Just sayin… – December 3, 2021

If you know, you know.

Another disturbing video with an AI

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Editor’s Note: Please look closely at every player in the video above…NO one looks like the “real” version, which makes perfect sense for the entire royal family to have been replaced. Yes, yes, yes!


NOW – Biden’s voice does not sound like usual today.



Bank of Ireland fined over $27 MILLION for decade-long IT failures

The bank was fined €24.5 million by the Central Bank for regulatory breaches related to its IT systems and related internal controls. (Reuters)

The regulator found that Bank of Ireland failed to have a robust framework in place to ensure continuity of service for it and its customers in the event of a significant IT disruption.

Handing down one of its largest ever penalties, the central bank on Thursday said that IT service deficiencies were repeatedly identified in third-party reports from 2008 onwards.

Bank of Ireland admitted to five regulatory breaches over a 12-year period.


#UPDATE RESIGNATIONS 11:45am [CET] Dec. 3rd, 2021,

Dec. 3rd, 2021 Saskatchewan Health Authority(SHA) CEO Scott Livingstone has stepped down from his role effective immediately, the SHA board of directors announced Thursday morning.

▪ Dec. 3rd, 2021 Austria, Education Minister Heinz Faßmann (ÖVP) should resign his office for “own reasons”.

▪ Dec. 2nd, 2021 St. Louis nonprofit’s longtime CEO to exit in planned transition. Jan Albus, who has served as CEO of Variety the Children’s Charity of St. Louis for 25 years, will leave the organization Dec. 31.

▪ Dec. 2nd, 2021 Round Rock Chamber President and CEO Jason Ball will leave his position next month to take a similar job in Lincoln, Nebraska, the chamber north of Austin announced Dec. 2.

▪ Dec. 2nd, 2021 Austria, Finance Minister Gernot Blümel resigns. For years he was a close confidante of ex-Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

▪Dec. 2nd, 2021 Austria’s Federal Chancellor Schallenberg has quit according to a spokesperson for the ÖVP party.

▪Dec. 2nd, 2021 Germany’s Anton Hofreiter, previously one of the two chairmen of the Greens in the Bundestag, is withdrawing from the leadership of the parliamentary group.

▪ Dec. 2nd, 2021 Austria’s Sebastian Kurz stepping down from ALL political posts after corruption probe

▪ Dec. 2nd, 2021 Les Wexner to step down as the chair of the Columbus Partnership

▪ Dec. 1st, 2021 Senior Advisor and Chief Spokesperson Symone Sanders to Kamala Harris Resigns

▪ Dec. 1st, 2021 Toronto: iSIGN Media Solutions Inc. Mr. Josip Kozar has tendered his resignation as Chief Executive Officer effective November 30, 2021.

▪ Dec. 1st, 2021 Nancy Mace’s Chief of Staff Resigns amid South Carolina Congresswoman’s Feud with Conservatives. Mara Mellstrom, Mace’s chief of staff in her congressional office, turned in her resignation on Wed. Dec. 1st, 2021

▪ Dec. 1st, 2021 Eli Cohen to step down as Mekorot CEO

▪November 29, 2021, Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey stepped down.

▪Nov. 29th, 2021 Walmart’s longtime chief financial officer, Brett Biggs, is leaving company

▪Nov. 24th Director of LA County’s Child Protection Services Agency just resigned.

▪ Nov. 10th, 2021 Senior UK Conservative Andrew Bowie resigns in wake of conduct scandals

▪November 9, 2021, Wynn Resorts announced that 45-year old CEO Matt Maddox will step down in January 2022.

▪ November 4th, 2021 Owen Paterson announces decision to quit Parliament after major row erupts over sleaze allegations.

▪November 1, 2021, Barclays Bank American CEO Jes Stanley resigned after an investigation into his relationship with disgraced financier convicted sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein.

▪ Oct. 30th, 2021 Ambassador Cindy McCain resigns from Arizona Human Trafficking Council

▪Oct. 9, Chicago Park District CEO and General Superintendent Michael P. Kelly announced his resignation amid a controversy over sexual harassment & abuse,

▪August 19, 2021, Johnson & Johnson revealed that 61-year old CEO, Alex Gorsky will be replaced by deputy, Joaquin Duato on January 3, 2022. 

Do you believe in coincidences?

Keep list updated.

Flood unstoppable.

Track CEO resignations.

The Silent War continues…







This Prison location code can’t be found?


On Monday the day beginning of the Maxwell trial… Multiple flights flew from Gitmo to DC ///

More over the DOJ and Director of Homeland Security and Deputy Director of Homeland Security have Wiped Flights c101 and c202 from flight trackers/

____________________________053 Philadelphia

054 Manhattan

Are New York prison code locations

Supposedly MAXWELL is in Manhattan.. But her prison code is 509?

And can’t be found.. For most prison codes only register from 001-100

Epstein was in Manhattan at 054 .

____________________________where is Maxwell?

Why do many flights to Gitmo?


If White HATS didn’t exist.. Why would the most Elite PEDOPHILIA, human trafficking ring leaders (Epstein/Maxwell) connected to all countries and all Fortune 500 companies be Brought to justice and being tried????


Good people behind the scenes working (WHs)




People often say, why not just jolt the sheep awake. The wakeup process is very serious and delicate. You are dealing with some big serious lies that will be uncovered. Nasa, Cia, Disney, WW2, 911, Antarctica, Vatican, Mockingbird Mossad Media, Dumbs, Central banks, Fed, Synagogue of Satan, Black Triangles, The earth, Royal blood lines, Frazzeldrip, Vril, Adrenochrome, and much more. Now imagine all this being downloaded all at once. People would be in padded rooms or cliff jumping. Yes, even conservatives who don’t wear masks fall into this category. This has to be unwound delicately for your own sanity. It’s coming out drip by drip. Nothing at this point can stop it. You may not understand the process, but you’ll end up respecting and appreciating it greatly. The battle is won already, this is Operation Wakeup. Pay attention to everything, but don’t let anything consume you. Everything matters, and is connected in some fashion. You can’t tell people, you must show them. Decades of brainwashing is slowly being unwound.

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!


  1. To ME, slow drip drip is NOT good enough. I want to still be ALIVE and YOUNG enough to enjoy the good stuff. Not to mention being vindicated.


    1. The drip is almost nonexistant to me. Weeks since I came here, same old same old. The same as weeks ago. I was afraid of this, I will expire before I’ll see what I dreamed about my whole life. So close. Hopefully you will get to enjoy it.


      1. If I expire, before the good stuff happens, the good guys will have a traumatized soul, full of murderous fury, to deal with.


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