Receiving From Our Source Code ~ December 21, 2021


Galactic Evolutionary Alignment – December 2021 Each year around the time of our December Winter/Summer Solstice, we experience a GALACTIC ALIGNMENT of the Earth, Sun & Galactic Centre in the Astrological Sign of Sagittarius.

This alignment forms the GALACTIC EVOLUTIONARY TRIANGLE – a stellar geometric patterning of frequencies, formed by the Earth, Sirius, Alcyone Orion and the Galactic Centre, which is further amplified by our Earth-Sun-Galactic Centre alignment along the galactic plane.

Celestial events mark the key transits during this energetic window.

The Gifting ~ Galactic Centre Alignment around 19th December in Sagittarius, depending on the time zone you find yourself in.

Sagittarius (lm glad I chose to come through this alignment on my Bearthday).

So much is occurring beyond our clocks and calendars as reference pointed time at this juncture.

Galactic Involution (in a mathematical context) – as a complete internal shift in Being is on offer.

Our planet is going organic Meta Galactic, as our Earth aligns with the Galactic Plane and our Meta Galactic Centre.

This outpouring is our very own Clarion Call direct from our photonic infused Meta Aspects.

This triune 🔱 3 as 1 principle is what is being granted during this alignment, that when accepted and applied, perpetuates and propels Self through an innate state of Presence.

When we are present we can remain in our heart and fully Arrive in all our wondrous glory.

This is the gift of the Earth’s powerful alignment with the Sun, Galactic Centre, Sirius and Alcyone influxing through the Galactic Centre.

It is known by indigenous cultures that when we are forced let go of each physical vehicle, we then traverse the starry waters of the Milky Way on our starry canoe to return HOME with loving guidance.

This is not so much a journey of distance, but of Consciousness.

Through the continual rebirthing of our sun through us, our Earth Mother is fullfilled as Divine Creatrix.

In indigenous culture, within the continent now known as “Australia”, the sun is considered Femine in quality and it is the Earth Mother that births our sun.

Through this connection The Great Solar Umbilical Cord is perpetually fortified, as the Children of Galactic Gaia continue to re-mem-ber – not mis-conceive of them selves and abort their purpose for Being. 🌎🗝🌟

The Galactic Centre Alignment, which occurs directly in the build up to Solstice annually, is when our Earth enters into a zone of overlap – Worlds within Worlds.

Each Galactic Centre alignment is where we can experience our Earth in the fullness and ripeness of deliverance. Released through her birthing canal, through which our dimensionality and dimensional overlays abound.

This cycle, our zone of overlap is triuning. Circles within circles, overlapping as 3 circles. Think Ezekiel’s wheels.

As we are made up of the same geo-stellar elements, we too are afforded an opportunity to take the frog leap out from our material safety nets of physicality, the physical body and earthly constraints and commence experiencing ourselves as dimensional Earth🌟Star Beings.

The magic box Metatron’s Cube, Platonic solids what ever you label it, never the mind. Just know that all is in metamorphosis, elemental restructuring as the frequencies on our Earth ramp up.

I will add, Uluru is not coming online, we are. Uluru is as always is, and must be upheld as such.

Attuning with Uluru for me is always about listening deeply with humility, never doing. Always feeling and flowing with no preconceived ideas.

All dimensional experiences exist simultaneously herein.

Earth is located in one of the spiral arms of the Milky Way (called the Orion Arm) which lies about two-thirds of the way out from the center of our Galaxy. Antares Zone of Overlap is influenced by and influencing Orion’s Belt Stars.

Orionic Seed Codes are germinating through the Divinity held in Nature, alchemising in Us all at this juncture as Sun Seeds.

The geo 🌟 stellar mythos of Orion and Pleiades and our Central Sun is enlivening through 3 key geo spheres 🔱 Attune to the 3 as 1 principle.

If we can relate to the Galactic Centre of the Milky Way Galaxy as our macro to micro “Hood” so to speak, and the eye of its spiral as our centralized reference point for Being present and yet expansive simultaneously, we are home is where the Heart is Free.

This is a natural, innate experience we are having, beyond 3D reality, regardless of whether we are placing our awareness here or not.

Our bodies hold the molecular structure to withstand stellar metamorphosis, simply as this transduction is what was required to originally ‘arrive’ here through the organic Orginator Gates.

Therefore our cellular memory Innately Knows how to withhold earth, stellar and collective codon streams alchemised and triuned as one. ⚜️

Know this is tamperproof as NAA do not have this capacity and must piggyback off our emotional stratum – loosh – negative collective emotions in order to manipulate organic timelines and gates and coherse within our realms. When we actualise our Divinity through the Divinity held in Nature this is made null and void.

Your Presence allows you not only to be still, but to allow more of you to inhabit this physical body.

You can’t think about presence and the mind can’t understand it. Understanding presence is being present.

Simply ask: When I am not present in my body, then who or what is?!

So in this way we can understand that The Gifting is allowing us to experience The Present. And to fully be here Now in all our Omni Dimensional glory.

Sirius as Great Central Sun is the Higher Self of and allows us to shift our Intellect to a Higher State of Chrystic Heart Consciousness and hold open the geometric portals of the stars, while our solar system is travelling within the full spectrum of the Photon Band. “Sirian cellular memories were stored in the Earth records until you as a collective activated the planetary telluric field, which kicked in during Harmonic Convergence, a time of worldwide meditation in August 1987.

The awakening of planetary sacred sites relinked our planet with the Galactic Center. You have been traveling in the Galactic Night since 88OO B.C., and playing out duality as you always have. Now the seeds sown by the light activation that began in 245O B.C when the Great Pyramid was realigned to Orion are beginning to flower.” – Barbara Hand Clow

During the Galactic Centre Alignment, Sirius is pulsing us with the Consciousness of Free Flow, without the caged effect of lower mind pulling us back into dualistic hoodwinking mind control- constraints brought about by playing small, wherein ilwe were Told our only reference points for KNOWING were external. If 20:20 scenario has taught us nothing else it is this.

We are still well placed.

And we’ll never Not know that vibrational reference point ever again will we?!

Triangulation, triuning and triloacation releases the shackles of the boxed in effect, dismantling duality reality and illusory play.

Siriun’s are Sound Masters, think the Great Cetacean Nation. It is through sound, scalar wave plasma and geometric frequencies that we are being pulsed the most.

Listen for the shifting of frequencies in your ears. Set your intent to attune to the Siriun bandwidth to receive key vibrational information during this cycle.

Feeling the star’s fluidity in our earthly vehicle, in our gold infused plasma and the stars in our bones is Sirius’s gift.

Alcyone one of the 7 stars of The Pleiades is supporting us in holding our hearts open, to release the shackles of 3D limitations, namely linear reality, duality reality and polarity pull. Our mindsets are not our State of Being. Feel into this difference to remain aligned with your All.

Go now and enter into the Earth Akashic Record Libraries on Alcyone to tidy up any misgivings.

With humility and a sincere heart All is unveiled.

With a full and open heart we are renewed as Spherical Beings, possessing spherical consciousness. Eterna-lite Beings spiralling in and out of states of conscious being. No longer shall The Children of the One Heart Race be unconscious and devoid of cognizance.

This is the gift of the Pleiadeans, who have been pulsing our hearts into re-mem-ber-ing. However not unconditionally I might add, as some ‘Renegade’ Pleiadeans chose to align with Annunaki agendas. Free will exists to varying degrees throughout our cosmos.

The Pleiadean assistance also serves to alleviate their species karmic imprints through retribution.

This alliance is our springboard into experiencing our world through dimensional overlays.

This is what this Galactic Centre alignment is offering, relating to our selves as Galactic Citizens.

When we integrate karmic input through lovingly bearing witness, We thereby enter into the great Star Libraries to integrate, not cast aside the value and intricacies of our karmic stories within the greater Story unfolding.

We are now returning to a state of Grace and Godhood.

It is in the now that we may delight in ourselves in absolute free flow to create and experience.

Clarifying Intention, Manifesting Potential and Trusting in SELF is Alcyone’s gift.

“The Pleiadians are the sovereigns of the Children of the One Heart Race ~ One Heart ❣️ One World .

The first players on the cosmic stage are as Pleiadian storytellers. If you can enliven the Truth held in your stories, you will never be lied to or hoodwinked about who you are and what you hold ever again.

Pleiadians in general do not express via sexual gender, but are guardians of the Goddess and have a very feminine heart vibration.

As we speak of “woman,” we speak of Gaia in each one of you. Your male and female selves are both goddess and god, and as Earth has witnessed an overabundance of male energy. We Pleiadians are here to help all of you awaken the Goddess within, firstly as a quality manifested through form. “


Visualisation to Align with The Galactic Centre.

🌟1. Sit quietly, choose a crystal for amplification if you like.

🌟2. Begin to breathe through your nose and out through your mouth. Stay with your breathing for a minute or so.

🌟3. Now ask to have union with your True Self. Repeat these words three times…” I AM My True Self”. Now through connection with feeling as your True Self now ask to connect with your Stellar Essence. Remain present.

🌟4. Now Visualise a column of Golden light connecting firstly to your Soul Star chakra 30cm above your head and then on up into your Stellar Gateway chakra. Just intent that this is happening now.

🌟5. Feel a column of golden light come down from your Monad and intent that this be fully anchored into your Earth Star chakra and connect this down into the Ruby Generator with the Heat Womb of Gaia. You can enter here via the Heart portal you are intuitively guided through, if you so wish.

🌟6. A cobalt blue diamond of light is now surrounding you. Stretch your arms out wide and feel your body begin to pulse as the diamond starts to rotate in a clockwise and anti clockwise motion simultaneously. Just feel this now.

🌟7. Feel the Diamond~essence of our Milky Way Galaxy overlaying your physical vehicle. Sirius and Alcyone are either side of your etheric body and you feel a pulsing of vortex energy in both your outstretched hands. Feel this energy travel along your arms and connect into your Heart Centre and connect this with the Ruby Heart Generator deep within the core centre of dimensional Earth.

🌟8. Now see the Galactic Centre swirling over your heart space. Feel this Sacred Diamond Light Merkaba lock into place over your body and feel your Heart Centre rotate and pulse with that of the Galactic Centre.

🌟9. Stay with this impulsing for a few more minutes. Be open to receive visions, messages and gifts form your Starry Over Self, Your True Self and your Galactic Family.

🌟10. Once again send the energy back down through your Earth Star chakra as a blessing to Mother Earth and all beings residing on our Earth Star.

🌟11. Visualise the Iron Ore crystal at the core centre of our Earth increase its spin path, shedding old skin of metallic density. As these metal filings dissolve before your eyes, feel this increase your own frequency and spin.

🌟12. See now the Shambhalla Diamond emerging from within. Shimmering and pulsating. Omni facets spinning before your eyes. Omni Dimensional facets mirrored through True Self Omnipresence.

Bathe in this glorious re-mem-ber-ing as you recall and re enliven Omnidimensionsl facets of self unto Self.

When you feel complete state aloud: TRUE SELF INTEGRATE

Rise & Shine Galactic Centre Alignment blessings,

Raeline Sqs Brady with The Great Conjunction (Star of Bethlehem) on 22 December 2020, and finally our Full Moon in Cancer on the 30 December 2020.

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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