Ascension in the Now by Master Kuthumi ~ November 27, 2021


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Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings, I am Master Kuthumi. It is an honour to be in your presence, I bow before the divinity within your being. I wish to come forth to share the wisdom that is flowing to me from the Creator. The wisdom I am receiving brings back memories of when I was in existence upon the Earth. Aspects of my Ascension that I was invited to overcome, experience, master and embody. As the wisdom energy flows forth from the Creator, I am reminded that it is important to view your reality on the Earth, in a new way to access a perspective of enlightenment.

To create a perspective of enlightenment in your current reality, I Master Kuthumi, wish for you to contemplate the experiences of your current reality. As well as the areas that you are focusing upon, the goals you are journeying to achieve, the challenges that may be present.

What do you spend most of the day thinking about?

What do you spend most of the day doing?

What areas of your reality do you wish to change, alter, or transform?

What areas of your reality challenge you the most?

I, Master Kuthumi invite you to contemplate your reality. You can create lists of things that you experience daily. One heading would be challenges, the other heading might be goals, another heading might be things that you experience every day. You can continue this way creating more, or you can leave it at that. You begin to recognise what you are giving your energy to every day or most days. You can also recognise whether giving your energy to these experiences, ideas, thoughts, or perspectives, is valuable to you and whether it serves your ascension. It may be that you need to slightly change your perspective about some challenges or take time to alter and shift them by sharing healing energy or approaching them from a new direction.

It is your perspective that I wish to alter because, with this list that you have probably already created in your mind or started to, you are recognising your ascension journey, your school of ascension or the initiations and activations that you are currently moving through. Let me give you an example of this, one of my lifetimes I was very poor, I had very little and in that lifetime, people wore shoes. I did not have shoes. My shoes dissolved because I use them so much and the ground was very uneven and very sharp. My daily experience was walking on the Earth and having cuts on my feet.  I would try to bind my feet, to protect them but even this did not work.

This was my everyday reality, a challenge and painful, and yet I realised that it was my ascension. I realised that from this experience, I could learn so much, not only was it enhancing my connection with Mother Earth. It was enhancing my connection with my body, I really felt my body and felt what my feet were going through. I became very compassionate to my body, my feet, and I became very aware of my surroundings. To become aware of one’s surroundings and body, being compassionate to the body, and connecting with Mother Earth, these are all parts of ascension, of mastering your being, things that you come to the Earth to experience.

You might have said, why didn’t I manifest, or focus on manifesting some shoes and I will tell you that I did. However, first I had to be present with what I had in that moment and the gifts that were being given to me. The gifts of learning, mastery, awareness, of connection and ascension. When you begin to understand the gifts in what you are focusing on and the energy that you are giving to something, you change your perspective, completely. You become very grounded in the experience especially when it is a challenging experience or even when we are trying to manifest something. We can almost step out of our body because we don’t want to experience it because it is too hard, or too painful to experience.

What is needed is to be fully in your body, to experience what is occurring for you? What you are present with?

You might have a knee problem or a part of your body that is really causing you trouble, maybe it is a person in your reality that is really causing difficulty or there might be a lack of something. You may have your heart set on creating something and it simply isn’t manifesting. Be present with that experience as much as you can. What is occurring for you and what are the gifts of ascension that are being brought forth into your awareness?

When you are willing to recognise them, they come forth very quickly, this means that you can release yourself from the situation or experience because you allow yourself to complete that ascension initiation, activation, or process. You are moving forth on your ascension journey and it is very, very valuable. You become a wise being because you look at every, situation, thought, reaction, connection, or communication with someone else in a different way, with wisdom.

Realising that whatever is happening for you, whatever is present in your body and your reality is a part of your ascension more so than a meditation practice that you are achieving every day or a cleansing process, or any type of process that connects you with the Creator. Yes, these are valuable, and they are essential. However, there is also a need to recognise that your physical experiences, thoughts, goals, and challenges are all an aspect of your ascension. If you can begin to resolve them, ask to acknowledge the gifts that they are bringing forth to you of awareness, and what they are igniting within you. Then you begin to acknowledge, move forth and master your ascension in a very powerful and quick way. I hope that this wisdom brings forth an enlightenment, and enlightenment of your own reality, so you look at your reality, a fresh.

Many people experience that their physical experiences are separate from their spiritual. This is not the case; the physical reality is the spiritual school.

I thank you,

I am Master Kuthumi

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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