Oh No! – December 28, 2021


Private jet goes down in flames near San Diego – wiping out electricity for thousands

The 10-seater Learjet 35A went down after slamming into power lines. It’s reported there were no survivors, with the plane totally obliterated. (Daily Mail)

Doorbell footage caught the jet’s horrifying final moments on fire before slamming into the ground.

Authorities say 2,500 people have been left without power due to the lines being taken out by the aircraft.

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Breaking911 (Twitter)

“OH SHIT! OH SHIT!” Pilot Heard On Air-Traffic Control Before Crashing Into San Diego County Neighborhood

This is a developing story: https://breaking911.com/breaking-airplane-crashes-in-san-diego-county-neighborhood-heres-what-we-know/



So here it is

This is Australia’s LEGITIMATE Constitution. It clearly states in Section 109… That EVERYTHING these criminal State Governments are MANDATING along with employees are downright ILLEGAL. IT is absolutely in VIOLATION of our basic HUMAN RIGHTS and PRIVACY ACT. Don’t worry about getting fined. It won’t stand up in Court and the State Governments know it!



500 and 55. I’m not even going to say anything.


Chechen leader suggests Russia should invade & annex Ukraine

Ukraine should be annexed by Moscow if president Vladimir Zelensky does not change course from his anti-Russian policy, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov said.

“My deep conviction is that if Zelensky and his team behave this way, Ukraine should be annexed to our country. The Ukrainians are our people. It is our territory. This is my opinion,” Kadyrov said.

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