October 28, 2021: Dark Days Coming—for the Dark Cabal [videos] ~October 28, 2021


If we can’t show the scary stuff at Hallowe’en, when can we, eh? Most of us know by now that the dark cabal is a limited satanic, psychopathic group that infiltrated our governments and worked with off-world species. They determined that there are too many Humans for them to adequately control so we needed to be exterminated. How’s that for an opener?

But we also know that for decades the positive groups who are well aware of the reality devised a brilliant plan to trick the murderers into believing they would be successful in their dark plan to turn a few remaining Humans into their trans-Human slaves. The result of that long-term chess match is what we are witness to now.

It’s difficult to get straight answers about much of anything so we have to research a lot of sources and consider varying perspectives to come to our own conclusions or versions of “the truth”, but it is a most fascinating time to be alive. The White Hats assure us “we are winning” and it’s all over but the screaming.

Was blood spilled in this take-down of the dark cabal? Oh, yes. On both sides. In this chess match, it’s winner takes all and the survival of the Human species hangs in the balance. The banishing of evil from this realm is no small feat and operations are in progress on many levels in the seen and the unseen. We have some very high powers on our side.

The psychopaths have tried to prevent us from sharing the truth on the Internet and in books and in face-to-face groups but they cannot. It’s too late. We know what they planned—partially through insiders and whistleblowers. Some information is still available through research on the Internet. They can’t censor everyone and everything. The only way to do that is to shut down the World Wide Web entirely, and they may succeed but the Earth Alliance has prepared for all eventualities and we won’t be incommunicado for long if a blackout happens.

At this stage of the war we have our challenges to overcome and even now the ship is sluggish and difficult to bring about. We’ll do our best. Images are certainly not cooperating today but I have lots to share.

If you like Gene decodes, he brings us updates and some intriguing images in this discussion with Michael Jaco. He raises the issue of the reported forced vaccinating of the Saskatchewan, Canada Black Lake first nations band by the military. I don’t see a lot of support for this online but perhaps it’s true. It would not be the Canadian Military, however, if it were.

Gene also tells us the Sofia planetary AI system was hacked fully by the White Hats/Space Force and led to a dramatic win for the good guys. Near the end he show us remarkable footage of some aircraft that appear to be Chinooks and TR3Bs that seem to pop in and out of view, suggesting some snazzy technology that hasn’t gone mainstream yet. Video is 1 hr. 15 min.

Gene decode reveals just keep getting better. Above ground Quakes, DUMB Quakes, UFO’s & much more.

Ultimately, we have to do our homework, search our own soul and use our intuition to formulate a reality we can live with. Not everyone is at the same place and accepting of what others deem to be true. This next video from the crew has been around for awhile because it’s very good but casts a disturbing light on the world situation if you don’t subscribe to the message that we are protected, we’re winning, and it’s almost time for the final showdown.

The reason things appeared to be so dire until the past five years is because the strategy of the White Hats was to allow the cabal to believe their plan was uncontested and their victory sure. They were caught by surprise when they learned that Humanity had formed the Earth Alliance and had a smokin’ plan of their own.

One by one the initiatives of the dark magicians were dismantled or reversed by the good guys—even as Donald Trump was being elected in what we believe was the first election in decades that hadn’t been stolen by the deep state. The spiritual battle that has ensued appears physical but it also has the demons in the nether realms writhing in fury.

We’ve never looked back and the cabal has in many cases turned tail and run, throwing each other under the bus as they headed for their underground bunkers—only to learn that the US and other military in the Alliance had stormed many of their tunnels and military bases beneath the surface and rendered them useless or taken control of them for use by the Light Forces.

I believe this testimony to be very credible, but take it for what you will. Spoken in English; Spanish subtitles. 14 min.

Testimonio de Joseph Spencer, EX HOMBRE DE NEGRO

Disinformation is part of war, and it’s frustrating for many of us who try to make sense of the updates we’re given only to learn that even among our most trusted sources, the facts are often in direct opposition with others’ material and those we thought were reliable in their information we’re told they are not—so again, you’re on your own to decide who you want to listen to and how much of their information you take as truth.

Some take the Bible and prophecy to heart while for many of us it is tempered with a more rational approach but it’s clear that at least some prophecies have come to fruition if you are able to work with the interpretations a little. Way back when they did not have the words to explain to simple people the concepts that would apply in the future—our NOW.

R E V E L A T I O N 1 8 : 1 7

EVEN SO, LORD COME! https://t.co/Th9EPNpWG6

— Trilby Smith (@TrilbySmith2) October 28, 2021

What I have come to believe is that while we may have trials and tribulations befitting a race struggling for a leap in spiritual development, we will get through it all. The dark ones want us to live in fear and continually taunt us with fabricated threats and lies. They are afraid of their own shadow now and many have to hide in their homes or behind their goons to go out in public because the People know what they did and they are no longer silent.

It sounds to me like the Patriots who are truly in control have thought of everything and will make this transition as smooth and painless as possible. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, as they say. We can do this. Together, and since we’re getting a brand spanking new Quantum Financial System, the old must go. No worries. No fear.

Greg Hunter: Darkness Coming Dollar Falls!! – Bo Polny – Must Video

A friend sent this update below from Dr. Michael Salla of Exopolitics.org but I’ve not yet had a chance to have a look/listen.


Some things that seem real are not. It has been “showtime” for awhile now. I hope you’re taking Q’s advice to “enjoy the show”.

Like everything else over the years, medicine, technology, imagery, and space travel… masks and disguises have come a long way. Much of the outrageous events recently were intended to get the attention of the ones under the spell and wake them up.

Is there a problem with the neck or is it me pic.twitter.com/Ra6XAl6SsP

😠😠 V P’ed Off! 😠😠 (@AnnaStolarska9) October 27, 2021

Former military content creator at the MonkeyWerx channel tracks air traffic, mostly, and identifies what kind of traffic it is, whether the volume is normal or not, and offers his opinion on what we see in the tracking devices. In this particular update he also references a 2009 video game that just happened to discuss technology in use at La Palma in the Spain’s Canary Islands. It’s quite ironic to see. You can watch the video about the video game at this link. It’s less than 2 min. long and very positive. He goes on to discuss some other current events, as well. He says it appears that while we’re focused on the caravan at the border, the cabal is flying in illegal aliens from all over, including Afghanistan (poppies). 32 min.

Sky Event Coming

We are all fighting the war in our own ways, and former NYPD cop and Secret Service officer Dan Bongino is no exception. He throws down the gauntlet; prepared to walk away from his Internet radio show over “vaccine” mandates.

Dan Bongino goes on strike over Vaccine mandate…

If you didn’t hear, Dan featured the latest hidden camera footage from Project Veritas that shows us that politicians cannot be trusted and will do and say anything to get elected—and then they go forward with the New World Order’s agenda.

Disturbing Hidden Camera Footage

From my perspective there are no dull days any more. Along with challenges every day brings positive news and delightful surprises—sometimes from the legacy media. There just may be more people awake than they like to let on. Who trusts polls, anyway?

Two in five Canadians believe a small cabal of people “secretly manipulate” world events from the shadows, the poll shows.https://t.co/Xj6rQUfYot

— Globalnews.ca (@globalnews) October 27, 2021

Not that I have any love for Canada’s corrupt RCMP, but something is wrong here. Is it real? Where did so much blood come from so quickly? This might be staged, and it’s most certainly NOT Australia, but a sister Commonwealth Nation. I don’t want to watch it again to figure it out. We don’t know that the man, who appears real, not a dummy, actually died. Hopefully not. If this is the state of our “Royal” Canadian Mounted Police then we need a major overhaul of our LEO’s. Despicable.

This is what’s happening in Australia: a harmless man killed by a fkStasi agent on the street. pic.twitter.com/37Gyfsgfqa

— Doctor Punchy (@Warfrogs_4truth) October 27, 2021

Law Enforcement. Three-letter agencies. Pillars of the community—or so they’d like us to believe. Actually we’ve learned it’s quite the opposite, haven’t we?



Serial Rapist CIA Agent Arrested After Naked Woman Seen Screaming for Help from Balcony https://t.co/iVIkSs4SzO

— Trilby Smith (@TrilbySmith2) October 28, 2021

How long have some folks been warning us about the trajectory of Humanity and the activities of the control freaks in the shadows? Decades. But it is the end game now and it’s the eve of destruction for the cabal. The sun us setting on the satanic globalists who have preyed on Humanity for eons.

Barry McGuire – Eve Of Destruction

That concludes today’s post. See you on the other side and thanks to the crew for all the support.  ~ BP

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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