Kat Anonup Update: Posts from Gene Decode and Juan O Savin ~December 24, 2021


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Gene Decode
“Let’s focus on moving forward.
Let’s restore the Economies of the world
with all this gold & silver they’ve stolen from us.
When people see what we have
they’re going to be over “let’s go hang people”
& go “Oh my goodness!”
We have all this technology & all this wealth
to be redistributed with ledgers
showing precisely what gold was taken from what
through fake taxes
human trafficking
gun running, etc.
All the stuff in the Vatican & in the Alps
throughout France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany,
Sweden—all that’s been cleared.
Now all that information’s there
+ the googolplex of gold, wealth,
& a lot of the Art that went missing in WW2
that’s in the Vatican & the Alps.
Ancient Art, Ancient Sacred documents, Gold,
& then all of this healing tech.
The people will be able to focus elsewhere.”

In honor of his anonup return
I post a GIF of Oldies but Goldies from the VK Vault.
Thanks for the inspiration @vincentkennedy


Kat IstheSea3 @katisthesea3

Juan O Savin

“The Law of War Manual was put together 
under the Trump Administration.
It was taking concepts & ideas
that existed in some cases, for centuries:
The Rules of War Between Nations
& what authorized certain actions..
there have been addendums based on what happened 
with the Nuremberg Trials
Military Tribunals, etc.  
as well as the Executive Level & Civilian Courts.
There are certain rules..
that determine what things can & should be prosecuted 
in a Criminal court, a Civil court or a Military Court
& what those criteria are with exacting precision..
Would the Revolutionaries at the beginning of our Nation
when they begin to break away 
from our British Masters, the Royals,
would they today have been justified 
IF those Revolutionaries had violated 
certain LAW OF WAR precepts
then all these years later..
other parties, be it England or other places,
could technically bring a suit
that would overturn what was done..” 


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