November 2, 2021: Coasting Toward Multiple Big Dates is Hard Work ~ November 2, 2021


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We’re trying to stay frosty but it’s not easy when it’s 80 degrees F.

We’ve been waiting for several years for the big stuff to unfold and be told. It’s gradually happening, but many are very impatient. If we were going to share good advice, we might share this Q drop:

3724 Dec 18, 2019 10:52:52 PM EST Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 6d572c No. 7555466  It must be done right. It must be done according to the rule of law. It must carry weight. It must be proven in the court of law. There can be no mistakes. Good things sometimes take time. Attempts to slow/block the inevitable [Justice] will fail. [D]s election interference 2016. >Clinton/Hussein illegal FISA [D]s election interference 2018. >Mueller [D]s election interference 2020. >Impeachment Projection. These people are sick. We, the People, are the cure. Q 1y, 10m, 2w, 14h, 43m ago

Simon Parkes reports the following:

President Trump May Visit White House…

To my Knowledge President Trump has been in the White House 3 times previously.

Tomorrow Wednesday, I am told he may well visit to make some calls in the morning.

I don’t know if he would arrive by marine 1 or by car, or indeed when he might arrive.

But there is more excitement than usual around the Florida team.

Excitement might not be the right word, perhaps a better word is Tense expectations.

Today’s the day. The election in Virginia is understandably getting a lot of eyes, and tongues are wagging. Catturd weighs in frequently.

Has Fox News called the Virginia race for Terry McAuliffe yet?

— Catturd ™ (@catturd2) November 2, 2021

I am cheering for a win in Virginia today. But watch out for the water main breaks, the Papa Johns pizza boxes to hide the counting, the wifi connections, the sharpies, the suitcases, and the 3 am Dominion dumps of votes. Get your army of lawyers& vote watchers ready!

— Sandy Smith NC (@SandySmithNC) November 2, 2021

Everyone hit @FoxNews today because they are going to work overtime to help @TerryMcAuliffe. Fox is the enemy.

— Wendy Rogers (@WendyRogersAZ) November 1, 2021

Way back when, Q said…  Link to Julian’s Rum Telegram.

The horrors of war are manifesting as health tragedies. It was never about the virus, of course. The virus was created to create demand for the cure—the killer vaxx that isn’t a vaxx but a gene-altering nanotechnology designed to change the way our bodies respond to a common outside threat. A cold. A flu. Humans morphing into trans-Humans.

The Highwire/Del Bigtree put a link to an important discussion on Twitter which I caught a late portion of and it bears sharing. Various participants told their stories of how the jab and hospital protocols harmed people and changed their lives forever. Victims, doctors, politicians provided their input and acknowledged that some were wrong about the decisions made, ie. Operation: Warp Speed. You can watch the whole thing here at The 3 hr. 18 min.

No, no! You’re going the wrong way!



— Axel Karlsson (@NordnetAxel) November 2, 2021

🚨🚨BREAKING: High Court rules that unvaccinated care home workers can be sacked despite the fact 80% of workers and 95% of residents are already vaccinated.

It seems “protecting the vulnerable” this winter means decimating their support 😔

— Dan Astin-Gregory (@danjgregory) November 2, 2021

This is the scenario I described when a good friend was recently sick and had to go to the Mayo in Scottsdale.


— ZNeveri (@ZNeveri) November 1, 2021

I’ll tell the story again in case you haven’t heard it. They refused to administer an IV of high dose Vitamin C at the request of the patient’s wife but they were quick to put him on Remdesivir. Five days is their protocol.

I told his wife she had to get him off the Remdesivir; that they were killing people with it. If she had not smuggled in Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, zinc, Vit C & D, etc. in the junk food he requested which the staff had to deliver as he was denied visitors—even his wife—he would have died. This big, strong guy really thought he was going to die but within hours of starting those life-saving, proven remedies prescribed by a doctor in Texas, he felt remarkably better and in three days he was home.

How do these doctors and nurses at hospitals sleep at night? I don’t think they’ll sleep well when the Nuremberg-style trials get underway.

Technical difficulties crop up now and then with our website and I sympathize. I received a message via The Captain’s Blog website that someone is having issues accessing SE. Most of the time I don’t think it’s censorship. We are strictly entertainment, after all and these are just my opinions and some stuff from social media.

I am unable to get into your Starship Earth website the past few weeks. How i miss it. Do you have any suggestions?
Thank you more than you know for all you do!
Warmest Regards,

I don’t know what to say except these things happen sometimes. All I can suggest is clearing your cache on your device/desktop. If desktop, hold down the CNTL key while clicking on the page refresh arrow on your browser. That is the extent of my technical wisdom and trouble-shooting. There are frequently automatic updates happening from WordPress that are beyond my control and sometimes they mess things up.

I don’t think a lot of people are having issues because no one else has commented on it and the page views are still consistent every day. I hope it will resolve soon. I’m overdue for a post at The Captain’s Blog so will pass this on there. It’s more of a backup site for when the comms aren’t working here but folks can follow it and/or add to their WordPress reader.

The Climate Hoax is taking centre stage now. These well-funded Extinction Rebellion freaks are providing a distraction from the mass murder and tyranny going on as well as the election rigging.

Extinction Rebellion have arrived to #COP26 with stewards and a police escort.

Please be sure to head on over to where you can help chip in for the trip and hear the other side of the story.

— Lewis Brackpool (@Lewis_Brackpool) November 2, 2021

There will be a lot of difficult news in the coming days… soon… we’re assured. If you’re just beginning to formulate your version of reality, this might help. Look ma, no wings!

For the sleepers

— Shane McMinn author since 2011 🇬🇧 in 🇨🇦 (@shane_mcminn) November 2, 2021

That was the back end. Here’s the front. One of my favourite videos. And there it is, an impossible maneuver for a plane because it’s a missile. Yes, they would do that. And worse. A scamdemic is child’s play considering their other stunts.

And we would then have to ask how many people in high places were blackmailed, bribed or otherwise threatened with the death of their families to stay silent about this, the twin towers, Building Seven, Pennsylvania? What does twenty years of silence look like in a bank account?


I believe 9/11 truth is coming before long, and it will pierce nearly every man and woman in every country to the core. If the psychopaths would pull that off, what else would they do? Sink the Titanic, maybe? Fund both sides of the world wars? Rape and murder children and women on film to make money on their snuff videos with betting pools? Commit genocide of countless indigenous tribes and others they decided didn’t deserve a place on this planet? How about all the above? And worse. It’s coming. Guaranteed.

The sickos are going down.

BoldSpear & ElmerFudd, [01.11.21 18:33]
The so called “president” is just the fall guy, the deep-fried state puppet. He is not the brains of this “operation”. If you want answers you should really be asking the ones running these states. What in the hell is going on?

— ∉Lᛗ∉ᚱ_FÜↁↁ˚✧₊⁎⁺˳✧ (@BlaiseP59407586) November 1, 2021

What’s going on in Moscow??? Flight cancellations. Imagine. Just in case some characters might want to get away?


— Trilby Smith (@TrilbySmith2) November 2, 2021

From the crew for the freaky files we have evidence of the working antiquitech on Tartarian architecture. Wow. If you’re on Telegram you must see this or watch below where I found it on Themtube.

Atmospheric Ether generator caught on camera.

Most likely it was activated by accident due to having the inner electrical tech removed already.

However this was how the ancient world was powered for eons. Electrical power was known by all civilizations in the past, they used the natural laws to harness it, which nature is providing in unlimited quantities.

Main stream science is only steering our civilization further into the consumerism, while destroying the mother earth in the process.

Join @electricbeings789

From negative 48 something headed for mar a lago then disappears

— Shane McMinn author since 2011 🇬🇧 in 🇨🇦 (@shane_mcminn) November 2, 2021

I’ll leave you with this intriguing update from Phil Godlewski who was suddenly summoned for an important meeting [where they relieve you of your phone] and had to catch a last-minute flight. I’m just listening now.

First, an introductory piece he references indirectly. They keep trying to make Q followers look like wackos and they wind up being the wackos with zero credibility.

QAnon Believers Flock to Dallas for the Grand Return of JFK Jr.

The Meeting – November 1st, 2021

Thank you to the crew for the support; all kinds of it. It’s much appreciated. I can’t keep up to them.

See you next time, my friends.  ~ BP

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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