Starship Earth November 16, 2021: The Unspeakable Truths; Timing is Everything [videos]


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The grace period for the masses who live beneath the surface of reality, mired down in propaganda, illusion, lies, and a drug-induced stupor is rapidly running out.

Those of us who understand the real story are chomping at the bit for the hammer to fall and break through the Lexan shields the rest of the population use to fend off the inconvenient truth.

Just as no acrylic sheet at the checkout can protect them from air-borne Coronavirus particles, their busy-ness and distractions will not get them a free pass to defer the painful moment when the truth is told about who we are, what has happened on our planet, who dunnit, and the abominable crimes they have committed for decades to enrich themselves and their demonic masters.

We can’t put it off forever; the truth about 9/11 has to come out. Will they leave it to a video to inform those open to watching, or will they force the issue at a later date? At the time of the EBS (emergency broadcast), perhaps? We’re hearing that is due in the month of November, but we don’t put stock in dates.

The Q military intelligence team told us they were saving Israel for last. Is that because they were part of the 9/11 crimes and those, too, have not yet been addressed by the Earth Alliance? It seems that way. Israel has been an integral part of the whole assault on Humanity and therefore many of the yet missing puzzle pieces relate to that nation.

916 Mar 10, 2018 1:04:36 PM EST >>613193 We are saving ISRAEL for last.
Very specific reason not mentioned a single time. Q 3y, 8m, 6d, 3h, 56m ago

The cartoons and references in other productions in the entertainment industry suggesting that appalling attack would unfold in the future are enough to wake up some, but not all. Many were so traumatized by that event they pushed it to the back of their psyche, buried, where they never wanted to revisit it.

We are now encouraged to watch the full film, The Unspeakable, produced by the AE911 Truth commission, currently at 110,000 views. Architects, Engineers, firemen, first responders and their families have been fighting for years in and out of courts to expose the story no one really wants to hear; that the horrific terrorist event in Manhattan, New York on September 11, 2001 was an inside job. Be sure to share this widely.

It IS time, because this truth, once assimilated, will open the door for those still in a trance to accept that a particular group of deranged, demonic sociopaths have been orchestrating these horrors and more on our planet for decades. There are no coincidences. 1 hr. 30 min.

The Unspeakable (2021) | FULL MOVIE 4K

A dose of reality is not having the desired effect. The world sleeps on and welcomes injection after injection of booster shots because of a fake pandemic. Now the vaxxed are creating the pandemic out of thin air with the shots that do not do anything positive we were told they would.

They don’t prevent us contracting Covid, they don’t prevent us spreading it, they don’t mean a mask is not required, they don’t prevent us needing hospital visits, and it’s not the “one and done” they touted, either. Now “vaccine passports” are called for to prove you’ve been injected with a drug that not only doesn’t work—it could kill or maim you; destroy your quality of life forever.

When will people understand the ploy? Or will the ones who can’t figure it out simply die off, leaving the critical thinkers to continue the Human race? Is it really meant to be a ‘survival of the fittest’ moment in our civilization? At this point, one really has to wonder. Can’t wait to hear the twist in this thriller of a movie.

It really isn’t funny, but we have to get through this grim period somehow.

Most Vaxxed Country in the World Cancels Christmas Due to Huge COVID Spike — Suggesting the Vax May Not Be So Effective?

The truth bombs are dropping left and right and this video will deliver a number of them. The patriot/content creator at the Rumble channel “We the People News” will show you and read to you some profound history and revelatory information we all need to know. Where do wars come from? The Illuminati know. Pain and suffering are the hallmarks of their plots to control Humanity. They control everything on this planet—including our thoughts most of the time. Learn the facts and fight back.


As we’ve mentioned before, it’s apparent that the military/former military have really stepped up to win this war.

Meet The Navy SEALS Who Are Running For Congress…

They couldn’t tell us everything, but they told us a lot. The rest we had to piece together and exercise great faith. Spiritual people can do that. I have no problems at all. I know what has happened; I know who was responsible; I know it’s being addressed in a controlled way to preserve as many lives as possible and avoid outright war. ]

Hence, the “information war”. It does test us, but we are doing fantastic. Armed with the background and intelligence the Q Team delivered over time, we were prepared to stand strong and fight the war in a passive way.

Never let your faith in Mankind or the military/Earth Alliance waver. We’ve got this, and it will be handled in the most responsible, Humane, way.

521 Jan 13, 2018 10:18:18 PM EST Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 000000 No. 9  We are FIGHTING for LIFE. We are FIGHTING for GOOD. We are at WAR [@]. NOT EVERYTHING WILL BE CLEAN. [SCARE] NECESSARY EVENT. Do you TRUST the US MILITARY? Do you TRUST the Chain Of Command? Have FAITH – WE ARE IN CONTROL. PATRIOTS. PATRIOTS DAY. HAVE FAITH. YOU WERE CHOSEN FOR A REASON. YOU ARE BEING PROVIDED THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF INTEL TO EVER BE DROPPED PUBLICLY IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. USE IT – PROTECT AND COMFORT THOSE AROUND YOU. WHERE WE GO ONE, WE GO ALL. Q We send out our emotional support to the people all over the world who are experiencing the worst tyranny imaginable. It is making us all stronger. Australia is rising up and we hope New Zealand can follow their lead and show the dictators they are not having it. Be safe, everyone. That’s all for today, my friends. Sincere thanks to the crew for their solid extension of valuable information via the comments. Extraordinary material is available now. More tomorrow.  ~ BP

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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