(Reader: Benjamin Franklin) Enough with the Excuses about the RV ~ November 4, 2021


Editor’s Note: Yes, indeed, this post gives us all something to think about, particularly in of today’s announcement for the Covid vaccination of every health care worker in the U.S. I, myself have resigned my Interm work as a Laboratory Director, not wanting to take “the Jab”, and…not wanting to actively participate in our fraudulent Health Care System. So… unless I can work in a different way…my money trail ends.

Yet, this IS the time for all to rely on Who We Are internally, and perhaps reach a new way of considering ourselves and how we think and feel! NOW (No Other Way) IS the moment for us to S.T.O.P., breathe, and be grateful for the wonders we have in our individual lives. Only then, will we be able to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


This post is a long time coming, and needs to be read by every Patriot, and Humanitarian, waiting on the deliberate, delay of the RV, together w/ GESARA, and NESARA. ENOUGH of this nonsense!!!

They have “cried Wolf” too many times. I have become “disinclined”, even to listen. Trump, et al, who have poisoned the water, as far as, I am concerned. When he talks, and those for him, it is, for placation, or for nothing else. HOW many times, has he announced, that he would be back, in the White House? I don’t know why this has availed, but most certainly, it will not abate. And then his announcement to run in 2024? Maybe his stance on inoculations, was righteous. I really, don’t care, thankfully, that one, is not on ME. The politics has jerked everyone around, the EBS debacle, and just forget about the Republicans, what a bunch of soulless, cowards, traitors, and actors. I am embarrassed, mostly ashamed, that I was, ever a Republican. No more being “jerked off” by these whores, empty glasses, that give the right answers, but who have no soul, no authenticity, no solutions. It has become so OBVIOUS. You can tell that LIE, just so many times, for it loses, even the hint of truth.

There is so much tragedy occurring, one who cares, cannot look all the time. It is just, too hard, to do so. And together w/ that, it is one thing to be deceived, by the DS, but altogether more painful, and poignant to be betrayed, by one of our OWN. Yes, Mr. President, Your team had told us umpteenth times, to prepare, buckle up, yet, nothing avails, crying WOLF, way too many times, while hundreds of millions are dying from the covid ConJob, masks, lockdowns, communism rampant, in our streets, in our State Houses, the UN dying to get in, to kill us, the CDC, nothing but a private corp, lying at every turn, the Republicans, Democrats, Judges, election officials, medical doctors, hospitals, all lying about the Jab, the delta variant, more propaganda, and never mind the LameStream, and BigTech, all working in concert w/ corrupt government, and the endless madness is ubiquitous. No one is protecting us, except ourselves. We ARE the Enemy. When, oh when, Mr. President will you discontinue to obfuscate, delay, and pretend otherwise, and end this PRETENSE??? When, Mr. Trump??? Your embrace of the Normies, and their repudiation of fraud, jabs, and the lawlessness, of government, is revealing. You may not have lost our support, but certainly, you have lost much respect, allowing this Pretense to go forward, while you have the power to do so, to end this, over a weekend. Let’s be honest, the rest of this, is just, POLITICS, and YOU know it. And the Military, for which you depend, is mostly corrupt, excepting the enlisted men, and the junior corps officers. Why else would Laughlin AFB, right here in Del Rio, TX allow ILLEGAL flights into, and out of, a military base, in our State, in OUR FACES, millions of illegals, from all over the world, flown into our State, to El Paso, San Antonio, Dallas, Del Rio, McAllen, Brownsville, to be distributed in Dem cities, all over our country, at OUR expense, on OUR planes, by Americans, against America. And OUR Military is abetting, helping, and aiding OUR corrupt government, and YOU know it. Don’t even try to deny it. You may have discussed this w/ Abbott, but not US. Abbott’s nothing but a RINO, anyway. We do KNOW that, and YOU know it, as well. But, what the HELL, that’s POLITICS. Right???

This is to put on NOTICE, the lower level, Alliance, that has been in charge of the RV, ENOUGH of the delays, excuses, lying, sandbagging, and just, downright dragging your feet. THE RV MUST TAKE PLACE, not tomorrow, not next week, not next month, not next year, RIGHT NOW. TIME has told, and if what is said about the QC, and QFS, GET THIS DONE NOW!!!

If enough of us Patriots, and Humanitarians will help make this occur, it can OCCUR. Forget the word “happen”. Do you know what the word happen connotes? When others speak of “happening”, the word conveys, ACCIDENT, or happenstance. THIS cannot occur by accident. IT must occur ON PURPOSE, INTENTIONALLY, and DEFINITIVELY. Think about it, and if YOU think it is TIME to do something about it, then WE, as a collective, MUST make this OCCUR, through our own efforts. WE have to stand up, and deliver, and MAKE the RV take place. Those who are inclined to say this, OUT LOUD, do so. Let us make our VOICES heard, like never before. IF WE really, want this to occur, WE have to make it known, to the Alliance, to Trump, and anyone else, who has the POWER to help.WE have the POWER, as well, to make this occur. STOP thinking otherwise.

If YOU do not KNOW this, by now, that IT is on US, to make this occur. STOP thinking, that others will DO this. THEY will NOT. IT is up to US. THE ONUS of the RV is on US, or else, it will be “Kicked down the road”, for another Ten Years, or more. THAT will NOT OCCUR. And if that thought does not bring shivers down your spine, I do not know, what will. But you have to add your voice, your effort, your intensity, your energy, your insistence, your commitment, and your willingness to STAND UP, and be heard, and counted. WE have to be ONE VOICE together. NOT just once, but often, until they GET the message.

Let’s go Patriots, and Humanitarians, God Speed – WE CAN make this occur
Benjamin Franklin

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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  1. Benjamin Franklin***** Thank you so much for those words. Believe me you are not the only one who has had about all they can take with this clown show, not my words, many many others. Thanks for your encouragement.


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