Ascension 101 ~ November 19, 2021


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Human races are all over the planet, and many individuals are looking for a new way of life that would guarantee harmony and prosperity.

Many people tend to move in this direction and change their lives significantly—they become vegetarians and join some kind of organization that gives them a sense of belonging and connection with higher forces. They feel like they have become more tolerant towards other people and nature.

In the modern world, it is more of a fashion to try out all those new things. These days, enlightenment is not something extraordinary; it is quite popular to feel wisdom within oneself, even among young people.

We’re in the midst of a quantum transition — we’re going through a collective shift from third to fifth-dimensional consciousness. It’s time to take responsibility for our beliefs so that we can live in a world filled with abundance and light, rather than at the mercy of the dark forces dominating the planet today.

Collective consciousness has been so low for so long that we have created a “new normal” that feels okay living in a world filled with war, famine, hate, and injustice.

Many people are consciously or unconsciously looking for a way to bring their consciousness back home to the 5th Dimensional world from the illusory world created by the ego.

In your physical human form, you currently exist in the Third/Fourth Dimension. In order to make the “shift” to the next dimension, you must raise your consciousness. When one has a high enough consciousness to function in the Fifth Dimension, he/she will have a strong enough mind to be able to manifest anything that is necessary for their physical surroundings.

You can sustain or raise your consciousness to the fifth dimension by learning meditation for a little while. Meditation is the way you can enjoy the benefits of stillness in your daily life, along with using it to consciously connect with your soul and spirit.

Meditation can be very helpful in this regard as it helps us gain control over our minds and raise our consciousness beyond the ego that keeps us stuck in illusions. Meditation changes your frequency.
It is an adventure to know what you are. Everything is inside you. Inside you, there is a lot of beauty, love, and joy. So, when you begin your meditation journey, you will enjoy it because everything will open up in front of your eyes. You will see that your heart can be filled with love, your body can be filled with joy.

Meditation is about finding out who you are by looking at the body away from the body, the mind away from the mind, and the feelings away from the feelings.

It is like the eye of a storm. It’s calm, serene, and peaceful. During meditation, we identify the stream of thoughts we have; we learn to simply observe them without feeling attached to them or letting them get in our way.

It is a very simple art. Anyone can learn to meditate. It simply means to be yourself and enjoy what is there.

Try to move slowly into the experience of meditation. Enter into meditation with love. It will not happen that way at first, but if you continue to try with love, without any demand, it will come.

If you want to meditate, then just sit silently with your eyes closed and watch your breath with awareness for 5 minutes. Do not think about anything. Just be aware of your breathing and feel the sensation of breathing in and out–very gently and very consciously for 5 minutes. Do not change the situation; do not try to change the way you are breathing, sitting, or doing anything–just remain as you are.

You will gradually develop a deep silence within you. In that silence, you will discover who you truly are.

Meditation entails simply being with no action, thought, or emotion. You’re just yourself, and it’s wonderful. When you’re not doing anything, where does this joy come from? It originates within you.
Meditation is a ladder to get yourself from where you are to where you want to be. It is a simple process done in steps to get you from your current self to your real self.

It’s the greatest adventure because we do not go to battle against an enemy; we go to battle against ourselves. And when we conquer ourselves, we win the war. How can it not be a joyous and beautiful adventure?

Ugliness begins to fade away once you begin to see the joy of life. When you begin to look at life with joy, sadness begins to fade away. You can’t have both heaven and hell at the same time; you can only have one. It is entirely up to you.

We love you dearly. We are here with you. We are your family of light.

A’HO Aurora Ray Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Copyright 2021 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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