Be aware of …. December 7, 2021

What is the “KEYSTONE”?


China news: Evergrande shares nosedive 20 per cent as developer teeters on verge of collapse.

It free falled early morning. Over the last hour it has held up, but has just begun to free fall again. This is about to get very interesting.




1. First off, the Army Navy Football game is Saturday. 👇


Navy Football- Following 1991 People

Drop 1991- Shall We Play A Game?

Army Football- Following 531 People

Drop 531- How about a Nice Game Of Chess?

(See the Rest of the Drop)

No way this is a Coincidence. At All.👇

3. Think The Football.


4. Navy Practice Pictures.

If you follow Mr Pool , then you know the relevance of 1311.

Potentially hazardous Asteroid on December 11th

Drop 1328 5/10/18

Sky Event

1311 Day Delta!!!!!

Holy shit!!!!!


Ok so……

Sky event

1311 days from Qpost date

Mr Pool connections

Plus Savage’s Army-Navy football game connections today

GAME TIME on Dec 11th???

Think the football


Could be a day of all days….


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