Interesting…Ya Think? – December 15, 2021

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Congress averted a catastrophic debt default early Wednesday morning after Democratic majorities in both chambers voted to send a $2.5 trillion increase in the nation’s borrowing authority to President Joe Biden over lockstep Republican opposition. 

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CoinDesk (@CoinDesk) Tweeted:

Swiss bank @weareseba has introduced a gold crypto token that can be redeemed for the physical metal.

By @JamieCrawleyCD


Could today have been the purple mountain? ⛰

Look at the number 14 inside the little red heart in the middle of the mountain. ♥️

Today is December 14. 🤍🎩😎 (This released on 12/14)

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Russia & China to create new financial system outside Western control – Kremlin

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jinping made a show of solidarity amid rising tensions between Moscow and the West Wednesday –speaking for just over an hour via video.

“I consider our relations a true model of interstate cooperation for the 21st century,“ Putin said, with Xi calling the Russian president an “old friend” and hailing the close relationship between the two countries.

The main takeaways from the summit:

▪️Putin and Xi have agreed to create an independent financial infrastructure, that would be immune to other nations’ influence

▪️Xi announced that he supports Moscow’s proposal for NATO to guarantee Russia’s security

▪️Russian and Chinese leaders spoke negatively of the new military alliances in the Asia-Pacific region, including AUKUS and QUAD

▪️Putin condemns “politicization of sports” and pledges to attend Beijing Winter Olympics opening ceremony

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