KLAUS SCHWAB called off his WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM over COVID ~ December 20, 2021


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Perhaps Schwab and the others are heading for their hideout in Antarctica that provides direct access to the galactic portal…Stay tuned…

Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist

Klaus Schwab called off the World Economic Forum over “covid”

So the real question is, where will they be then? We know this pandemic is fake and that they are running it, so what’s going to happen between now and January 20 that would make it better to not hold that conference?

If Schwab can’t have his BIG GIG, what is going to happen to either make it irrelelvant (sic) or make it not possible to attend? Omicron may be the excuse, but it sure is not that. Is he canceling for show to prop up the MORONIC story line? Is he afraid of the vax outrage that is soon to start showing now that the vaxxed are even more likely to start dropping dead from ADE? There are lots of possibilities with this, but fear of any form of Covid is not one. So it is anyone’s guess, even hot war.

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