evil – live ~ October 25, 2021


Editor’s Note: The English language is full of anagrams, where the letters in a word are rearranged to form another word, often with word meanings which are opposite, and sometimes complementary. (I AM not fluent in another language, and so do not know if this phenomena exists in any other language.)

My interest in this type of letter arrangement is for the type of endless loop which has been created for our minds, with the English language as an example. Let’s look at “live” in which the same letters also produce “evil”. The contemplation behind these anagrams is endless, if you allow your mind to go there!

Endless loops keep our minds preoccupied with tasks which keep us busy, yet also holds us in the same place…the proverbial hamster wheel! Certainly humanity has enjoyed “perceived” technological advances, but really…don’t you think it unusual for us to still be driving gasoline engines designed over a hundred years ago when we also have a computerized world today? Why does our world have a food shortage right now? Why do we still have football and other competitive sports? Why do government handouts exist? Are not these the current “bread and circuses” for enhancing competitive consumerism which keep the masses satisfied?

The human mind has also been programmed away from it’s natural creative nature in order to embrace the endless loop for the “concept of consumerism” in which we buy, use, and consume in order to buy, use, and consume even more. The problem is…when do you stop? Why, that happens when everything has been used up! Humanity may embrace this shortage concept promoted by the dark as our spiritual transition continues…

The concept for perpetual consumerism, driven by entropy, has been the driving force used by the dark on our world. What is entropy? This word defines a “lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder” which happens when everything is used up. This is occurring NOW. (No Other Way.) Why is this occurring NOW?

The current computer technology of Earth has evolved to a state where the horrific actions of the dark can be recorded, and then “flipped” back to reveal to the public the actions of the dark, and have the truth behind the dark actions revealed. Cell phones and other electronic and computer advances allow the good guys to say, “We have it all!” The truth of the dark being exposed as the purveyors of endless consumerism opens doorways for humanity to choose a different existence. Truly, human life will not ever return to be “as it was”!

As the truth for the actions of the dark are exposed, the natural question is…why do dark humans do these things that are so abhorrent? Again, most action figures of the dark have been caught in their own endless looping cycle of deceit and lies because well, they can…until NOW. Players become players on the promise of fame, and glory and just look at how many famous people have been exposed as members of “team dark”.

Who makes the decision to tempt players into being on the dark team (Illuminati)? If we go up the ladder for those who control (this has been published here) we see the ultimate human decision-maker for team dark to be the world monarch. Is this the Queen of England, or the Jesuit Pope? For me, this is of no matter, as the ultimate decision-maker is not of this world as indicated by the single-eye topping this arrangement of controllers. Indeed, the chaotic transition for the re-organization of Earth IS of a spiritual nature!

Now we have explored the problem on Earth, a bit of who promotes and performs the problems on Earth, and then who drives the problems we see and feel on planet Earth. For me, the big question is…why? Why does the old system for organization here on Earth need to change NOW?

I know chaos is actually “unrecognized” order, as old systems for a lower order of organization break down from entropy within the old system, and then reorganize to a higher order of organization in a new system. Please see here for my thoughts on the principles of reorganization, what it is, and how it will be happen here on Earth. The really good news is… the peace, calm and joy appearing at the end of the tunnel of chaos, for all life here on Planet Earth as the current climate of consumerism promoted by the dark subsides. Until then, please find and BE aware of the LOVE you are by recognizing your own Magnificent Heart, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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