Trump Card Wins! …December 9, 2021

You remember that mini crash last year?

Trump -Putin – Salman taking down the Rockefellers that ended in the Federal Reserve & Treasury merging.


Las Vegas Shooting

Attempted Assasination of POTUS & King Salman

35 Princes Arrested

200 to 300 Officials Arrested.

Sword Ceremony.

Then 2020 Stock Market Collapse.

King Salman, POTUS & Vlad working together to bring the Rockefellers down and then also merging the Fed & Treasury.


One of those Prince’s Bin Talal [DOPEY]

He is the one who tried to bribe Rudy Guiliani after 9/11.

He Funded Obama’s Education.

This arrest is a KEY to many things occuring.


💛♥️💙 Yes remember my post on last years mini Dow Jones collapse Trump, Vlad & King Salman removing the Rockefellers which lead to Merging of Fed & Treasury. Then the 1 year deal for the Fed to be killed off.

Before this i showed the 3 Sides of the Triangle.

+++ Saudi Arabia

++ Rothschilds

+ Soros

Saudi Arabia flipping began in 2012 behind the scenes.

Then in 2017 it was the 1st done.

Straight after Las Vegas attempted Assassination of King Salman & POTUS.

35 Princes & 300 Saudi Officials arrested including [DOPEY] Bin Talal who tried to bribe Rudy Giuliani post 9/11.

Bin Talal paid for Obama’s schooling.

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