Starship Earth Your Sunday Digest for October 31, 2021: Behold the Witching Hour [videos]


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Cabal psycho having a panic attack.

What most good people don’t know about Hallowe’en is that like many “holidays” and dates of note, it symbolizes a satanic ritual period. We’re talking Human sacrifices, as gruesome as that sounds, but it’s true. The satanic global controllers rigged it so that we are all  unwittingly celebrating and giving power to their dark agenda by funneling our energies into it—and do we have energies!

They play on our desire to be “scared” for fun and gladly share their horror films and campy thrillers while amping up the blood, gore, and violence in our daily television programming and movie entertainment. I can’t even watch some of the stuff on television any more—and I always loved scary movies. Programming is everywhere but most people don’t realize what it is.

“Contagion”: How Disaster Movies “Educate” the Masses

Some say we are living The Book of Revelation and there are some intriguing interpretations, I must say.

After the masses learn the truth about Human trafficking and the satanic predators and their nasty habits, I suppose when all is said and done Humanity will have to decide whether they want to continue their traditions of ghosts and goblins, trick-or-treat, and the witching hour, or Christmas and Santa/Satan Claus, the Easter Bunny, etc.

It would seem a shame to abandon all the anniversaries that have brought us so much enjoyment over the years, provided cherished memories with family, etc. but we’ll see what happens.

The children and dogs are helping us to remember our mission.

In the interim, we need to be vigilant and know that at this time in the past we have prevented abductions of children prior to All Saint’s Day. Collectively we need to be aware of our surroundings and watchful at all times, particularly for our children but not exclusively. As the military say, “maintain situational awareness”. If you see something, say something.

At this point in the war we don’t have the luxury of turning our backs and pretending we don’t know what’s going on. Who will fight for the innocent, defenseless children if we ignore the truth?

Many have been hard at work behind the scenes to liberate us. The Unknown Light Warrior brings us an update on the mass meditation efforts of the 144K in the nether realms. The tide appears to have turned.


Why We Must Capitalize On Yesterday’s Meditation Success.

On the cold misty night of Oct 29 – 2021 … the dark ones gathered in all their black local Covens across the West.

They were now fearful … desperate … yet hopeful their demonic Gods would save them, one way or another.

Because this night … is when they really start with the main rituals.

They light their candles …

They begin their incantations & invocations …

They summon their dark spirits …

Their victims are placed in the center of their upside down pentagram …

The prepared ritual dagger is unclothed …

Innocent blood is spilled, to open the portal to the non-physical …

They raise their voices higher out of excitement that the timelines are about to drop once again, delaying Ascension for the umpteenth time.

… and


For the first time … they didn’t feel … see … or sense ANY dark entity presence like they ALWAYS have in the past!

They’re struck with fear … terror … PANIC … knowing that something is ‘seriously wrong’.

While from a humble house … far far away … the voice of an old, Goddess Worshipping Soul quietly whispers through your headphones …

You can learn more about the 144K and these efforts and the live meditation here at Ground Crew Command Radio.

Things just aren’t going the psychopaths’ way these days.

Virginia Democrats Freak Out After 300,000 Absentee Ballots They Hoped to Drop in Upcoming Election Are Held Up by USPS

The problem with fear is that common sense falls by the wayside. Fortunately, social media provides lessons every day and pointers for how our world view has failed. Our perspective is guided by the “news”, the cabal’s media, and we are easily distracted. Memes see that we circle back to common sense again.

It’s like the idiotic claims of the mindless zombies that we, the members of the control group, are endangering them by not getting the jab. Why are you getting it if it doesn’t protect you?

A Telegram message from Queen Romana:

It’s time to ask why none of the most powerful, popular Presidents/Prime Ministers/Kings/Queens ever mentioned #MedBeds and #FoodReplicators until after 2016? These technologies have been gifted to Humanity for decades upon decades.

They wouldn’t do this at Thanksgiving? Really? We shall see. The love of money is the root of all evil, as they say.


— Gun loven God loven Trump supporter (@chuckca70) October 30, 2021

We already celebrated the Canuck Thanksgiving and I was just thinking about sourcing a Christmas goose since my sister-in-law is scheduled to spend the holidays here. They’re usually about $60 at the supermarket, which is outrageous in my opinion but it’s only once every few years in lieu of a lot of gifts.

You might want to get your turkeys now, folks. They may go up in price, and it’s not looking like they will go down any time soon. Make sure you get one with Covid antibodies. I’m kidding.

This is an multi-topic update from Undercover DC online news you might benefit from perusing.

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

There is news of an encouraging treatment involving L-Arginine for blood clots caused by the jabs. Learn more in this 2 min. video from Stanford Graham who will appear at the Red Pill Expo Nov 6 – 7th in Lafayette, Louisiana. Edward G. Griffin has more on that event at this link.

What the heck is up with this bizarre, slo-mo train derailment in Minnesota? It happened four days ago near the fairgrounds while carrying ethanol and still the reports online are not going anywhere near a cause; just saying there is an investigation. Could be nothing… could be something. Just sayin’. Video below.

I’ve never seen a slow-moving train go through an intersection just fine and then suddenly several cars just roll over like a fainting goat.

Ethyl alcohol is used to make alcoholic beverages, for example wine, beer and liquor. Ethyl alcohol can also be used as a solvent.” Or perhaps the intent was more incendiary.

They wouldn’t be trying to orchestrate a “dry” holiday season, would they? If I know the new American breed, and I think I do, a lack of turkeys or alcohol wouldn’t change anything. The People would find plenty to give thanks for this year, regardless.

Planes & Trains

(tweet is available. just click it)

— Trilby Smith (@TrilbySmith2) October 30, 2021

Airlines are having their problems and it couldn’t be happening to a more deserving industry. “High winds”. Snicker, snicker.

Wait till those CME’s hit!

JUST IN – American Airlines has canceled more than 1,000 flights since Friday, citing staffing problems and “high winds” (CNBC)

— (@disclosetv) October 30, 2021

LT’s latest, for the fans.

10.31.21: THE EVIL but MUST be EXPOSED. Do NOT FEAR! We live in Extraordinary Times! PRAY!

Just kidding? Just a movie? Just for show?

I was never a fan, but it’s still sad to see them put the old girl down.

— Power Tie (@realPowerTie) October 30, 2021

A reptile consuming a child? Hidden in plain sight.

Literally ‼️

— Ariel  (@stonertweets16) October 30, 2021

Is this okay with everyone? Or is it terrorism?

America under radical Democrats 👇👇

— Sara A. Carter (@SaraCarterDC) October 30, 2021

Canada is a royal mess. How can people let it get so bad and go along with the BS? It’s almost two years. TWO YEARS!!! What will it take to wake them the hell up? It’s long past time for being “polite”, folks. Where’s your righteous anger? What about your children?!

He doesn’t always fight climate change, but when he does, @JustinTrudeau flies to Rome on his private government jet to talk to other rich and powerful people who have done the same thing about how to do it.

— Viva Frei (@thevivafrei) October 30, 2021

Wow. The face of death is changing, like everything else.

Canadian funeral homes break into the MAiD market

I don’t subscribe to channelers and very selectively give time to information that comes from the ethers because a lot of people need proof and facts and evidence to comprehend what is unfolding but it’s all part of the movie, including astrology. We do the best we can with what we have, but the crew has recommended Saratoga Ocean’s channel. Wherever this comes from, perhaps her higher self?—it is good advice. 20 min.

Prepare NOW for What’s Coming! | Urgent Message for Lightworkers & Starseeds 

This is a very interesting Tweet. What if?

Rebuild the statues. Ring the bells. Reclaim this world. Christ is returning for the last time. Tartaria shall rise again. We shall live in eternal life, peace and happiness.

— SiriusB (@SiriusBShaman) October 29, 2021

I couldn’t end the post without referencing the latest poop on the resident, who, ironically went to Rome to visit the Poop and what happened? Be careful of the company you keep. #PoopyPantsBiden is trending.

Joe Biden Allegedly Caught In Unfortunate ‘Bathroom Accident’

Dog comms abound this past week or so.

I’m closing with a recommendation to listen to a Good Dog video. To call it a video is to ignore the cinematic artistry he and Buttercup put into their productions.

This particular one is a departure from the usual as he has guests, but the first 12 minutes or so features spectacular footage from the Navy’s Blue Angels. Cockpit footage. These guys are so tight they almost look stationery. Add a little Yanni music and it’s good stuff from Good Dog.

Then it’s the majesty of our planet set to more music and then a chat with musician Billy Falcon and current events, (until 1 hr 39 min) and then into the Fauci puppy experiment story (with a hot mic) which I couldn’t watch, discussions with some airmen from Shaw AFB in a discussion about the military’s mandate for the jaxx, as Good Dog refers to the jab and ends the segment with good news, and then even more material taking it over 3 hours. I am writing this before I have watched the whole thing.

I used to listen to Good Dog’s Q Bits because his information and research are second to none and he helped make sense of the Q drops and provided detailed historical background but I don’t have the luxury of listening to one video for 3 – 4 hours and still have 5 hours or so to put into my posts so… something has to go, but I was really glad I took the time today to listen to at least part of this. I hope to get back to it later.

You can visit Good Dog at his own website at

You can watch his videos on Rumble. 3hr 34 min.

#474 // WINNING – Live

Time for walkies—with a slight limp. We’re working on Mica’s protocol and trying various things to give him comfort so we can enjoy our long walks again. We’ve learned that a bad habit of his is contributing to the hip problem so we have to be diligent in preventing him from doing that. We can all be our own worst enemy, can’t we?

If you’re doing Hallowe’en tonight, have fun, and if you’re not, have fun. It will be our first in the city and we hear some bring truck-loads of kids in to walk our streets so it’s going to be interesting. We saw some amazing displays on our walk last night with lights, sound, the whole bit. Perhaps it’s a case of, “If you build it they will come.”?

Mica doesn’t dress up because he is an angel in disguise every day—from the Golden Angels Kennels. Sometimes when you have an angel for a shadow, people mistake you for one. Dogs are great that way. They make us look good.

It sounds like November is going to be a very interesting month. May the children be safe. The cabal is scared poopless and the Trump card is yet to be played.  ~ BP

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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