Starship Earth November 9, 2021: Strange and Stranger Times [videos]


Along with Internet and power outages in the valley, there was an inordinate amount of sirens and helicopter activity. And our mail didn’t get picked up here or delivered to our box until late last night. So weird. We usually saw our mail guy around 5 when out on our walks.

The odd circumstances and headlines seem to be increasing.

BREAKING: Man Shot In The Head At Reflecting Pool On The Mall Near Lincoln Memorial In DC – Helicopter Airlifts Victim (VIDEO)

Video at the link below.

What’s Causing Strange Series of Quakes in SC?

The demonic low-lifes on Earth/Terra never rest because they need their satanic rituals to feed themselves. To deny we are prey is to risk our safety; our very existence. It’s time Humanity woke up to the threat.

“It Was Demonic” – AstroWorld Concert-Goers Claim Show That Killed 8 People Was Like a Satanic Ritual (Video)

[they] will be annihilated. This is the will of God!

— SiriusB (@SiriusBShaman) November 9, 2021

We can see the attacks on President Trump escalating and we can also see the reason for it. We also see a concerted effort to discredit “Real Raw News”. Coincidence? If it’s just entertainment, or a satire site, why bother?

In case you missed it three years ago… Link to Telegram video.  From The Free Thought


While the strategy may seem backward or slow, I believe the White Hats’ tactics for gradually exposing the evil that has simmered just below the surface for decades is working.

container ships off Long Beach, California

Yesterday a shopper remarked on the lack of product we were looking for by suggesting it might well be out in the ocean on one of those cargo ships off the coast of California. People are seeing what is going on despite not yet knowing the full story about what is potentially on some of those ships and why they must be kept off-shore until they can be examined by the Earth Alliance. The truth will be told in Divine time.

We have discussed the situation around Gov. Gavin Newsom and there is interesting reading at Real Raw News about that, as well. I wouldn’t get bogged down in the details and simply take it under advisement that “something” happened toward the delivery of justice for these crime families. We are given enough to satisfy our need for confirmation that the process is ongoing and active.

As Q posted nearly 4 years ago…

190 Nov 22, 2017 1:30:56 AM EST Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: T4rZfKsN No. 150433983  USA vs. Necessary to cut strings from foreign bad actors.
Necessary to form WW alliances to defeat.
Think Merkel is a coincidence?
They are puppets.
They are weak.
They are scared. 80% dark ops necessary.
20% public for justice.
The stage must be set. Have faith.
Q 3y, 11m, 2w, 3d, 14h, 41m ago

However, if what we hear is true and the reptilians need to expend energy to keep their Human-looking hologram active and intact, the following might suggest that in a weakened state, Newsom was unable to do that. Just a suggestion for how to take some of the information in articles like this. Pick and choose and don’t take things literally. A solid background and perspective help.

he looked more inhuman than human.

Gavin Newsom Awakens from Vaccine Coma – At GITMO

Cirsten W. asks… Did Gavin Newsom die from the 2nd Booster of Moderna yesterday at 617pm will they be able to find a double to replace him in time?

Queen Romana asks the snowbirds… Link to Telegram.

How many #Snowbirds whom crossed into the US since November 8, 2021 were asked to show their vax passports?

Did the US Immigration Officers ask to see such nonsense passport?

CNN’s Don Lemon is under the gun for his disgusting, perverted behaviour. They will all be exposed for who and what they are. Link to Telegram video.

❗️”He’s rubbing himself… and shoves his fingers under my moustache:” Accuser details sex assault allegations against CNN’s Don Lemon (WATCH)

“He has his hands in his pants rubbing himself aggressively and he shoves his two fingers up underneath my moustache and thrusts my head back and says, ‘Do you like p**** or d***’,” Lemon accuser Dustin Hice told Megyn Kelly during an interview.

“Anybody that acts like that in public without any fear of what it might do to somebody… that’s a pattern,” Hice continued.

The CNN star’s lawyers have denied the accusations in multiple court filings, the New York Post said.

Subscribe to RT

“They” think that we are all stupid and that now we believe everything they tell us. With the colossal bullshit they have told us in this age, we will build an entire library in the future.
Flying cows coming.
Get ready.

— L00P (@00Lo_oP00) November 9, 2021

There have been a lot of “flying cows” these past few years.

The psychopaths have zero creativity, it’s true. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Same old playbook, year after year, day after day. Yawn. They’re all programmed and they pass their programming on to the masses.

#PSYOPS 101: best propaganda dissemination includes repeating talking points.

— Bree A Dail (@breeadail) November 9, 2021

Here’s today’s video from LT at And We Know.

11.9.21: DURHAM, DEMONS and DEPRESSION… Many are experiencing SPIRITUAL BATTLES! PRAY!

The threats continue… we’ll see what happens. Everyone wants an EBS/EAS. Is it what we thought and expected? So much isn’t. Like the “Ten days. Darkness.” which everyone morphed into something different and a threat against Humanity when it was quite the opposite, according to Phil G’s intel which he was cleared to share with us.

EXPERTS: Massive Solar Storms May Cause Global Internet Outage

That’s a wrap, folks. Short and not overly sweet. The truth must be exposed before we can go much further.

Our dear boy Mica has a stomach bug and needed care and attention for the past 24 hours so I am not on the bridge much. The good news is, this forced lockdown with zero activity for him has improved his leg immensely. Supporting him while taking care of business in the yard is making a big difference, too.

Don’t tell anyone, but we’ve also delivered the odd bowl of water to him on his bed so he doesn’t have to get up. We have long referred to him as “his Highness” because you know, if you’re dyslexic, your dog is a god and who’s to say it’s not one of those epic lies and reversal things we’ve been told throughout time?  ;0)

While we withhold food, and therefore pills, we are seeing that the need for the pain meds has greatly diminished as well so, while a challenging time, we are seeing good progress and we trust all will unfold for our best and highest good. We thank everyone for the positive vibes flowing our way that are no doubt elevating Mica’s health status. He is much better.

Buenos Dias to Everyone and FJB!!!

— il Donaldo Trumpo (@PapiTrumpo) November 9, 2021

Be sure to peruse the comments beneath each post for more updates and information from the crew. The comms never stop.  ~ BP

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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