Ramona Lappin ~ November 16, 2021


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I can feel a lot of solar & geomagnetic activity as well as Plasmas building up in the field, ready to be released, assisting the current Activations & re-encryption of REALities, as we FULLY overstep, DISSOLVE & BREAK-THROUGH the frequency net on behalf of ALL! LETS DO THIS! 😎


WOW WOW WOW, can you feel this?! It’s like being squeezed/ compressed and expanding at the same time. Blending deeper releases of past heartbreak, depression and sadness with pure Love, Bliss and expanded states of Consciousness and Clarity.

Our body vessel and Consciousness is going through a LOT right now as the Collectively Quantum Shift to the new time-space Coordinate within the Omniverse continues to unfold. As our true memories and Clarity return, new perceptions arise from deep within us that are shapeshifting the very fabric of our Realities and subatomic matter. As carbon atoms transform into Crystalline and our inner Grid Network and the outer continue to activate, clear and amplify through these powerful Cosmic Rays and Plasma Wave Infusions. Matter as we know it transforms into a LIGHTer, more Crystalline liquid form. Our DNA and Diamond Rainbow Plasma Lightbody’s are continuing to transform and activate at quantum God speed. What had taken months and years of linear time before, now transmuted in hours and days. That affects the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies, levels and layers as ALL MERGES.

I’m seeing matter and antimatter merging.

The Light and The Dark are merging as ONE, with the darkness being transformed back into light.

All part of the Divine Love & atONEment Activation that I shared about earlier. Ever since I posted the information I have started to receive some extremely powerful Activations in preparation. Also these are Collective Activations we get to anchor and amplify further on behalf of ALL, as everyone and everything is being affected in one way or another. More details about what this focuses on here: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10160739740560695&id=575030694



Dissolving into the ONEness, We find ourselves in Singularity. In NO-TIME. Where all exists NOW. The Zero Point Field. Where all possibilities exist.

There is no-one here but OneSelf. The ONE.

All remaining blocks, walls and veils of separation dissolve and are melting away now and with it a higher perspective and Consciousness arises. As our Consciousness rises so does our Frequency and that of the Collective, Planet and ALL Life. Through the Power of Divine Love 💙 Can you feel these super powerful Heart Expansions and MASSIVE SHIFTS IN CONSCIOUSNESS unfolding?

Can you FEEL DIVINE LOVE running through your veins and Heart, filling every atom, every cell and subatomic particle of yours with Pure God-Source Love?

With our Hearts releasing the last layers of pain, grief, feelings of loneliness and illusions of separation, we can feel an increasing build up and an impending explosion that is ready to happen.

Like our Hearts are ready to burst wiiiddeee open and with it soooo much MAGIC!?! Can you feel the magical Possibilities and Infinite Potentials that are HERE NOW?

ALL NEW BEGINNINGS & REALITIES are truly just a Frequency and ‘the blink of an eye away’!


Never mind what anyone is forecasting is supposed to happen and by what date. WHAT DO YOUUUUU SEE & FEEL IS POSSIBLE?

Think limit-less! Can you drop into the present NOW moment, into the Zero Point Field, in NO-TIME, to access INFINITE QUANTUM POSSIBILITIES NOW?!

Because NOW is ultimately all there ever is, ever was and ever will be. Now is when we get to change the past and the future.


Where everything is ultimately all-ways all-ready happening and in existence NOW! OUR HEART IS THE KEY!!

The StarGate to the higher dimensional Realities and experiences. The level of Love we are able to feel and express for ourSelfs and ALL OF LIFE everywhere is what increases our levels of Abundance and Freedom in all-ways and so does our Remembering!

So many downloads are flooding in as we release deeper layers of past trauma from our cellular memories and Consciousness. So much CLARITY!

Deeper insights are being revealed as we dare to go deeper and deeper within. As the key to being our True, Authentic Self is KNOWing THYSELF!

We can’t know ourSelfs if we don’t dare to face ourSelfs and all that arises from within with TOTAL and full self honesty as well as making the adjustments. Lying to ourSelf no longer works here. All that is not true is falling apart at the seams and dissolves, as ALL IS EXPOSED NOW, within and without!

You may notice many projections arising within your awareness as self reflections, seeing your own behaviours and actions that you have judged in others, as a part of your old, present or even future self. Sometimes these are parts of an old version of us that we are still judging but weren’t aware of.

So these judgements/ inner conflicts require reSOLUTION to be fully released which is why every judgement and trigger is all-ways an opportunity to integrate another aspect of ourSelf.

ALL coming up now to be clearly seen for what they are, to be observed in Neutrality, with Compassion and Love, to enable their final alchemisation. For us to learn deeper understanding of how all of this works and learn our souls lessons. Now were at the final exams for our PhDs!

When our wounds turn to deep wisdom through experience and deep insights. Hence inner contemplations are so very important, so we can resolve these pieces from within without creating outer conflict, often unconsciously, that’s how we get to resolve it all. It becomes visible one way or another to be dealt with now.

It is also important to remember as we continue this labor of love of deep healing work, that what we do for ourselves we also do for the Collective, our family and all those that will come after us. As we purify our own Consciousness, we also assist the re-programming of the Collective & Cosmic brain!

This is truly a Cosmic endeavour that involves ALL of our lifetimes, human and extraterrestrial and is affecting ALL of life everywhere as ALL IS ONE CONSCIOUSNESS, truly. ALL INTER-CONNECTED!

ALL culminating in this now, this is why this is all so freaking HUGE!

So keep remembering this, take pride and strength from this!

I know it’s been hard, believe me I’m living it too, this ain’t for the faint of Heart for sure. Preserverance is absolutely key and so is Faith!

And we can’t believe or have faith in God or God’s plan if we don’t believe or have faith in ourselves, it’s the same thing!

That’s why KNOWing THYSELF is so important also, as you can’t know God if you don’t know your True Self!

It is the most challenging thing to keep the faith when all that we see isn’t validating what we know to be true deep within. But this is exactly the test. That we chose our inner knowing, wisdom and Intuition above all the conditioning, brain washing and holographic inserts, because that’s how this dissolves now!!

By us breaking fully through it from the inside out!

By seeing through the illusions and veils and knowing them for what they are! By fully re-membering and re-claiming our True Power!



It’s not something that just happens to us. It’s a Divine Orchestration and Co-Creation by The ONE!

We came to RE-REVERSE it ALL!!.

Because these are our gifts and abilities, this is our wealth! This is how we fully re-claim our Freedom and unlock the Abundance that is our birthright, ALL through us TRUSTing and having FAITH in ourselves and our God given Power and gifts!

When we stand tall and SHINE BRIGHT like the Sun’s of God that we are!! YOU ARE SO VERY NEEDED in this world that has not acknowledged your light, gifts and brilliance fully yet. That’s because most people can’t see or remember their own. Because most can’t see, acknowledge or validate you because they don’t know or see themselves fully either. YOU HAVE TO VALIDATE, BELIEF IN & SEE YOUR OWN MAGNIFICENT SELF!

Noone can take that away from you ever. Once you truly value and love yourself as you are!

Just BE YOU, the world will adjust and the right tribe will find you! Because this is what this is ultimately all about, Unification of Self, with God and to come to Divine Union with ALL OF LIFE, EVERYWHERE!

Dissolving all remaining illusions and delusions that are keeping us imprisoned and separated because of the cages, walls and boxes created by our own minds. Time to BREAK FREE BELOVEDS!


Eternal Love & Blessings, Ramona 💙

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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