The Star Sapphire -“Gem of Heaven” ~ December 11, 2021


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Do you struggle with rationalizing your emotions instead of feeling them in a healthy manner?

Do you want a crystal that can aid you when learning spiritual concepts with the soul rather than the mind?

Do you struggle with anxiety and need help staying calm and focused?

Do you want to establish clear contact to your Star Origins and improve your psychic abilities?

Then, Star Sapphire might be for you.

Star Sapphire is linked to wisdom, maturity, and calm. It can help you achieve a deep meditative state, too. It’s a very versatile crystal that can be a great ally in your spiritual journey.

If you need to connect with emotional maturity or develop your emotional literacy, Star Sapphire can gently guide you in your inner journey towards your emotions. Life doesn’t have to feel like a roller-coaster just because you’re making space to actively feel your emotions. Sapphire provides a sense of calm and peace while you open up to your own feelings. 

Sapphire is second in hardness only to diamonds. This makes it especially attuned to the Divine. It takes millions of years to form. Imagine how much it has witnessed in its years of existence!
They are made up of corundum and micro-elements of iron or titanium, which is what gives it its characteristic blue color.

The word sapphire itself means blue in Ancient Greek. Naturally, sapphires have a barrel shape. The most common pieces come from either Madagascar or Sri Lanka, although there are other, more rare varieties from elsewhere in the world. Even though they are very similar to rubies, they do have better clarity overall.

So, rubies are more about the physical, 3D world and Sapphires are more attuned to souls and 5D.

It is often linked to the Greek God Apollo and Archangel Michael, so it’s an excellent choice if you have a strong bond with either of them. 

Even though it can guide you to be more empathetic, present, and compassionate, it can also help you stay firm when setting emotional boundaries.

This is a great choice for empaths who are still trying to navigate the world as sensitive people, especially if they have overcompensated and put up walls that are hard for others to get through. It also provides protection and can attract good luck and an epiphany brought about by the Divine. 

Since Star Sapphire is also tied to wisdom, calm, and meditation, it can help you stay focused on the more mental aspects of your spiritual growth. If you’re at a juncture in your journey where you have to do some deep thinking or introspective reflection, Star Sapphire may just be your powerful ally.

Wear it around your neck when you read sacred texts and/or meditate, as it will help you focus on the right things and help you find information that resonates. The special thing about Star Sapphire is that it helps you embrace what you’re learning with your soul rather than with what “makes sense” in a rational way. 

If you’re an artist and want to connect your creative expression with your higher self, Star Sapphire can be a great stone to work with long-term. It will adjust the vision for your art with one that serves your higher purpose and that of the collective. Try journaling while wearing Star Sapphire, you’ll find it an insightful process. 

It can also help people who suffer from anxiety stay calm. It can also help people in general to go through a tough time without losing their temper. This is so because it helps you reconnect with what’s truly important and not let you get lost in the kind of details we tend to get hung up on. 

Star Sapphire can protect the relationships that are important to you. Because of its links with both the Third Eye Chakra and the Throat Chakra, it can help you avoid miscommunication and conflicts that go on silently and generate resentment.
With Star Sapphire on your side, you’ll calmly face your conflicts head-on in a timely manner. It may feel awkward at first, but remember that you’re being divinely guided to avoid a much larger conflict later on. 

Star Sapphire will guide you towards transparency as a policy in all your relationships. The people that are allergic to transparency tend to be toxic, so, even if you may be used to being well-liked and this will change, Star Sapphire can protect you in this way. 

Over time, it will attract good fortune in any area of life as the natural result of a strong sense of self and work ethic.

If gifted at the beginning of a relationship or marriage, it can help the bond last a long time because it will be built on the foundation of mutual respect and Divine wisdom. 

It can be used for protection, especially for intentional acts of protection and banishing. Sapphire is connected to the blue ray of light, which has strong protective qualities.

Sapphire encourages you to trust in your own power and abilities. We don’t recommend you sleep with it or wear it around the time you go to sleep in the beginning as it can be quite energizing, but, once you know its energy intimately, you can give it a try and see for yourself how it affects you. I have very strong and clear dreams when I wear my Star Sapphire during sleep.

Get it in gold if you wish the powers of Star Sapphire to be enhanced. Gold will embrace the more joyful aspects of the stone and make it act more quickly. On the other hand, if you want a more gradual and gentle approach to Star Sapphire, get it in silver. It will make you more receptive to its energy and cool down its energy if it’s too intense.

Cleanse either by exposing it to the smoke of burning herbs like Rosemary or Lavender or by putting it in a bowl with raw rice overnight (dispose of the rice later). Charge by moonlight, if you expose it to the Full Moon, better. Infusing your crystals with your intention can be a deeply personal process. Try meditating with it and visualizing light coming from your heart space and entering the stone. 

The Star Sapphire and Star Ruby are both made up of corundum. They are almost the same stone. Their energetic signature is mostly influenced by the color of the gem. The Star Ruby is always more or less red in color but Star Sapphires come in all kinds of colors.

Very similar to the Star Ruby, the Star Sapphire also has protective properties, especially if you want to ward yourself off from psychic attacks and energy vampires. It makes your spiritual potential very clear and can give you clarity regarding your purpose and what journey is the best for you. It’s also a great gift for someone you love who’s going through a transition because of this reason. 

Wearing a Star Sapphire around the throat chakra area is powerful protection from entities, envy, jealously, material loss, or any kind of negativity. It is a stone of manifestation, and will also support the retention of wealth, of all sorts. Star Sapphire is the ultimate abundance and prosperity attraction gem that will also make sure you maintain your new wealth.

If you are looking for ways to connect to your Star Origins and unlock dormant memory data within your DNA, Star Sapphire is the gem for you.

The Stone of Wisdom was revered for its ability to promote psychic activation and spiritual enlightenment by allowing one to access deeper levels of consciousness. A Star Sapphire teaches and enables a Starseed to communicate with their star family and gain insight into other aspects of oneself.

By sparking the throat and the third eye chakra, psychic abilities begin to develop and enhance. Sapphire helps those who wear it stay on the spiritual path stimulating their powers, and is a great gem for chakra healing.

The Star Sapphire features a six-rayed star that hovers above the stone in a magical, enchanting way. The three lines that cross in the six-rayed star represent the three angels, Faith, Hope, and Destiny, who protect and remind us of Divine knowledge and light that we have within.

A Star Sapphire will show a second star if manipulation, betrayal, or abuse of any kind may occur, as a warning. The amazing six-ray star (asterism) shines with an otherworldly quality which is most breathtaking when viewing under sunlight or a flashlight.
No Star Sapphire is the same as others.

The unique piece that is meant for you will find you.
The Star Sapphire is a precious and very rare gemstone; it is the ultimate Starseed gemstone. It is effective for channeling information or healing powers from angelic or galactic sources. Sapphire also amplifies healing through the voice. If you find it difficult to speak, live and/or express your truth, this gem will heal and solve this issue without you noticing.

Now, with all that being said, is there any better Christmas gift for yourself and your loved ones? Well, you know what those who I love are getting from me this year! 😉

Happy Holidays, fam! xxx

A’HO Aurora Ray Ambassador of the Galactic Federation
Copyright 2021 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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