FIFTY8 / ILLUSIONARY WORLD ~ December 2, 2021


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We believe we are all separate beings, separate from each other and from our reality. But in reality, we are what we experience in reality. We are what we think. We take ourselves so seriously and get so upset if someone or something questions our limited reality, beliefs and our little island of self.

But what if I told you, your idea of self is not real? Who you think you are is not real. There is no you, me, but only the cosmic play of universal forces. Would you believe me?

This level of detachment and state of being is called Self Realization or Unity Consciousness. This is not just a mental attainment, but a perceptual attainment. This unified state of consciousness is no longer deluded by the illusion of maya. Maya is like watching a Soap Opera, convinced this is reality, but in truth it is just a show that can be turned off when realized.

The TV of this limited mind attaches itself to the temptations of the drama and pleasure of being right and the attachment of thoughts and the chemicals of emotion. It becomes an addiction to binging dramas and fates rather than creating a reality of their purest and most joyful dreams and destiny. This is the power of the ego when you are not aware of it and it hypnotizes you into using only 1% of your brain’s potential.

This ego cuts ourselves off from awareness and our energy which is feminine. Our feminine aspect is our energy of the creator and our masculine is the creation. So our inner world (feminine) which is thoughts and beliefs create the outer world (masculine) which is her creation. The ego distracts us from this truth and keeps us focused on the outer world and disconnects us from the awareness that we create our reality by our energy, our thoughts and beliefs. My work is to help you have a Sacred Relationship with your Feminine Aspects and love what you create, which is the Masculine. To love your reality, your creation.

The inherent power and mystery of the feminine is what spirituality is all about. The greatest secrets of the Universe lies in the experiences between the masculine and feminine aspects inside and outside of you. For when those 2 aspects truly love each other you become a Divine Mind, a creator of reality. The greatest gift of love you can ever be given.

But the ego is the only thing that stops us from this inner bliss and connection. It often looks like the light and discernment can be quite difficult. If there was such a creature as the Anti-Christ or the Devil, where would he hide if he were smart? He’d hide in spirituality. It would hide in the Government, Church, Culture and really our own mind.

These limiting thoughts you think, where are they coming from? Do you attach and believe them to be true? This hidden voice of enslavement can no longer stop us from raising our own consciousness when we are aware of it hiding in plain sight, luring us into confusion and beating us back into lower states of being. Evil or the Anti-Christ means anything that stops us from our true nature of Christ Consciousness and enlightenment. Which are the chemicals of the body called negative and limiting thoughts and emotions.

So you can see most of us are living with Evil in our head and are not even aware of it. We even identify with it and lose our sense of self and soul. But not anymore. This limited reality is an Illusion of the ego. There is hidden within it an unlimited reality of pure consciousness waiting for us to “Know Thyself.” But we must individually do the work in conquering this limited voice in our heads. It is an INSIDE JOB. No one else can do it for you.

But there are many who are here to guide, empower and share knowledge to inspire and support you. These truths are given in stories, films, books, and teachers. But you must have the desire to be free and a mind ready to be open. Once we all realize this ego in our mind, the god inside awakens and creates a new reality of pure imagination for your to create. This is why we are all here. To free our soul and be at one with our creator and love our creation.

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