This Is How It Will Happen (Med-Beds included)… – November 3, 2021

Remember Traditionally Taliban were designed to go against Iran.

Fall back to Iran Scenario.


UN wanted to go against Iran.

It lures China in

US will go against UN.

Israel [Mossad] & UK (Royals & CIA)

Will go against Iran.




Doomsday plane coming into Washington DC right now?🤔

Hey Whip,

I found the final one…

General Electric (GE)

As you’ve said:

MedBed/Tesla Cure Companies:

Vyaire Medical






Royal Phillips

General Motors

And to complete it:

General Electric

Trump also mentioned Ford (so that is 2 Large Car Companies + 4 or more Medical Companies + 2 or more Electronics Companies) Trump has ordered to make “Ventilators” 🤔

Sounds more to me like the perfect recipe for making MED BEDS ✅👍

Hey Whip,

I found another asset you might want to share with your followers:

General Motors (GM)

This one is interesting because remember Trump already had Hillrom, ResMed, Medtronic etc (all medical companies) building Ventilators (or MED BEDS??🤔)

But he’s also DEMANDED that General Motors build 30,000 Ventilators (or MED BEDS??🤔)

And GM are not even a Medical Company… so why would Trump ask a Car Company to build small breathing devices?

He wouldn’t.

I’m now 100% convinced

Ventilators = Med Beds and Trump issued GM (who would have the large manufacturing facilities required) to help build them.

Check the video, Trump had a tweet out literally demanding General Motors to start building ventilators (MED BEDS) ✅👍

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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  1. All these companies are connected to CCP companies. They all hold chinese stock holders that have bought a percentage of the US company. A few weeks ago It was stated on Roserambles of Us companies that CCP owned shares or owned them? China needs banned of any companies doing trade with US. Americans lost millions from ebay, AliExpress, Wish, Geek, Home during covid when retail shopping wasnt available. Americans were taken advantage of by these untrustworthy and robber stores. US govt never looked into the millions of bad reviews that these stores never sent orders and waited for time to expire to receive refunds. Enough of China stores being allowed to do trade with the US. They are thieves. Between ebay and AliExpress I never received 19 orders and lost 296.00. They make it impossible within the very short window of time to get help or a solution from a seller. US consumers have protections when purchasing items. You either will get a replacement or a refund usually you have 30 days before it expires. Either way you get a replacement or refund or store credit. Not ebay or AliExpress 7-10 days or they keep your money period. I dont know about anyone else but I dont have money just for a company to keep it, in US thats a crime theft – stealing…. ebay Mainstreet makes donations to political members and get legislative perks in return and their input on legislation being made to benefit certain sellers(small china sellers). No more trades with China and their rip off tactics or influence in Congress.


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