November 1, 2021: November, November… a Month to Remember? ~ November 1, 2021


We’ll see how memorable November is in 30 days or less. In the mean time, look what popped up on my Twitter feed.

A figment of the imagination? Sure looks like Junior to me. Aged to perfection.  ;0)


— Negative Fourty 8 555 Tr Eq (@FourtyNegative) October 31, 2021

It seems very little in our experience is real. Have a look at this Telegram video with Angela Merkel and Macron. CGI? Does anyone believe these POS got the red carpet treatment? [Maybe at GITMO where they would be most welcome] Link to Telegram.

It’s open… it’s closed. It’s open… it’s closed. Yanking our chains.

Border to reopen in November

This is nothing new. They have been creating dis-ease in Humans for decades because they usually have a pill or two or three for their drug pushers to prescribe to “fix it”. Then the real damage begins.

Is The Media Programming Us To Normalize Strokes & Heart Attacks In Children And Young Adults?

There is nothing normal about being sick, be it cancer, strokes, heart attacks, autism, eczema, autoimmune disorders, or anything else. It’s all contrived and derived from a poisonous environment and the Big Pharma solutions. Programme the mind too, and who knows what will manifest? They are continually shaping the minds of Humanity with their lies and propaganda. Healthcare reform is coming—but not soon enough.

It’s time to get back to basics, folks. Clean food, water, and holistic health care. Clean fuels and air, free of electromagnetic toxins—and bioweapons. Care for the avatar effectively and watch the pain and suffering fall away.

Let me be very clear: Not checking Vitamin D levels in hospitalized COVID patients is negligence and leads to unnecessary deaths.

— Mike Hart, M.D (@drmikehart) October 31, 2021

One of the most difficult truths to assimilate will be the all-pervasive scope of the satanic perverts and the Human trafficking business.

Here we have yet another exposed in a revealing Tweet. No mercy for child predators. Zero. We’re not going to waste our time and taxpayer money incarcerating them. Without hired goons, the inmates would eliminate them anyway in short order. We do it the Humane way—because we’re Humanity.

there is a video that i saw a few months back of jason talking on camera with his kids in front of him and he is touching 1 of them up whilst talking

— Shane McMinn author since 2011 🇬🇧 in 🇨🇦 (@shane_mcminn) November 1, 2021

A reminder for decoding the notifications we see in the news:

Colin Powell Committed Suicide

Colin Powell, Joseph Biden

This is Colin Powell and the real Joe Biden. Not very close to the current imposter.

I heard through the grapevine that the above is true. Now it’s in print. Suicide. Take it for what you will. Most of the “heroes” like John No-name McCain and Colin Powell are apparently cowards. They can’t face the music. At least the military had the satisfaction of executing the treasonous McCain. How gracious of them to allow the McCain family to save face by saying he died of brain cancer.

We understand that website Real Raw News publishes partial truths. It’s probably more factual than most of the legacy media drivel.

If you’re looking for a one-stop truth site that spells everything out for you, good luck with that. In times of war, that is not a reality or a realistic expectation—and this is largely an information war so…

You will have to rely on your own discernment when you digest the material available. The enemy lies and massages the truth, and so do the good guys. They have told us for years what is happening via backchannels like the Q military intelligence drops, President Trump, his administration, and others.

They can only tell us so much, and it’s up to us to research and connect the dots.

We have provided what we consider the best sources for you, like Q, President Trump, coded messages from Mike Pompeo, Simon Parkes, Lin Wood, and patriots who have their own sources like Kerry Cassidy/Project Camelot, Scott McKay, Phil Godlewski, Cirsten W, Charlie Ward, and others.

Obviously we could publish the opinions, channelings, etc. of many more, but we don’t want to be considered a “conspiracy theory” website. We bring you information from trusted sources who largely share what they consider vetted information and what can be proven. There will be disinformation included, however, so you decide.

If you want to go off the reservation and find all kinds of videos and websites with other info that’s your choice. Most of it is not vetted or reliable but if it resonates, that’s up to you. Is it true, or is it simply something you want to believe? That is the challenge we face.

The cabal has infiltrated the alternative news and every organization. That’s what they do. They try to control our reality by putting out the messages they want us to believe. They will provide a lot of truth to win your trust, and will mix in lies, disinformation and propaganda. They will also attack the White Hats and patriots. Many of them are very obvious yet people don’t want to hear that they are the enemy and refuse to believe it. That’s on them.

I think we have illustrated effectively over time that very little is what it seems and that this “war” is far, far bigger than most realize. It IS a spiritual war, fought in realms we cannot perceive. It’s not only about our planet. It’s considerably more far-reaching. It’s not only a physical war in our 3D world, it’s a multi-dimensional war. An epic battle on so many levels.

Evil has distorted and perverted all things good for eons and it’s time the pendulum swung the other way. We are nearing a tipping point when a lot more will be revealed and the blinders will be pulled from the eyes of the unsuspecting living in the dream world. It’s more like a nightmare but Humans are highly adaptable and can adjust to almost anything. We are survivors.

Many believe we are supposed to work hard for almost nothing and hand most of it over to our government who rule with an iron fist and tell us when they need more to protect us and the planet. We believe it’s the honourable thing to do to give a little more to the less fortunate—which is really initiatives of front companies run by the cabal. And of course the church expects their tithe.

It’s utter rubbish. We were intended by our Creator to live joyful lives of ease, grace, beauty, and dignity. We were never meant to work our fingers to the bone to eek out a living and put food on the table. What kind of loving God would do that?

It’s been a long road because even when you tell people they are prey, they can’t see it. You have to show them, and that is what this bloody circus is about; showing the ones under the spell that they have been used and abused and have to wake up and take their freedom back. They’ve been asleep at the wheel and giving their power away in exchange for a few gadgets and toys they were brainwashed into thinking are valuable or status symbols.

4951 Nov 12, 2020 10:20:17 PM EST Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: b3a95d No. 11618946  Shall we play a game?
[N]othing [C]an [S]top [W]hat [I]s [C]oming
NCSWIC Who stepped down today [forced]?
More coming?
Why is this relevant?
How do you ‘SHOW‘ the public the truth?
How do you ‘safeguard’ US elections post-POTUS?
How do you ‘remove’ foreign interference and corruption and install US-owned voter ID law(s) and other safeguards?
It had to be this way.
Sometimes you must walk through the darkness before you see the light.

Year after year politicians in virtually every nation lie and say what their constituents want to hear just to get elected and then they deliver the agenda of their masters; the global “elite” psychopaths. The same system that got them [s]elected persists and the wrong people get installed again and again and the Humans don’t seem to get it.

Those campaign promises never come to fruition and life gets harder and harder, while we get sicker and sicker, and all the millions that supposedly went to cancer research and other diseases can just never come up with a cure. Look how fast they came up with that “cure” for the Kung Flu! A few months. And they were charging people for testing and the vaxxines!!!

How gullible are we? Why do we accept that life is “good enough”—as appalling as it is? Why do we take the pills and potions that admittedly cause frightful negative side-effects?

What do you suppose the reaction will be when people learn the organizations and institutions we thought were created to improve our lives have been preying on us; stealing from us; making us sicker and killing us?

UNICEF is not for helping children. Quite the opposite. The Red Cross is not about improving lives for the less fortunate. Quite the opposite. They collect money from us and launder it for their cronies. Some of the Susan G. Komen breast cancer funds (but not only those) are used to send mobile breast cancer “screening” units into poor neighbourhoods which, by irradiating the breast tissue of woman, all too frequently causes cancer. Mammography is part of the problem—not the solution. Radiation in any form is toxic to the Human body. Airports, dental offices—just stop it.

This is what these degenerates do, with no regret. No, they congratulate themselves for their slow destruction of the Human race where they profit from our misery. We are their “cash cows”; their chattel, lower than barnyard animals to do with as they please, and we open the door and invite it. We are their willing slaves and they lead us around by the nose.

All this time we have known that thermography is a safe, non-invasive way to truly screen tissue by detecting temperature changes in cells even seven years before they might ever become cancerous. The allopathic standard of care; radiation, cutting, burning, and toxic chemo”therapy” drugs are used to generate astronomical profits and cause patients to suffer. They don’t aim to cure; they aim to maintain their customer base as long as possible until the bank accounts are dry. Then they watch them die.

See how they mock us?

Now they are forcing “gene therapy” “vaccines” on the world populace and people line up to get their “protection”. Lemmings to the cliff. Lambs to the slaughter. It’s tragic to watch, and we’re praying that there is a happy ending to this gruesome horror show; a twist when the good guys triumph over evil.

People don’t want to hear the warnings, so it persists and they go on living in the land of make believe where “they would never do that”. We are our own worst enemies and it’s time we recognized that. It’s not being “negative” to state the truth. If you can’t recognize a problem you can’t correct it, and on it goes while the Human race goes down the tubes, falling on their swords because they believe suffering and fighting these battles is honourable.

To survive, Humanity must wake the hell up, and they are about to get a rude awakening. The grace period where they get to choose to hit the snooze button is about to be revoked.

The crimes against children and our beloved dogs are having the desired effect and the most reticent, apathetic among us are willing to sacrifice all to protect them and end the slaughter.

Once the necessary changes take place we will find our world to be unrecognizable. It will be new and improved; light years ahead of where we were chained in the dark by our oppressors. The Light will return, joy will return, beauty, truth, wisdom—and freedom.

That was quite a rant and I’ve still more to share.

Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner, Hillary Clinton

I suggest you look at all the Oct – Nov 2017 Q drops about “Huma” here at this link.

Q knew what was coming and exactly when the news would drop, as evidenced by the following headline.

She will be releasing her book soon. Interesting timing. Q’s first posts referenced the END of the war. Coincidence?

The discussions involved current and future events. It was up to us to figure out which was which. As Q said… “Learn our comms.”

3 Oct 29, 2017 11:47:07 AM EDT Anonymous ID: P3Lk4PKG No. 147104628  Open your eyes.

It finally came out that Rod/Bob were key players in the Uranium scandal. Don’t you think POTUS would be tweeting about removal given clear conflict. Why did POTUS meet Bob under the cover of FBI Dir interview? Bob is unable to serve as Dir per the law.

Gowdy comments on Comey (history will ….)

POTUS has everything. Not everyone is corrupt (fewer than you think). FOLLOW HUMA.

Operation Mockingbird. Priority to clean out the bad actors to unite people behind the America First agenda.

Many in our govt worship Satan. Not about Republicans v Democrats at this stage. Where is HRC?

Why is the NG called up across 12 cities?

Trust in your President. God bless, Patriots. 4y, 3d, 4h, 58m ago

It’s interesting that this website, which appears to be a Georgia mainstream news channel, has a number of articles on the Human trafficking/sexual transgression topic.

Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin alleges a senator sexually assaulted her

November will be memorable for me because almost a year after moving I got my old fridge and dishwasher back and I need to go and load all that frozen food before it thaws out. It’s a good thing my hubby’s sister is coming at Xmas because it lights a fire under us to get things ship-shape around here. Painting, repairs, light fixture installations, we even pulled the trigger and ordered some furniture from a Canadian company ironically, that makes it in Mexico so it will only take 3 months instead of 6 – 8. What a crazy world we live in.

Thanks to the crew for the shares and keeping us all better apprised. Many of those in the know are excited about what November will bring. I’m feelin’ it.

Simon Parkes left this note on his blog. I believe “might” means it probably will. Queen Romana suggested the same on  Telegram while back.

If communications go down, Signal might well stay up.

Over and out.  ~ BP

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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