Starship Earth – Your Sunday Digest for November 28, 2021: White Hat Comms A-Plenty


While some are reaching the end of their rope and patience with the “reset”, the EBS, and everything else, some of us are enjoying the show. [For the most part.] It is difficult in many ways, but it’s a far cry from the nightmare it would be if it were real. There’s no way to make it a picnic for the awakened and a wake-up call for the rest. We have to understand what they’re going through so we can assist when the time comes.

The censorship continues. I can’t even access my own website as a reader would from my iPad. It tells me it can’t locate the server. WTH?

I just viewed the SE site on my desktop PC and the images I used are showing up, despite me not having done anything to correct that. I hope you’re all getting them.

People really should stay out of malls, particularly on Black Friday.

North Carolina Black Friday Mall Shooting Sends Customers Scrambling, 3 Shot, 1 in Custody (

Yesterday I was mulling over the latest events and chaos and still feel like the military are running their ops in the background while the drama, fear, manipulation, and attacks continue in the foreground. That’s the energy around it all for me. This whole thing we’re living through is a psyop—from the dark AND the Earth Alliance.

Whiplash347 posted this Tweet I can no longer find on Twitter from a guy in Botswana exposing the fake news plague psyop. He says only a few cases of the flu cropped up, zero deaths, they’re enjoying the UK media’s vastly exaggerated figures and said to enjoy the fake news. Link to Telegram.

Meanwhile, the airport in Johannesburg is closed and wreaking havoc with travellers. Perfect time to lock down the targets of the White Hats for arrest, isn’t it? The good guys never let a good crisis go to waste have orchestrated a few of their own, I’ll wager. The whole world is working together to pull this off. The snoozers will be apprised later.

This footage from Oz shows us that at least the real police in Sydney [as opposed to the mercenaries] still have respect for the aboriginal elders and a shred of decency remaining.

Police give a lift to an aboriginal elder at the Sydney million people march yesterday to save him the long walk back

— Elisa 🇬🇧 (@JustLaElisa17) November 28, 2021

Can we forgive the White Hats for a fake pandemic; a two-year op to free Humanity? If we look at it that way it is easier to relax and watch without getting so tied up with times and dates.

If you’re not following Q) The Storm Rider on Telegram… It’s all under control. That’s my reading on it all, anyway. Don’t worry, be happy. Be grateful. V-Day is coming. Vindication is coming. Link to Telegram.

No matter what happens… You must understand! The Three Branches of Government are a CAPTURED OPERATION<
:Legislative, ;Executive,:Judicial;

It takes years to prosecute a Rich Person, Government high rankng official, ELITEs caught in major corruption>> most aren’t prosecuted and few ever see justice… Because they are PROTECTED by the DEEP STATE CONTROLLED Three Branch Government
Everything happening now is DECLASS in front of you happening
] Durham [> Exposure
[Vaccines] >Exposure

WATCH as around the world Major Leaders Begin to EXPOSE


Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò Calls on People of Faith to Unite in a Worldwide Anti-Globalist Alliance to STAND UP ><against WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM GREAT REST> AGENDA 2030

VATICAN, Catholic news FromRome info. Editor Br.Alexis Flavian Bugnolo EXPOSES The Great Reset and calls for the World to Unite against the Globalist Agenda and calls for Mass Arrests

Many many many more across the world are EXPOSING the Great Reset/Davos group/WHO/World economic forum event 201 ECT ECT ECT..

(Expect ROGEN to do major podcast on Great Reset/through the world top podcasters influences, high ranking officials to EXPOSE COVID-19 DAVOS GREAT RESET AGENDA….. Up till now only Truthers/ANONS/seekers know about the Agenda..
<< It’s all going to change<<

Near the end of the madness.. Near DEATH CIVILIZATION event… After the World Riots/FREEDOM revoluts…. Then comes 11.3

>The Three branches of government will only stall or NOT prosecute the cases properly that are starting or being heavily investigated/////

The Military is the only way

Nearly everything that is happening is scripted—like a movie. It might be like cat and mouse at this point where the White Hats are just messin’ with the cabal. There is an order of operations and we’re waiting for the climax of this movie as we chug up the hill in our roller coaster, trying to enjoy the thrills around each bend without losing our lunch.

Did you see the recent comm from General Flynn referencing a female devil? Could he mean the witch Hitlary Clinton? Link to Telegram.

Any other sins I’ve missed, I’m certain someone will mention one or two. My family and I went through unrelenting political persecution because I stood against the devil herself and helped (in a significant way) DJT get elected as POTUS. Anyone who thinks I’m deep state and then allowed the persecution and slander my family and I went through since 2016 is out of their mind (seriously).

Can you imagine the ops the White Hats are pulling off while they have the deep state running around in circles and distracted with all the “crises”? The election? When Donald Trump will be back? The EBS? The disinfo put out by their operatives? The lawsuits? It finally got scary enough that a lot of people woke up. Are we there yet? Soon…

How badly do you want to know what will happen at the Ghislaine Maxwell trial on Monday?

Time to drain the swamp, wake up the normies, and save the children.

Ghislaine Maxwell case this week

This is the Biggest Story on Planet Earth.
Keep this story public.
Don’t worry about how many times you have posted child trafficking or Epstein’s island.
The children need relentless exposure for this to get the attention it deserves. The biggest names in Hollywood, Politics, Legal Systems. Educational Systems, Corporate Business, Entertainment are all up to their eyes in this.
Let it Rain Justice Now
Save the children

Ghislaine Maxwell is required to be checked every 15 minutes by federal guards

— Jack Posobiec ✝️ (@JackPosobiec) November 28, 2021

It’s really cool and no Qincidence that the right people are activated at the perfect time. Some provide humour, some educate about the past, some encourage a higher path, some are cheerleaders to keep us going, some tip us off about who is who in the zoo.Ezra A. Cohen


I already joined and i highly recommend you to do the same TelegramGeneral PattonMay God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won’t!

The crew shared a link to a Telegram channel I hadn’t discovered yet and there is some great stuff there that the average Joe would be unaware of. I was, too. Check out this channel for a taste of reality. UFO/НЛО/OVNI SPACE. Our friends upstairs have been among us for a long time.

The truth about everything will come at some point. The flood is coming… but these wavelets are lapping at our toes now.

Rhesus Monkeys in South Carolina Exposed as NIAID’s Source for ‘Excruciating Experiments:’ Report

If you need to catch up on recent developments these updates from Trevor Winchell on various topics are well done. #1

#4 We await a very positive future when the reality will blow our little minds because we have been locked away in the dark ages and lied to about every aspect of our reality. Queen Romana’s med-bed update: Link to Telegram.

~The Kingdom of Canada ~

The MedBeds/ Galactic Healing Chambers – Training is FREE

The USE of MedBeds/Galacting Healing Chambers is FREE in the Kingdom of Canada.

Private groups or individuals/NGOs/Foundations will NOT be authorized to purchase the MedBeds / galactic Healing Chambers to be used for their Businesses.

These technologies are gifts to human species and will NOT be monetized…

Please and thank you

From a military guy on Telegram for his perspective… I don’t assume everyone knows everything about everything, but it’s interesting to hear…

My take on the Lin/Flynn episode, with my military experience:

Q said, Operators never divulge. Correct?

Colonels that are eligible for promotion are looked at by the president, SecDef, joint chiefs, and other appointed General officers at the time. This usually happens when the colonel has 20+ years of exemplary service, and is up for promotion. The decision to enter the general ranks, lies in the hands of those that work closely with POTUS, and increase in difficulty as you rise up the general ranks.

This is 100% a military operation. Again, operators never divulge.

Always remember, “lost hope” and “near death civilization event.” This must effect us all, and we were told there was no other way. Only at the precipice do people have the desire to change.

Gen. Flynn, Lin Wood and any other operatives in this movement will never divulge the truth until it is time. The enemy is always watching.

Sometimes you need to “shoot yourself in the foot” to make the enemy look in a different direction. This will confuse a lot of us from time to time. But realize this is done without compromising the overall mission.

We are in war.

There are casualties in war.

The DS is DEEPLY rooted, and will fight at all costs to remain in power. White hats are in control, and strategically making moves based on the OVERALL betterment of humanity, and what will get us to the finish line with the least amount of casualties.

We may not understand the moving pieces at all times, but who has the 40,000ft view?

Link to Telegram.

Yes, casualties. Q comms acknowledged this. Link to post #130.


This is not a game.




Let’s be real clear.
The CIA just attacked the Command and Chief which was immediately detected by NSA/MI and alerted to POTUS.

— billy Wales (@punisher_pepe17) November 28, 2021

I think we need to keep ridiculing the fake media.

Why does Potato Head want to ban memes?

— APOCTOZ (@Apoctoz) November 28, 2021

The media’s job is to create an illusion. They are the impressionists. Sadly, in Canada the Canucks are in love with the media and their propaganda. They’re coming around but I must know all the ostriches in the Great White Gulag.

Fake ‘Indian’ Got Caught and Fired – Turns Out Canada’s ‘Sitting Bull#hit’ Isn’t an Indian at All

That is all for today. Enjoy the rest of your weekend or the beginning of your week and keep fighting the good fight. The end is no time to quit.

Thank you to the crew for keeping us informed and engaged in reality—past, present, and future.  ~ BP

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