November 6, 2021: Learn Our Comms [videos] ~ November 6, 2021


November 6, 2021: Learn Our Comms [videos]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture November 6, 2021

The writers of this “movie” seem to have lost the plot. It meanders like the Mississippi River and seems twice as long. There is a lot of intriguing information flowing these days, that is for sure—if you can catch it. The Q team encouraged us to “learn our comms”. Did we listen?

LT’s latest got me up to speed on a few things—like Virginia’s gubernatorial actor Glenn Youngkin isn’t who we thought and has ties to China in his investments? Plot twists, like I said. And there is a great deal of deception in the psyop, too. The crew may remember waaaaay back after I finally decided Q was the real deal that I referred to it as a psyop—in a good way. For our benefit.

I think all of this is about our ascension and the future of Humanity. All these dramatic vignettes and side shows are going to have the desired effect and we will rise to the occasion and leave the [d]evil behind.

11.5.21: SOONER or LATER God will cut the DEEP STATE DOWN! Huge victories! BATTLES continue! PRAY!

What appears to be happening is not what is really going on. The veteran crew know this and I sound like a broken record. Humanity is being “managed” by benevolent forces and characters who appear to be here and bigger than life but may not be who or what we think.

If you think you’ve got this baby all figured out—you’ve got another think coming. I can’t wait for the truth to come out, despite knowing much of it will be hard to accept. I gots to know. Nothing matters more than the truth.

One of the first bits of news I got yesterday was the following Tweet, which, in itself is not conclusive so I didn’t share it but keep reading. It doesn’t have to be an actual photo. The purpose is to send a message. Did you receive?

— Shane McMinn author since 2011 🇬🇧 in 🇨🇦 (@shane_mcminn) November 4, 2021

That is the second time we’ve seen Nazi Pelosi with the authorities. Last time it was female LEOs escorting her. Why the difference? To make a point. So we know it’s a different event. “Learn our comms.” They already planted the seed that she would not seek re-election next term. Give me a break. She’s 80 years old!!! Or was…

The first comm was a sign she’d been arrested. They wouldn’t arrest her twice so the second time is the next step. Justice. Read on.

Late yesterday, when Mica was in the hospital—long story for later—I found Phil G had done another update. He said there wasn’t a lot of intel, but he had a couple of announcements. His video began with a different song, a horrible one, and at first I skipped through it but since it wasn’t the usual Johnny Cash, something told me it was meaningful so I rewound and listened to the lyrics. “She might be dead”. Okay. Duly noted.

And then Phil had on a T-shirt that said “I ♥ Nancy Wilson” [that was a heart, in case the text didn’t translate] and he explained who that was but it was just a diversion from the message because he said he had already given the other announcement and folks may have missed it. And there he was for the whole update with this “Nancy” in our face. Well, it screamed to me, “She’s been executed. Nazi Pelosi is toast.” I feel comfortable connecting those dots but you can take it for what you will. It’s not vetted. Yet. But if you’re on Telegram, consider this. Hellfire?

Here is Phil’s update including his rant about the “patriots” who sold tickets to the event in Dallas this week for the return of JFK Jr., etc. that didn’t happen. It’s one thing to state we know he’s alive but that was a bridge too far.

BTW, it must be significant that Phil’s shelf has a smiley face with x’s on the eyes, which is something Mr. Pool posted awhile back. Who is Mr. Pool?

(Phil Godlewski) LUMP.

Is this comms too?

Telegram (
StormyPatriotJoe – Channel
Six O’Clock
Gathering evidence

The “movie” reviews aren’t always positive, but they are revealing. It’s not what it appears. I think that’s obvious now, and anything is possible.

We’ve talked in the past about the fact Queen Romana stated Donald Trump is no longer here. It came up in the questions again on Thursday. Link to Telegram.

Is the real Trump still on Earth?

Answer: No; long gone.

And later… as people are having a hard time with this one…

💫Her Majesty I AM Queen Romana @romanadidulo💫 Head of State & Commander-in-Chief, Head of Gov’t, Queen of Canada, [11/4/2021 6:12 PM]
😂 For the love of 🥕 🥕 🥕 🥕 🥕 🥕 🥕 Which part of, “he is no longer on planet Earth” is not clear?

How? Why? The crew has a reasonable suggestion: “Time travel”. Or, it could be another reason, but we do know that most of the characters in this movie were cast with great purpose while some are extras. Whatever it takes to get this done, whether it’s concocting compelling sagas and magnetic heroes… using realistic masks and CGI… the Earth Alliance will get it done. Whatever is necessary. Failure is not an option and deception is part of war. If you take that fact and couple it with the analogy of the “movie” Q proffered, we shouldn’t expect everything to be easy to understand or to be plainly stated.

I’m not convinced it’s Queen Romana managing her Telegram account, either. It could be.

I suggested in the past that we not get too attached to our beliefs about reality, what we’re seeing, who is who in the zoo, where we live, etc. because in many instances we will find that we were mislead or we misconstrued and we will have to reconsider the truth about it all.

One of the uncomfortable truths will be, as we’ve mentioned, the pagan holidays. I would find abandoning our traditions unpleasant as so many happy, positive memories accompany the traditions decade after decade. Why do we cling to our memories so tenaciously and live in the past?

Maybe Hank Williams Jr. said it best in “Family Tradition”.

This Telegram post gets into the Christmas affair in a one hour video. Link to Telegram to watch.

Dr. James P. Wickstrom – Christmas is pagan, a creation by the phony J to enrich their kind and get the rests in DEBT!!!

Maybe there is a quick fix to our desire to relive the past and hold fast to our annual celebrations. We’ll see what happens but I won’t abandon my traditions without a fight. I’m already beginning to prepare. We shall have Peace on Earth this year or no NESARA/GESARA.

As I recall, one of the best things about Christmas as a child was the long break we used to get from school. We were off from an early bell on December 24th (if it was a week day) until January 2nd (if it was a week day). It was glorious. Yummy food, chocolates and candy we weren’t normally allowed to have, cracking nuts, beautiful lights and decorations and drives around town and the countryside to take in all the displays, putting up a tree, baking and decorating cookies, seeing cousins, special television movies, and sometimes—lots of beautiful snow, skating, tobogganing, hot apple cider and hot chocolate to warm us up afterward… I could go on and on.

That was typically Christmas in Canada. It’s not as easy to reproduce that in Phoenix, I can tell you, but we do our best and usually go up north to find some snow for Mica to play in. Due to family circumstances and the scamdemic our family has not been here for a couple of years but 2021 will hopefully be different.

Is that President Lyndon B. Johnson’s signature at the bottom?

— Trilby Smith (@TrilbySmith2) November 6, 2021

This year I would settle for a long walk with Mica but we’ll have to see. He has relapsed and yesterday we had to take him to an emergency hospital as he damaged his leg again and could barely stand, never mind walk. Dad carried in the 80 pounds of fluff to “our room”; no one was wearing masks! and the experts established the patient was stable, gave him a pain shot, and we had to leave him there for over 8 hours as they were really busy and if someone in worse shape comes in, you can get bumped—and he did.

We picked him up at 11:00 pm, they gave us some more powerful meds and strict “no activity” instructions. No stairs, climbing on furniture, walks, or anything other than a slow amble around the house and a quick trip outside. It hurts me to watch him limp and the natural route I had hoped to take is not yielding the desired results fast enough to be noticeable. It seems to me significant soft tissue healing needs to occur. Managing the pain is only to make the healing journey more bearable. We have to resolve the cause of the problem. We need deep healing.

The hospital has a physical therapy expert so we can get acupuncture, water therapy, etc. and we may have to go that route. Whatever it takes to regain his quality of life. I will miss him up here on the second floor and will make a point of spending time with him downstairs. There is nothing wrong with Mica’s appetite and we will have to cut down our food since we’re not going for our long walks every day, but in the end, we will overcome.

We knew there would be negative events unfolding as the cabal in the throes of death is in utter panic and tries to make life as difficult as possible. This event in Texas is one example of the notable ones. Link to Telegram. Note the [17] = Q

At least eight killed in crowd surge during Travis Scott concert at Astroworld Festival

A crowd of 50,000 people showed up for the two-day Astroworld Festival in Texas, run by Travis Scott.

The local fire and rescue service took [17] people to nearby hospitals, with 11 of them in cardiac arrest, fire chief Samuel Pena said.

The symbolism is everywhere.
Digging into it more

I don’t talk about the financial angle of things as I don’t have the bandwidth to get into it and I don’t have a comfort level with crypto at all. I don’t trust it. All I need to know is that NESARA/GESARA are real and will soon be rolled out publicly. Income tax will go away as will many other taxes and we will have a flat 14% retail tax on non-essential NEW items only.

We will have free energy and no longer pay the cabalists for water and resources they stole from us and forced us to buy back from them. The banksters will no longer be printing their money or manufacturing debt out of thin air. The Quantum Financial System is sentient and unhackable.

Here’s an update from Telegram:

A number of banks have randomly closed for this same period of time… If you currently have a Bank Account in the world… your details are already in the Quantum System and your funds are to be transferred onto the Quantum System… Every single person that has a bank account anywhere in the world in any country is already on the Quantum System…The Quantum System is a digital system… a blockchain system… but there will still be physical currency as in the U.S. Note and the U.S. Coin.

“What very few people know is that Deutsche Bank nearly went bankrupt a few years ago and the Chinese Elders pumped some money into it under the guidance of President Trump…so they kept it afloat…But President Trump will tell them at the right time to pull the plug…cuz the minute they pull the plug on Deutsche Bank, which is the Central Bank of Germany, that will collapse the European Union, or the Nazi States of Europe as President Trump calls it.”

What I can say is that the banksters have been taken to task and a lot of people have reported loans and debt being forgiven, payments rejected, etc.  We got a surprise bit of mail from Wells Fargo yesterday that had my other half aghast. Our interim mortgage in America almost 20 years ago was with Wells Fargo. We paid it off right away with the profits from the sale of our home in Toronto but have now received a cheque from them for $4200 and change for some convoluted reason that I simply interpret as repayment for funds they never had a right to in the first place and interest for the time they had the money and we didn’t. Scammers. They got off easy.

In this video update from Charlie Ward, he mentions the big banks and their unscrupulous activities of late to attempt to block NESARA/GESARA as well as other information Charlie’s sources provide. They discuss the “announcement” that was supposed to be made, but wasn’t. Typical. And strategic, I’m sure. They do love to wind up the enemy and manipulate them into doing things they will later regret. They never learn.

A Trevor Winchell intel update referenced that as well.


In the Great White Gulag the nurses have a workaround, serving others and volunteering.

Unvaccinated nurses open wellness centre in Kamloops, B.C.

To close, a tribute to the late Nazi Pelosi, grand dam[ned] of the family dynasty. Dust to dust. Buh-bye, you old beyotch.

Oh, and Queen Romana confirmed it is not Donald Trump running the il Donaldo Trumpo Twitter account.

It’s probably a military dude having a ball. What a fun job that would be, eh? Military intelligence at its finest, lol.

Nurse Melissa is a talented gem of a lady and we appreciate the laughs.

SPOT ON!!!🤣🤣🤣

— il Donaldo Trumpo (@PapiTrumpo) November 6, 2021

Company’s coming so I’m closing for today unless something big happens. It’s the weekend so there are a lot of protests still in the UK, France, Australia, Italy…

Enjoy your weekend as we coast toward the American Thanksgiving.  ~ BP

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