Greatest Transfer of Wealth- December 25, 2021

See this is the BASE coins.

You can find the image on

You can find the International Standard(ISO20022) as per QFS take over of SWIFT here

FLARE is alligned to XRP.

It has its own Networks (Other Coins) Most of these others Algo, XDC & XLM are on FLARE too.

I have showed where on Twitter to find this info.

XLM – Stellar has its own Networks. Again i have been showing you these and where to find the info. I took you through PROTOCOL 17 (

Yes DogeToken is Stellar.

See LumenSwap too. The networks are coming together.

People understand it is happening now. It was meant for NOW.

A Very Very Large amount of Cryptos will be removed but replaced with these.

The Greatest Transfer Of Wealth is not just through Blockchain.

I have mentioned this before.

Humanity is being FREED. You are locked up to Research and keep safe.

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