speak, Every Thought You Think, Is Energy That Will Affect And Change The Physiology Of Your Body As Well As The Field That Surrounds You.

For This Reason, We Tell You Many Times To Avoid Repetitive News Reports That Are Composed Of Many Lies And Repetitive Scenarios.

The Intention Is To Cause Fear And Division And You Are Slowly Being Brainwashed Into Submission.

Did You Ever Believe That You Would Hear Of A ‘Lockdown’ On A Planet Of Free Will And Divine Appointment?

As Duality Is The Constant Challenge On The Planet, Reach To The Power Within And Override All That You Know To Be Against The Power Of One.

For We Are Moving Toward Unity Without Darkness And Deceit.

We Are Moving Rapidly To Forces Of Love And Great Power.

You Are This.

Find Your Peace And Move Through Life Slowly, Softly And Patiently.

You Have Been Conditioned To Rush, React And Retaliate.


This Moment Is Perfect.

Find Many Aspects Of Life To Be Grateful About And Then Find More.

When You Are Truly Grateful, You Will Feel Joy And You Must Understand, This Will Expand.

Continue With The Feeling And Speak The Words, Thank You!

Even If You Are Alone, Say, Thank You!

Feel Your Heart Bathed With Love.

We Are With You And Will Not Leave You!

We Are Here To Guide You Home!

I Love You So!

DNit Telegram Channel

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