Child Of God – December 20, 2021

The Cabal has a fixation on bloodlines and seeks certain types for their nefarious plans. After thousands of years of interbreeding blood types, there are very few if any that are pure.

Belief in this type of thought process only serves to divide us into segments where all division creates a hierarchy of value. The original Overlords the Annunaki, were not always acting in our best good. Though it was important to them, the Children of God that knows who they are, is more powerful than any purpose bred bloodline.

The Overlords produced the Divine Right of Kings as a way to permanently control Humans. They could only do this by making us slaves and denying who we really are.

A Child of God has no affiliation with a bloodline, they are Sovereign by birth and can not meet the full measure of their perfect creation when they are conditioned to be slaves to others.

This is what the Golden Age of Mankind is all about, returning to the knowledge of who we really are and then having the freedom to use our free agency to do what we naturally do and that is to create according to our own will in harmony with the timeline plan we were born into.

Please let this go as the greater knowledge and comprehension is awaking us to to who we really are. God Man. – Hu Man.

Ron Giles


Wolverine, you have given words to the thoughts many of us have had. Yes, enough is enough. So we voice our frustrations and put on a little pout or two, but what does that help accomplish. I am not condemning anyone here, but maybe a bit of perspective could help our plight.

Those involved in the Command Center of this battle between good and evil have a job to do and that job is DO NOT LET THE EVIL SURVIVE TO FIGHT AGAIN.

They are fighting a battle that must eliminate all dark forces and they are formidable. There are rules of engagement for both sides. Universal Justice must guide the way the battle is being waged. For the Alliance, these rules of engagement mean they can not violate directives that the third dimension was given before it came into being. Free Agency is the directive for this earthly 3 D experience. Depriving an entity from their free agency means we are violating the agreements set in place that have consequences. If the battle is not conducted correctly and legally then those consequences of violating free agency call for justice to be imparted to the offending side, even the light. It’s called Karma, and there are entities that have the job of maintaining a balance between good and evil; they are called the Lords of Karma.

Many humans have come back at this time to finish up their soul’s Karmic debt. Their sole purpose is to get off the Karmic wheel of birth and rebirth so they can move on. With this Earth ascending to 5D the opportunities for Karmic justice are coming to an end.

If the Alliance gives in to the temptation and does something that violates the dark side’s free agency then that action will require a just consequence or justice. That is how this game is played. Our victory over the dark side must be legal to be binding for the thousand years of the Golden Age.

That means the Extraterrestrials have their rules of engagement that they can not overstep regardless that the dark hats give no care or concern for the rules; they break them at every chance they get if it gives them and advantage.

So, is there a Karmic battle going on that requires maybe even death to balance one’s Karmic debt? And is that being played out in ways that we do not comprehend? And is the Alliance working in the best interest of all mankind as we perceive their so-called delays? Or are we called upon to exercise greater wisdom and let God be in charge of this Karmic battle for so many Humans souls, and perhaps even our own soul.

For Satan and his minions to be bound away from us, this battle has to be won using every legal means. Hasn’t Trump said we have to obey every law to make this change permanent?

My heart goes out to the many who are hurting at this time. I have friends and family who have lost family and friends to Covid, but is it selfish of me and my Humanitarian heart to not let this happen if God’s Will is being done.

I see it all as well as anyone else, but I try to focus on things I have control over and find joy in looking down the road a ways to the end of our trip, knowing that it is just the beginning of the new Earth and the Golden Age of Mankind.

Lick the wounds that we have, but let us not slip into the darkness to justify our hurting. Let us not break ranks and allow ourselves to be drawn up into the fears and frustrations that are encompassing us. We can do better.

Our Faith should be in allowing the Alliance to complete the clean up and then turn it over to us to build a new earth in the Golden Age of Mankind. I believe our time is coming, lets focus on the joy that awaits us on the other side of this present darkness. Our bacons of light are required not just a dim flashlight. So let us trim our lamps and await the coming of our chance to join in and finish the job.

We are loved and blessed beyond what we can presently know.

Ron Giles


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