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  • The Amazon billionaire enthusiastically shared his predictions for what human civilization will look like in the future – with him personally helping to bring that future closer – during a talk at the annual Ignatius Forum in Washington, DC. He expects vast cylindrical space colonies spinning to create artificial gravity for millions of residents to take over most industrial production. Meanwhile, Earth will be turned into a natural reserve with restricted access similar to US national parks today. “This place is special, we can’t ruin it,” the founder of Amazon said of our planet. “Millions of people will move from Earth to space over time. And that’s the vision of Blue Origin – millions of people working in space,” he said, referring to his own firm. The entrepreneur didn’t comment on who he thinks would decide who gets to live on Earth in the future, when asked by the host of the event, Adi Ignatius. If historic precedent is any indicator, privileges granted by wealth and status may be involved.
  • Period products are now being supplied to men’s restrooms visited by Scotland’s transgender civil servants, British media has revealed. The move has apparently been introduced by the cabinet to top up its equality index. Women’s rights activists have already criticised the decision. “That our government is so determined to impose their undocumented and unscientific policy of self-identification of sex on its own staff, rather than just designate some provision ‘gender neutral,’ is deeply troubling,” director of campaign group For Women Scotland, Trina Budge, said.
  • The Indian Supreme Court has demanded urgent measures to tackle the thick toxic smog that has been covering New Delhi for over a week. It even suggested imposing a brief lockdown. One official acknowledged in court that breathing the air in the capital was “like smoking 20 cigarettes a day.” The country’s federal pollution board ordered state and local authorities on Friday to be prepared for emergency measures. Air quality in New Delhi worsened last week due to several factors, including crop stubble burning and emissions from transport. Indian media noted that the decline also took place after the Diwali festival, when many people violated a ban on fireworks.
  • Glen de Vries, the businessman who visited space last month alongside ‘Star Trek’ lead & RT host William Shatner aboard a rocket produced by Jeff Bezos’ aerospace firm, has died in a plane crash at the age of 49. A small private plane carrying de Vries and another man, 54-year-old Thomas Fischer, crashed in Hampton Township, New Jersey near the border with New York on Thursday, killing both, the New Jersey state police told media outlets.
  • The Moon’s atmosphere doesn’t contain enough oxygen for human life, but under the planet’s rocky top layer, there’s enough of the gas to sustain eight billion human lives for 100,000 years, according to a prominent scientist. In a piece penned this week in The Conversation, John Grant, a lecturer in soil science at Australia’s Southern Cross University explained that the Moon was heavy in minerals that bind tightly with oxygen. Grant claims that, even if one ignores the oxygen tied up in deep, hard rock, the Moon’s regolith – the rocky top layer – which is easily accessible, could hold enough oxygen for eight billion people to live for 100,000 years. The scientist’s calculation is based on the notion that humans need 800g (28oz) of oxygen a day to survive, and the regolith is some 10m (33ft) deep. He states that the Moon’s regolith is made up of 45% oxygen, all of which is tightly bound to minerals such as silica, aluminium, and iron and magnesium oxides.
  • Are the French people supposed to just forget the fact that the US is now the ultimate beneficiary of the recent cancellation of a €56 billion, 50-year French defense contract with Australia – all because Joe Biden admitted it was “clumsy” and now Kamala Harris has arrived for this week’s ‘Paris Peace Forum’, founded by President Emmanuel Macron in 2018? Much of the Western press is framing the photo op of Harris and Macron outside the presidential palace as all smiles, with France’s sunken submarine sale to Australia – into which the US conveniently inserted itself – being portrayed as a mere tide that has since receded.
  • Ghislaine Maxwell shared new details about her life in solitary confinement as she awaits trial over accusations of procuring minors to the late pedophile, The Daily Mail reported on Saturday. In her cell in Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center, according to Maxwell, there is an open sewer drain, from which a “friendly rat” comes out from time to time. “I told the guards, but nothing was done until the rat popped out and charged a guard who screamed in terror”, Maxwell said to the outlet. “Finally, the sewer drain was covered.”
  • Elon Musk has revealed the identity of the person who the tech maverick claims came close to “killing Tesla”. In a Twitter post, Musk blasted Martin Eberhard, former CEO of the electric vehicle company, saying he wished he had never met him. “Eberhard is by far the worst person I’ve ever worked with in my entire career. Given how many people I’ve worked with over the years, that’s really saying something”, Musk wrote. In 2009, Eberhard filed a lawsuit against Elon Musk claiming the entrepreneur had pushed him out of the company, publicly disparaged him, and compromised Tesla’s financial situation. The case was settled out of court with both men receiving permission to call themselves co-founders of the company, according to Fox News.
  • The International Space Station had to perform a manoeuvre in order to avoid a collision with space junk, left by the Chinese Fengyun-1C satellite, the Russian State Space Corporation Roscosmos reported. “The orbital altitude of the ISS was raised on Wednesday evening to avoid conjunction with space debris. According to preliminary data, the manoeuvre has raised the station’s orbit by around 1.2 kilometres”, the statement said. The Chinese satellite was destroyed in 2007 in an anti-satellite missile test. It exploded into more than 3,500 pieces of debris, most of which are still orbiting the planet.
  • Joe Biden is planning to discuss the origins of the novel coronavirus pandemic with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping during their upcoming virtual summit, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Wednesday. Blinken noted that some people in China mistakenly think the US investigation into the origins of the novel coronavirus is a tool to hammer Beijing. “But it is not at all the point. This is not about pointing the finger and putting blame. It is about understanding what happened so that we are in a better place to prevent it from happening again”, he said.
  • Seventy-four counties in Georgia have failed to produce original images of more than 17,000 ballots from the November 2020 election, according to VoterGA, a not-for-profit election monitoring organisation. Last year Joe Biden won the state by a razor-thin margin of 0.23 percent or 11,779 votes. Of 74 counties surveyed by the VoterGA team, 56 counties admitted that most or all of the images created automatically by the Dominion voting system to tabulate results have been destroyed, the entity’s press release says, explaining that the watchdog’s volunteers made the decision by submitting Open Records Requests (ORR) for the images to each county.
  • The former press secretary to ex-Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio, Karen Hinton, has written a memoir called “Penis Politics” that is expected to be published in December 2021. An ad for Karen Hinton’s upcoming book has been banned by Facebook due to its title, according to The Independent. The book “Penis Politics: A Memoir of Women, Men and Power” is a tome about sexism in the government, according to the description. The book’s publisher planned to launch an advertising campaign on Facebook, but the social media platform rejected it. “Facebook should be ashamed. My book is about toxic power relationships in schools, the media, and politics. It’s not about sex”, she said as quoted by Page Six.
  • Former Afghani finance minister, Khalid Payenda, says that most of the 300,000 Afghan troops never existed, and were in fact “ghost” soldiers who were fabricated by corrupt officials who then pocketed their wages, according to the BBC. So – corrupt Afghan officials lied about their fighting force, while Joe Biden was pressuring former Afghan president Ashraf Ghani to lie about the US pullout and say that the Taliban wasn’t winning “whether it is true or not.” Ghani refused to lie, and the rest is history – the Taliban spread throughout the country like wildfire and toppled the government within a matter of days.

News Burst 14 November 2021

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