Quantum Entanglement ~ November 29, 2021


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Editor’s Note: What a mish-mash of perspectives with accompanying expectations! We have polarization happening between the tired human population (as expressed here), and a Galactic Force trying to “deal with” the situation at-hand on Planet Earth as exampled here.

Humanity, including the “top dogs” for the Patriots/Lightworkers promise the beauty for tomorrow, while continuing to slug-it-out with the dark, who are terrified of losing control of their easy bread basket. And then we have the technological expertise of the Galactic Forces from higher dimensions to assist all of humanity once “enough” of humanity reaches an unknown level of…? For me, these are perfect examples for how density (vibrational frequency) works, and how the Earth situation remains unresolved at this date, Nov. 29.

The answer for me is blindingly obvious, yet no one is addressing this issue anywhere that I can find. Polarity IS the hallmark for this third-dimension, good/bad, right/wrong, black/white. As humanity begins to realize another way through vibrational enlightenment, shades of grey have been introduced into our society, yet human reliance on polarity remains as expressed through our dependence on rules and laws as ultimately expressed through money…either you have this, or you do not, a polarizing aspect to be sure! As polarity relies on two opposites, the situation at-hand can be resolved with the introduction of a third element, and that is Love. Wait…the Galactics are all about Love aren’t they?

Yes indeed, Galactics recognize Love and know it to be the strongest force in the Cosmos, yet from my observation of channelings, messages, etc. from on-high, I do not witness that particular concept which must be so startling to the Galactics…that humans on Earth have been able to discern a concept unknown to them, the “higher races” of technological prow-ness. That concept IS…of BEing Quantum!

Quantum-ness IS the capacity to recognize within yourself that You have everything already inside of You! You have many, many dimensions inside of you already, just waiting to be known and realized, yet…You are also everything else! This understanding of Self is Quantum recognition, occurring with Your innate knowledge and awesome Self-Love which you ARE , but also feel for all others as well.

By adding a dollop of Quantum LOVE into the polarizing mix here on Earth, we witness a triality (as expressed through an equilateral pyramid) of Humanity/Galactic/Quantum (LOVE). This arrangement provides stability for form/function which we are NOT seeing on the Earth plane in the present moment. As this pyramid tumbles, time/space are rearranged for all.

The Galactics love humanity, yet cannot bring the concept of Quantum into our environment. We, Humanity are indeed “pulling ourselves UP by our bootstraps” by bringing the Quantum concept into the mix on Earth. Yes, yes, yes…we are all seeing Quantum introduced into the Earth financial picture, and voting, and Internet, and whatever other aspect there is, but not where this can do the most good for all. As more and more of humanity understand that we can, and must, move beyond the concept of Divine, humanity will indeed be on the “tip of the spear” moving into our future (JFK, Jr. anyone? 🙂

So…please KNOW Earth’s present situation for human consciousness is where the creative balance lies, and this balance can be tipped in our favor as more and more of humanity grip and hold their aspect of Quantum within themselves. The terminology matters not, yet increased Quantum Awareness/Quantum-ness of Self is essential for the continued expansion of the Human race. Indeed, the new Hue-man race will, in ALL ways, BE in…

Quantum Joy!



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By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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