WoW!! – December 13, 2021

So take down Tether in Court

Take Down BTC Mining worldwide and HydroPower Plants

Leave the Data Center/Server to last.

Take down ETH with the Dead Man Switch.

Hello QFS


We believe that Quantum Voting based on a publicly available blockchain can benefit the world at large on both small and large scales.

By choosing to make our system free, we aim to remove the concept of “ownership” from the voting process.

Visit us on

Buy Farsight on LOBSTR exchange




Well see here also the Dutch Media NOS “Calm before the storm” due to major security problem: ‘This is not going to end in a fizzle’ In the article: McAfee security researcher John Fokker thinks so too 😁👇🏼👇🏼



Bitcoin is down 3333

Evergrande # 3333

Nothing is random




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