The Truth – December 23, 2021

Lol there are still people in the ‘truth movement’ who still can’t grasp why President Trump cannot just come out and tell everyone about the cabals DEPOP agenda with the vaccines.

They don’t seem to have the capacity to understand the game being played and just how significant optics are.

If Trump didn’t call their bluff and push the deep state into releasing their vax earlier, then we would of had 8 years + of lockdowns before the jab (which would have been FDA approved so 100% mandated). Anyone who still can’t get their brain to understand this needs to research Rockefeller Lockstep before commenting on this subject again.

Did your mother not ask you as a child, if your friends jump off a cliff would you?

Nah President Trumps move was a master stroke. He saved 5-6 + billion lives by bullying the cabal to do warp speed. He is currently exposing their vaccine system , as try to understand a huge amount of Americans are completely ignorant to the vaccine agenda but the most important thing Trump did was to make sure free will was attached to the choice and promoted hydroxy which the cabal did not want.

President Trump took the death toll from their desired 7 billion to far less of a hit. This is war. There was always going to be casualties.

President Trump made no one take any vaccine. The only people who took it are ignorant sheeple who do not care to do any kind of research and do not care about their own freedoms. They were ok with an experimental drug being forced onto humanity and didn’t question it.

Well let’s see how that all works out for them and their choices that put our entire species in danger.

Tough lessons have to be learned but there are no excuses for chosen ignorance in the age of information.



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The deep state has a massive apparatus to infiltrate every group on-line to cast doubt into ‘the plan’ with random names like Barb, or Greg … …… ……… that said, you must use your own logic to discern but be wary of anyone that tries to divide a group by sharing polarizing information, claiming their opinion to be the undeniable overriding fact, or by gently seeding doubt. 💩





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