Ending Arguments: Day 13 And 14 Of The Maxwell Trial – December 21, 2021

Only a day earlier Ghislaine Maxwell would address Judge Nathan directly, claiming in pure hubris that she could make a statement related to the ruling on the case. Thankfully, the jury was not present in court for yesterday’s session.

Day 13 of The Maxwell Trial

Saturday would serve as a much shorter session to weekday court proceedings, as a means to discuss and classify stipulations in preparation of closing arguments on Monday. Referenced as a “charging conference” between involved legal parties.

The goal: discussing charges for Maxwell and allowing for further deliberation to settle and finalize information fit for jury consideration before the verdict is given. 

Proceedings would commence at SDNY for the trial’s first Saturday session with Judge Nathan distributing draft charges to the defense and prosecution.  Prosecution would open by stating they would allow for the removal and exclusion of counts 1-4, charges of foreign commerce.

Defense attorney Everdell would add “we want it to say count four relates solely to Jane” stating that accusers Kate and Annie were above the age of consent when travelling interstate with Maxwell and Epstein and therefore should also be ineligible from charging Maxwell with conspiracy (but failed to address the abuse charge that applies regardless of age).

US Prosecution Attorney Rohrbach responded “you’re conflating the conspiracy and the substantive counts.”

The session would conclude shortly after defense Attorney Everdell requested the removal of language present in the charge summary, claiming that Juan Alessi (Former Epstein house worker) only testified to seeing 2 children at the Epstein Mansion. Judge Nathan made a ruling regarding what is expected in terms of closing arguments that were set to be heard the following day.

Day 14 would unfold to be the most intense session of deliberation seen by the jury and journalists alike as closing arguments were made and lawyers traded linguistic jabs to maneuver narratives.

The session would commence with press and juror’s given multiple documents that provided further context for prior testimony; including an Epstein Victims Compensation Fund general release for Annie Farmer and another name that was redacted. 

Attorney Moe proceeded with closing arguments that highlighted the behaviors of Maxwell, a child sex predator.

“Ghislaine Maxwell was dangerous. She targeted a girl whose father had just died; she targeted a girl whose mother was an alcoholic. She targeted a girl with a single mom who was struggling to raise her daughters. Maxwell was key to the whole operation.”

Moe continued, “Maxwell ran the same playbook again and again. She groomed them. She caused deep and lasting harm to young girls; it is time to hold her accountable.”

Moe’s closing argument would also reference specific documented evidence to demonstrate a pattern of abuse and manipulation from Maxwell, “you’ve seen phone messages, a little black book with victims’ names. Maxwell is guilty; and today I’m going to talk to you about 8 different reasons she’s guilty.”

Summarized without including especially graphic language:

  • Maxwell and Epstein were partners in a romantic relationship (referencing a document that stated Epstein and Maxwell had dated closely for 11 years and rarely seen apart).
  • Specific evidence relating to witness Alessi’s testimony that implicates Maxwell’s knowledge of child sex abuse and trafficking. 
  • The vulnerable states of Maxwell’s victims and Ghislaine’s attempts to normalize sexual behavior around children.
  • The insurmountable amount of evidence relating to Maxwell’s role in Jane, Annie and Carolyn’s sexual abuse, manipulation and subsequent sex trafficking. Attorney Moe would reference phone messages that corroborated Carolyn’s testimony.
  • Multiple trafficking victims had travelled via Epstein’s plane when they were under the age of 18.
  • Dispelling an assertion previously made by defense by demonstrating Maxwell maintained employment with Epstein during her time dating Ted Wiatt.
  • Demonstrating that Maxwell was participating in child sex trafficking with awareness and intent.
  • Dispelling an assertion related to “false memory recall” promoted by defense witness Loftus; demonstrating the clear conflict of interest present as Loftus has made significant financial gains from advocating for different defense cases.

Moe continued, “You don’t give someone $30 million unless they’re giving you exactly what you want. When Maxwell took that money, she knew what it was for and now you do, too. She made her own choices.”

Defense attorney Menninger would respond with a closing argument that lacked discernible reference to evidence from its beginning. Instead, she encouraged the jury to focus on the crimes of Epstein (instead of Maxwell).

Menninger claimed the entire case exhibited “sensationalism” but failed to reference evidence that suggested so. Maxwell’s defense lawyer Menninger would claim she is being “accused of crimes she didn’t commit”. Menninger made little effort to reference the prosecutions presented evidence and testimony; rather focusing on general proclamations of innocence for Ghislaine. 

Best summarized as a failed defense effort (as it mostly comprised of conveniently spun, farfetched narratives aimed at trashing victims) Menninger’s closing argument would end abruptly, only achieving a response of logical fallacy that lacked any reference to evidence addressing Maxwell’s implication.

Prosecution attorney Comey would skewer Menninger’s series of blatant assertions shortly after, providing a stinging rebuttal that completely obliterated poorly constructed “straw-man” arguments.

“Ghislaine Maxwell touched three witnesses’ breasts. The defense tried to get you to look away from the massive amount of evidence.” Comey would continue, “the $30 million is “we molested kids together” money… people who prey on children do not leave behind documents”. Comey would reference defense witness Loftus, “The defense’s own expert said, some things you never forget, moments that change your life”.  Comey would expand to argue that “like a thanksgiving dinner from years ago” there are certain details that are not forgotten as they are significantly memorable.

Comey would conclude her rebuttal by referencing evidence, saying plainly “look at the flight logs.” Addressing many untrue assertions from the defense, Comey stated “Menninger was trying to mislead you. There is not one shred of evidence that a group of lawyers got together and made up a story about Maxwell. Why would the ex-boyfriends lie to you? No. They testified for justice; the defendant is guilty.”

Sessions would conclude with further instruction given by Judge Nathan before settling charge counts and potential sentencing. Nathan would simply end the session by addressing the jury “keep in mind you are deliberating together.”

Free Press Report will continue coverage following SDNY courthouse proceedings. 

Update on flight log revelations

The Miami Herald released an article that highlights what new evidence is available from the complete flight logs released by the US during this trial (containing never before seen entries). Donald Trump is listed on seven separate flights with Epstein (on two of these flights Trump was accompanied by his children) six more times than previously reported. Bill Clinton is displayed on nine separate dates within the flight log (it’s been reported that Clinton had travelled on Epstein’s plane on several other occasions).

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