Cure and Vaccine, Striking Back at Covid-19: Volume 6: Scheiber II MD, Lane  B., Scheiber ScD, Lane B.: 9781663208392: Amazon.com: Books

A potential PATH to cure those who took the vax

There have been videos showing the behavior of the serum of the Vax.

Known traits:
Must be shipped at -70C
Is magnetic
Has Graphine
Absorbs iron
grows in a worm like form
Sheds a reflective silicon/metallic material
May modify DNA
Causes blood clots
Includes spike proteins
Associated with the Wuhon lab

The bacteria I have identified is found in one particular area of the world among others. A lake near the Wuhon lab.

The Bacteria strange as it sounds has a magnetic property. Research on this has been going on since 1979, sourced back to 1965. It is a key property used in make nano motors and switches to potentially help cure cancer, eliminate diseases like bacteria via SPIKE PROTEINS and modifying DNA among other tricks.

The bacteria is an anaerobic, gram positive bacteria with a thicker cell wall. This identification helps determine what potential stains to use to identify the bacteria under a compound microscope at about 400x (power).

The bacteria feeds on iron or use it to its advantage. When aggregated, as is its nature a magnetic could stick to a human that has had the vaccine, if there has enough iron in one area and is close to the surface under the Dermis and epidermis (skin).

The shot is given in a muscle where the bacteria will initially grow in size before it can move about. It will increase in iron from Red Blood cells. This will impact the blood cells ability to carry oxygen and deprives organs and muscles of a critical source of oxygen. The brain needs oxygen more than any other organ and cells can die causing neuropathic disorders including pain, muscle jerks, twitches loss of balance, and mental dis-functions. Muscles like the heart without enough oxygen can have cardiac arrest. Does this all sound familiar:

the magnetic particles it creates align with each other and align to a magnetic field (the earth). It can be controlled by a microwave signal like 5G. looking at it some have mistaken it for a parasite. Most parasite are not in the blood stream, but the gut and stool. Parasites are not magnetic or metal attracting a magnetic. Parasites do not shed colored particles of silicone or Graphene, etc.

Graphene is toxic and causes other issues. Some slides of the serum show a honey comb structure.

“Graphene is an allotrope of carbon consisting of a single layer of atoms arranged in a two-dimensional honeycomb lattice nanostructure.” https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Graphene

Wikipedia may not be good for deep dives, but is good enough for this definition.

This bacteria is at least a 90% match to the Vax. Proof is coming stick with me.

If we have the serum and some do and we have the origin bacteria, we have a chance of understanding what the vaccine is and what it is capable of doing.

Much like the virus (no existent) I believe they were rushed to production with the Vax and did not get all the things they hoped to engineer and implement. This was intended to roll out in 2030, but Trump winning the 2020 election messed up their schedule. With out Hillary in office removing our guns and rounding up the veterans and other people that might stand up; they had to abandon their calendar and more the PLANdemic up.

That being said, what if the Vax is only the bacteria, that means we might be able to destroy it, if we can get it to the right scientist, Biochemists. That is were I need your help. I need everyone to spread this information to every Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Rumble, etc platform. If you know scientists that might help share it with them.

Okay here is the proof

You can buy the bacteria in the below link. It has to be shipped at -70C (sound familiar)


Here is a BioTechnology Book excerpt that you can quickly read that tells in greater detail about the bacteria Magnetospirillum. BioTechnology is the field that deals with modifying DNA, Spike Proteins or making Nano motors and machines. They are the driving force behind the research in this area..INTENDED FOR health. The concepts of course have been hijacked to create the deadly vax, but the principles were learned in books like this. I bought a copy and reading it is like reading how to make the atom bomb in very clear detail.


Look at the slide of the serum you have seen and then look at this ling of images of magnetospirillum. In some images you can see how it might seem like a parasite they way it wiggles and grows, but nope it is bacteria.

To find a treatment you need to know what you are dealing with, this is why we need help getting to the experts in this type of technology.

Now read how you can manipulate the bacteria and rather brief and clear article.


You can hang Spike proteins on the outer surface as well.

There is a lot more to share, but this should be enough proof, yet there is one more demonstration.

Today, I attempted to submit 3 posts related to what I shared above in a professional manner and the Administrator/moderator removed my message 3 times. There was a message about the parasite that persisted. Here is Dr. Carrie Madej’s where I was blocked. I can’t imagine here moderating her own site, which means someone working for her is screening this type of information. By Dr Madej and Dr Mackovich should be privy to this information. They can help learn more about it, spread the word and point it out to scientist in the field.

This is not the only WEB site to block this information. Why is it so important to block unless its exposure is good for us and bad for those trying to KILL us.

I hold a Doctorate, but not in the medical field. I have spent the last 30 years doing in-depth independent biomedical research trying to understand the human condition through the aging process, which includes bacteria, virus, parasites, worms, allergies, wasp and bee stings and illness that can cripple mentally and physically.

I have spent untold hours and thousands of dollars in books and equipment and chemicals to follow this endeavor. I don’t sell anything, there is no membership and no WEB site or YouTube. I have been kicked off of Twitter more than enough for exposing propaganda and trying to share CHEAP valid medical solutions that beat those of the medical field. I give my solutions away free to give back to mankind and to fight the corrupt medical field, food industry, Big Pharma and all those fun 3 letter agencies of our overreach government.

I do not need or want any credit for what I found. I just want the information shared and for someone(s) to help find a treatment to help these poor people. We can let the Deep State kill them all.

Please help

Dr John

I am not sharing my email address, SEAWITCH WILL PASS ON ANY VALID EMAILS TO ME. Exposing this is a tad dangerous. Big Pharma has killed more than one person who interfered with their Trillion dollar profits. I have already been violently attacked and framed for my work at gun point.

All the very best, I do review material on this WEB site almost daily as a break from my research. I will answer any reasonable questions.

Search on line for magnetic bacteria to learn more. Look for the book on Ebay or Amazon to get a much cheaper price. You don’t need the latest edition. I read a lot of medical books and journals. I believe this book is a pretty pleasant read for a science book

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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