Australia – December 15, 2021

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Australia is finished..


Who started the Illegal Spying?

Which Country?


The info is all here.


Go and buy George Papadopoulos book. It’s all there too.


Remember AUSTRALIA & NZ started the ILLEGAL SPYING on a then US Citizen at the time. Candidate Trump.

They tipped off the FBI

Look up the FIVE EYES PACT and understand how it works.

Cannot spy on your own but must get one of the others to do it.

Many in Australia will go down

Downer, Brandis, Rudd, Gillard, Turnbull & others.

Julie Bishop is an interesting one XLM.


Re-Read FiveEyes Drops.


Melbourne: Desperate Dan Andrews Goes on Leave as “TREASON AND FRAUD” Court Summons Issued

Victoria premier Dan Andrews has gone on leave just as he was served a court summons for a private prosecution filed by anti-lockdown protestors on charges of “concealing treason and fraud”.

Although Victoria state law allows ordinary citizens to file criminal charges in court, most are thrown out if deemed to be “wacky”, to lack reasonable possibility of conviction or are “not in the public interest”.

Andrews is technically required to face the court on Friday, but experts expect the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions to exercise its powers to throw the case out.

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