12:12 – Goddess Isis Mirror Gateway+Rite of Passage +“ Union” ~ December 13, 2021


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🪞Today is 12;12 and the beginning of the Goddess Isis Mirror gateway of 12-21 which culminates in Solstice/ birth of the New Light/ Sun / Cycle.

⭕⏹️While 12 represents coming full Circle ( feminine Energy/ receiving/ initiation) , 12×12 =144 denotes the Square (masculine Energy/ manifesting/ action). Thus the energy of this gateway denotes not only coming full circle/ completion but also UNION of masculine/ feminine, spirit and matter , initiation and manifesting.

☯️While UNION holds multiple meanings for different people and could for some imply outer union, it’s important to realize that the outer can only reflect the Inner Union . So what does this inner union look like once we move past the much cliched Masculine + Feminine, Spirit and matter…etc Union at deepest levels means EMBODIMENT. Embodiment of the Divine Light/ initiations/ light activations and upgrades into Refined and uplifted Action/ Choices/ ways of BEing.

🌈When I first began my spiritual journey I thought that reaching higher levels of spiritual wisdom would ensure a smooth life without challenges. Much like floating over and above all 3D challenges on a 5D rainbow puffing cloud!!!

🔱Reality is that moving up the spiritual spiral in no way rules out roadblocks or bumps along the way but rather the greater Wisdom that we garner along the way enables us to perceiving these bumps / roadblocks through the lens of higher perception/ 3rd eye in order to

:- 🎁glean/ sift the gift/ takeaway/ lesson from the chaos ,

🪞 recognise that each moment/ situation is a mirror reflecting our unhealed aspects of ourselves so that we may heal and move into greater wholeness/ union,

🔑see past the fear/ illusion/lack/ helplessness that each challenge inevitably brings and navigate through it with our upgraded GPS i.e. employ new choices/ action/ Keys (as opposed to old patterns of conflict /challenge resolution) which are Now available to us via our skills, talents and learnings on the spiritual path.

✨And thus we are able to move from challenge / continuous Guinea pig Running Wheel of Karma Into Alchemization and Manifestation of the Highest Good, which is only possible via the Grounding of Higher Perspective Via appropriate Action/ Choices – this is Ultimate aim of UNION and Embodiment. Thus Moving out of disempowerment and illusion into Masterhood and Liberation -true Enlightenment/ Ascension.

🗝️So while this Isis Gateway of 12/12-21/12 may superficially seem like a call of completion/ tying up loose ends / putting in the Action required, at a deeper level it is a Rite of Passage for you to witness where you choose to level off on the Union/ Embodiment/ Manifestation chart , for that will mark the beginning of the new cycle. Isis gateways are gateways of great Initiation (lots of upper chakra downloads taking place currently ) and Manifestation!! And Manifestation requires the Embodiment of the Soul lessons , doing the work and putting our learnings into Action ( notice the purging of the Solar Plexus/ Courage presently).

🌌The planets are also lining up in the sky according to some astrological reports( Star Walk on Fb), Parade of the Planets on this 12;12 day….. so the universe literally pulls out all the stops for you to get your (spiritual) Ducks In a Row!!! Have a Blessed Isis Mirror Gateway!!! EnLight ,InGrace, InJoy Be The Change You Want To See


Sa Kei Na https://isischannelings.wordpress.com/

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