Breaking News – December 14, 2021

⚡️UK mandates vaccinations for National Health Service frontline workers

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⚡️UK will introduce Covid Passports for large venues & events

Earlier, the govt passed increasing the amount of places where masks are required too.

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Today, the environment surrounding human interaction is full of electromagnetic pollution in the form of radiation. Five kinds of electromagnetic radiations people should pay attention to are: high voltage meters, 5 G, wifi signals, routers, and cell towers. This even comes from TV’s, microwave ovens, computers, tablets, and medical equipment.

Electromagnetic radiation can penetrate human cells and causes free radical damage instantly. Much protection can be gained from using the Bioshield Office Station during working hours along with the Anti Aging Bed cover while you sleep.

FDA Cleared technology Nanobionic to ensure faster recovery, increased circulation, and cellular healing. (May include Black Dots under product)

Works in your current home and office environment.

Made with 100% Nano AG textile fabric. Includes wire assembly kit


Barbados, the newest republic after braking with the Royal Family, is gearing up for an overhaul of its system for a UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME which guarantees to each citizen in a country a certain quantity of money at determined points. Also reverse tax credit kicks in to add funds to a person’s salary if it does not reach a certain threshold.


Corona = Crown

Crown is worn on the head which is above.

Suns Corona

Corona Discharge

Corona Satellites.

“Eyes In The Sky”


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