Virginia Hospital Allows Ivermectin For C-19 Infected Patients After Court Finds Them In Contempt! The Hospital Faces $10K Per Day Fine! – December 16, 2021

One Hospital in Warrenton, VA, is found in contempt of court because they couldn’t manage to comply with orders to allow patient Kathy Davies to treat her with Ivermectin prescribed by her family doctor.

She has been on a ventilator since November.

The 20th Judicial Court in Virginia threatened to punish the Hospital $10,000 per day of noncompliance.

Instead of paying the fine, Fauquier Health decided to admit defeat and allow Kathy to get the medication legally prescribed to her.

Ivermectin has proven effective in treating the coronavirus even though the officials don’t want hospitals to use it.

Chris Davies and his father Donald have been fighting for their mother and wife Kathy Davies’ right to try the drug Ivermectin as a COVID-19 treatment at Fauquier Health hospital in Warrenton, Virginia, for the past few weeks. But the hospital — where Chris happens to work as a radiologic technologist — had put his mother through a series of legal hoops seemingly designed to block the treatment from being given to her.

On Monday, December 13, Virginia’s 20th Judicial Court found Fauquier Health in contempt of court after refusing to comply with previous orders and ruled that by 9:00 p.m. Eastern time tonight, Kathy Davies must be given the dose of Ivermectin as prescribed by a doctor retained by the Davies family. Additionally — if the hospital did not comply — the state had the right to fine the hospital $10,000 per day. That order would have been applied retroactively from December 9 onwards. The court also ordered that the Davies family be given police escort if necessary to administer the drug to their mother.

But, the court also said that the hospital had an opportunity to purge the contempt charge by complying with the order. The hospital is reportedly now opting to comply with that order after a week of arguing why they could not allow the drug to be given to Kathy Davies as the family requested.

On Monday, December 6, according to a court document obtained by The Daily Wire, the court had ruled that Kathy had the right under Virginia law to try Ivermectin or any other order and prescription provided by Dr. Martha Maturi — the doctor retained by the Davies family who had prescribed Ivermectin — regardless of her employment with the hospital.

But, when Chris and a registered nurse went to administer the drug on the night of December 7 on the orders of Maturi, “hospital administration barred [him and the nurse] from entering the ICU with the Ivermectin.”

According to Chris, the hospital’s “COO Kevin Sales and CNO Christine Hart Kress stopped [them] with [the] original court order.”

While Chris had the Ivermectin in hand, he says that Kress “threatened to report the nurse to the medical board to revoke her license” because “she was not an employee of the hospital.”

The hospital told Chris they had filed for another emergency hearing to be held on December 8.

The battle that the Davis family passed was hard.

Why is the Hospital afraid to use Ivermectin?

..,on Friday, Maturi spent hours answering questions about malpractice insurance, references, and other forms that the hospital said were necessary before allowing to see the patient. The hospital waited until 3:30 pm on Friday, December 10, to let Davies’ attorneys know that they were not going to admit Maturi into the hospital despite the court order.

Davies attorneys discussed the matter with the hospital attorneys on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday as to why Maturi could not receive privileges. The hospital said that if Maturi were to administer Ivermectin, she would have to take complete control over the patient. They essentially said that no doctor or nurse employed by the hospital would assist in taking care of the patient.

This made no sense to Davies’ attorneys or family for a variety of reasons, chief among them that one doctor is never in charge of the patient, but rather a team of doctors, specialists, and nurses care for the patient.

This was yet another three days that Chris’s mother would not receive the drug. Since the hospital had denied the Davies family the right to give Ivermectin to Kathy on Friday afternoon, an emergency hearing would have to wait until Monday morning.

In response, Davies’s attorneys argued in court on Monday that the hospital had been unreasonable in their efforts to care for the patient, Kathy Davies, and should be held in contempt of court.

Judge Fisher agreed and ruled on Monday that the hospital could appeal the order, comply, or face the 10k per day fines.

Lorigo said that after several hours of trying to ask for “clarification” on the matter, Fauquier Health finally complied with the ruling. Hospital administrators even let Chris and his father know that they found a registered nurse who could assist Dr. Maturi deliver the Ivermectin.

As of press time, Chris and Maturi were traveling to Fauquier Health with Ivermectin in hand to finally deliver it to his mother in hopes of helping her defeat COVID-19.

I thought the doctors’ oath meant standing up to asinine red tape and political activism. Doctors should be smart, not stupid, but they proved to be the dumbest of all!

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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