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  • The US has let up from the Trump administration’s ‘Blame China’ explanation for the novel coronavirus outbreak, releasing an “updated assessment on Covid-19 origins” that suggests the virus was “not developed as a biological weapon,” “probably not genetically engineered,” and probably not known of by China before the “initial outbreak” of Covid-19. SARS-CoV-2 “probably emerged and infected humans through an initial small-scale exposure that occurred no later than November 2019 with the first known cluster of COVID-19 cases arising in Wuhan, China in December 2019,” the paper, published on Friday, states.
  • The prince filed a motion to dismiss a civil lawsuit launched by Virginia Giuffre, in the District Court in Manhattan on Friday, arguing that Giuffre’s civil suit fails to “state a claim upon which relief can be granted” while calling on the judge to scrap the case. Should the court decline to do so, Prince Andrew requested an order requiring Giuffre to “provide a more definitive statement of her allegations,” which he denied entirely. “Virginia Giuffre may well be a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of Jeffrey Epstein, and nothing can excuse, nor fully capture, the abhorrence and gravity of Epstein’s monstrous behavior against Giuffre, if so,” the prince’s legal team said in the filing.
  • A UK government plan to criminalise non-consensual sexuality conversion therapy has drawn a mixed response; critics claim it could be “weaponised” against trans groups, while supporters have termed it a “victory for common sense.” The proposed plan will make it illegal to try to coerce unwilling individuals – particularly children and vulnerable adults unable to properly consent – to change their sexual preferences or gender identity. But it will permit consenting adults to choose to undergo controversial conversion therapy programmes – while also placing “robust and stringent” requirements on informed consent.
  • [Always “rules for thee but not for me”] The COP26 UN Climate Change Conference has been accused of holding world leaders to different Covid-19 standards than the general public after its rules revealed vaccine passports are only mandatory for normal ticket holders. Protesters on social media soon accused COP26 of enforcing dual standards for the wealthy and powerful, branding it a “them and us” situation and plain, old-fashioned “hypocrisy.”
  • [Georges Berges Gallery 1] Hunter Biden’s controversial art exhibit in New York has reportedly received only a handful of attendees, some of whom refused to even give their actual names. Biden’s gallery at the Georges Berges Gallery in the SoHo neighborhood of New York has drawn some high profile guests, according to a Saturday New York Post report on the show’s attendance. The gallery – guarded with security and only permitting those who have obtained an invitation in – drew in Bill Fine, president of Artnet, an online platform to market and sell art, as well as Gene Epstein, a former senior economist at the New York Stock Exchange. Biden’s paintings range in price between $75,000 and $500,000, massive price tags for a fresh-faced painter, one of many details that have raised potential ethics concerns with activists, especially in light of past allegations that Hunter Biden has profited off of his father’s office in business dealings – something both he and his father have denied. Potential visitors are reportedly vetted by a team of lawyers, and one needs to attempt to make an appointment with the gallery to get in to see the work.
  • [Georges Berges Gallery 2] July 11th, 2021 – A man claiming to be an artist vandalized the Soho gallery on Friday where Hunter Biden is having an art show, with paintings being sold for as much as $500,000. The man, who identified himself as Rod Webber, was removed from the upscale gallery by NYPD officers after spray painting ‘Daddy’ on the wall. Witnesses told he also threw a pile of bills onto the floor of the gallery. Webber, who has a long history of provocative stunts, had previewed his latest act on Facebook, writing earlier on Friday: ‘Art gallery promotes crime family. Webber documented his act of vandalism in a Facebook Live, telling viewers: ‘I’m at Georges Berges gallery here, otherwise known as the Hunter Biden gallery.
  • A video emerged online earlier this week showing a pilot signing off his announcement to passengers via the intercom system with “Let’s go Brandon.” The pilot can be heard saying: “We’re heading east at about 107 or 108 mph. Clear visibility, mostly clear skies, about 77 degrees. Thanks for coming out, flying Southwest Airlines, welcome home and let’s go Brandon.”
  • A knife-wielding man attacked passengers on a train in the city of Chofu in Tokyo prefecture on Sunday. Dressed in a Joker costume from the Batman franchise, the 24-year-old man is suspected of injuring at least 17 people on Sunday during a knife, arson and, acid attack.
  • Experts interpret recently announced solar power projects as harbingers of an export-focused strategy in which local and international companies look to sell clean power from Indonesia to neighboring countries. Institute for Essential Services Reform (IESR) executive director Fabby Tumiwa said solar power exports would be largely driven by Singapore’s plan to diversify its electricity supply with a focus on new and renewable energy (NRE) sources. “Indonesia on course to become major solar power exporter. There are tremendous opportunities for exporting renewable energy to neighboring countries, especially Singapore,” he told The Jakarta Post on Wednesday.
  • Myanmar’s ruling military has not blocked a special Southeast Asian envoy from visiting the country but will not allow him to meet detained former leader Aung San Suu Kyi, because she is charged with crimes, the junta’s spokesman said. A delay in the United Nations approving the military government’s UN ambassador nomination was politically motivated, spokesman Zaw Min Tun added, saying the UN and other countries and organisations “should avoid double standards when they are engaging in international affairs”.
  • The last 48 hours have been intense in the eruptive activity of the La Palma volcano. There has been a considerable emission of ash in the north and northwest, something that had not happened so far. In addition, this phenomenon has been accompanied by audible explosions of great intensity. This can be caused by an intense degassing process. There have also been several volcanic rays, the Aemet registered 16 volcanic rays between 09:48 and 22:23 yesterday, and shock waves associated with the most energetic explosions of the volcano. The lava emission increased on the northwest flank of the main cone. The height of the eruptive column has reached 4,500 meters. Copernicus has updated the monitoring of the area of the Cumbre Vieja volcano, whose lava has covered a total of 970 hectares since the eruption began on September 19. Therefore, it has affected or destroyed 2,562 buildings/constructions so far.

News Burst 1 November 2021

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