Cristina Morichetti ~ December 28, 2021


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Editor’s Note: Feeling weird these days? Is your head doing “funny” things? We all are being effected (also affected) by a huge amount of energy (the cosmic and solar kind for those newly investigating) which IS causing you to feel this way.

Best to do? Drink LOT’S of water, slow down and Breathe, and relax as much as you can. Then learn to embrace your own self, and BE in…

Quantum Joy!


After 3 days of ‘Total Brain reset’💫 left/right brain realignment 💫 thought forms release 💫 electricity around head neck nape 💫today we can reconnect deeper🙏💫 

Yes…💫 Total Brain Reset for 3 DAYS💫 during the night and during the day…causing so much density to be released from/through our ⭐THOUGHTS⭐ …head sinus area left right brain neck throat shoulders upper back have been really under pressure and some cases painful💫⭐

A sort of a STEP BACK to then MOVE FORWARD…

⭐⭐HUNDREDS of THOUGHTS⭐ during the night left our cellular body (and related emotions showed up)…creating insomnia or disturbed sleep patterns or…very deep sleep as in my case…💫 (head confused foggy groggy also in the morning) 💫and today we are reconnecting…coming slowly out of the contraction…we can breathe more deeply…there is more space inside…to observe our reality💫💫

Ready to access 2022 data/downloads? Here we are…we are already receiving 2022 Source Codes/Star Codes/SOULar codes…my Body is literally burning in these days/waves of heat…and processing data at maximun speed …

🌈100% GATE GRID KEEPING WORK ⭐ Totally ‘inside’/present to anchor/integrate⭐ observing/seeing/feeling New Data coming down 

🌈🌀Cosmic Portals Open

🌀 Much Love

💜Cristina 💜 27💫12💫2021

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