Resurrection – December 18, 2021

Does this POTUS Tweet sound like they are dead to you? Kobe the Gold MVP.

“Dead” 5 Days before Operation Covid 19 began. Then NOT buried at CORONA DEL MAR cemetry.

2 Helicopters.

Think Logically.

Military Intelligence.


Kobe crash 5 days before Corona.

Where is Kobe “NOT” Buried?


Remember the START of Corona

Hang on 5 days before El Rona KOBE Helicopter Crash. How can i forget.

Back to the Start. Operation Defender Europe March [17] 2020.

Hey isn’t that St Patrick’s Day?

Patrick chased the Snakes/Reptiles Away.

50000k Troops descended on Rome.

Italy had thousand’s of cases of Rona.

Vatican Mafia met their fates..



He Ain’t There hey.


The Spetznaz Raided the Vatican.

The French Foreign Legion raided CERN

Just Zayin


Find the first 2 Raids in 2019 on the Vatican. You can google this. Find all the deaths from there. This is why Rome had the most deaths at the start. Black Pope, Bishops/Cardinals. The White Pope is a Hologram.

50,000 + Troops descending on Rome March 17 2020 when Rona kicked off.

Army vehicles in the streets, coffins.

They shot all the Vatican Mafia. They chased the snakes away. The Spetznaz has also raided.

Would you like me to do it all for you?


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